3 Photograph.

brrring" a repeated hammering sound filled the air as learners rushed to class. Few remained back some with backpacks that could fit a fridge, rarely creating any conversations, and shying away in discomfort.

A man on a high-waisted, harem trouser and a small sweater that exposed his biceps approached the stage, climbing the steps slowly as the sun reflected his bald spot, gazing over the grade 8 that stood in front of him before introducing himself. Sir. Dickson, it is to you all. A light giggle escaped from the crowd but the teacher seemed unbothered as he continued. "I'm going to guide you on the tour to your new school", you will be broken into four groups, follow these learners " pointing at the four grade 10 learners with his left foot, an absurd way to direct someone. The attention shifted from this man with a unique fashion scent to the four learners that stood apart from him, one sucking on a lollipop, leaning on a tree close to him. Two stood upright, one had an RCL badge placed on her school tie, and the last just staring at the top window of the building, searching for life above where he stood.

"Eyes on me" The teacher regains control once more. "As I was saying, this week you'll be getting to know your environment, where the cafeteria, toilets, labs, classes, and playground are, and what is needed from you." "That haircut we don't tolerate". Pointing at a light skin boy with nappy hair. " That isn't part of the school uniform ". looking at a girl with a black sweater on. (Sighs) "We still have a long way to go, oh look at the time it's already 9, They'll take it from here". Referring to the four learners before rushing into the building.

First group: Led by Josh

Josh: And this is the library, where you'll find books that you won't read.

(An hour later)

Josh: The cafeteria, you buy your food there and yes it's expensive and tastes like leftovers. Thinking about it no one ever hangs out here. what a dump, [saying the words softly but audibly]

The learners stare in amusement.

Group B: Led by Sophia

Sophia: Okay, guys, these are the toilets, some are upstairs and we will head there in no time, So if you want to use the toilet be my guest.

"I already piss myself from walking up and down the whole time," says a boy with grey eyes.

"Ya right, you know you pissed yourself before coming to school" his friend weighs in the joke"

Playground Field.

And this is where you'll do your PE(Physical exercises) and other sports.

What does RCL mean? Ask a small girl with a big smile.

Umm RCL stands for Representative Committee for Learners, meaning if you want help with something school-related, you can reach out to any learner with this batch.


In the Auditorium:

●I think he'd make a good friend

○No, he is a pushover and tries very hard to fit in, next.

●She seems nice

○Yeah, not happening. A friend, not a nursing casket.

●Oh, why don't you choose for me then Mr. Know it all?

Lance: I would but I'm not you so I'd say choose a friend you'll feel comfortable around.

David: pfft

"Well, I think the girl in the short skirt looks nice, don't you think? " Sitting close to the boy.

"I'm Jules by the way but you can call me Julia" shaking the boy's hand.

David: Hey, umm, I'm David. Nice to meet ya

Julia: So what are we looking at exactly

David: what?

Julia: I saw you glancing at the crowd, figured you were scooting for a perfect match.

David: oh, yeah, I mean No. I was just familiarizing myself with the environment

Julia: Okay, Mr environment [opening the lays chips she had in her backpack] want some?

David: Sure, I'd love some

Before dipping in, one of the representative learner points him out, "Oh what do we have here, a snacker"

The boy pulls out his second lollipop and reaches for the lays chip.

Larry: You know I am a food lover myself Besides who doesn't like food anyway I believe that..., what's your name kid?

David: Davi...

Larry: Dave here would make a great leader

Wow, and you could confirm leadership from the crust of chips stain on his fingers " a girl named Robin interjects.

Julia: I too think he can lead

David: what are you doing? (whispering to her)

No thank you, I'm not caught up for all the pressure that comes with it.

Josh: Wise kid, one day you'll make a great leader. But that day isn't today.

[Sirens of an alarm set too early]

He wakes up from it all, stopping the alarm as he stares at his surrounding, a thorn felt pain lingers through his chest. "A dream," He says, wearing his vest and putting on his slippers before heading to the bathroom. He reaches for the toothpaste in the cabinet above the sink, applying it to the brush, a pause in memory invades his mind.

The parking lot.

Julia: So how was your first day in high school?

David: Mmm, from Sir Dickson's weird pants and the idea of having met a down-to-earth friend. I'd say it was pretty good and yours.

Julia: A friend, she must be a catch. Well, I am at peace so it couldn't have gone any better.

David: I didn't say it's a She

Julia: You didn't have to, your cheeks said it all.

David: so it seems. (silence )

Are you catching a bus home?

Julia: Yeah, but it's a long way, I don't want you tiring yourself for me.

David: Oh no, I was thinking maybe you'd accompany me to the bus stop, but I see you might have thought different( walking ahead of her carrying a light smile)

Julia: You and I are going to be such good friends( saying those words softly with light in her eyes)

David: I didn't hear ya

Julia: Ya right, I said your shoelaces are loose

David: (looking down at his shoes)

Julia: Made you look.

Present time:

F*ck, he drops the brush and reaches for some pain killers in the cabinet, swallowing two before gulping down water. Taking a slow breath, he continues where he left off. Brushes his teeth, dresses up, and heads out.

Therapy Session:

Day 5

analyst: Made it in time today I see

David: I woke up way early than I usually do

analyst: Have the dreams lessen? (Grabbing her notebook)

analyst: I haven't dreamt anything out of this world, just memories or what seemed to be. Can't tell anymore.

analyst: I see. (noting it down)

Have you tried visiting the steps where you last left?

David: No, I don't see how that will help me

analyst: Sometimes what one might need is closure.

David: Ya Sometimes. I'll be fine. Besides.

analyst: Besides what?

David: We are all going through things, it might be different in some ways but it's still a struggle that we all have to endure. The whole process of living. Either adapt or get swallowed I guess.

analyst: mmm okay then( writing on her notebook)

David: Can I ask you something?

analyst: Of cause

David: What do you write in that notebook?

analyst: I inspect on views, to see if one's mindset has changed from the starting point to the current time.

David: Inspect, so is the change based on what you presumably believe should be growth or the lack of?

analyst: Not quite, but it forms part of it. It has to do with learning one's physique and expressions.

David: And you were taught all that in school?

analyst: Yes

David: I see(pausing for a minute)

So what do you know that you haven't been taught?

analyst: I beg your pardon?

David: Well, I don't know what I know,

I know what I have been taught.

And you seem uncertain of what you know,

Knowing only what you have learnt.

Sometimes I wonder what the first man thought, the sound that left his lips as he gazed at his first view. Apparently not knowing whether to exclaim or dismay.

Did he feel stranded or numb to it all?. His first encounter with pain.

Or she might have been the first to stand. Her independence as she built her raft. Did they chock at first as they inhaled or that sense came so naturally?

analyst: That's fascinating, Are you still in contact with Lance?

David: No, seems age really changes relations. But it was a matter of time. I needed to grow up, I think.

analyst: And how has that been?

David: A drag, it's more like how Religious people believe in this being that created the world, which doesn't have a physical body, imaginary I Say. But always choose to disapprove those imaginary friends that... Darn it (holding his head in distress)

analyst: It's all alright, take your time( putting her notebook down)

David: I'm just exhausted, born tired.

analyst: Do you know what I think?

David: I assume you are going to tell me anyways

analyst: you know the drill, as you said, we all endure pain. Sometimes that pain eats through us like groceries but through pain lies peace. Not to adapt but to adjust. What I am saying is that you don't have to go through that pain alone.

David: What I need at this moment is not to be accompanied, not an escape through alcohol or drugs or any sense of smell or texture of anything. I just need a moment of blur, a blankness view. where everything just freezes as if pause has corrupted life as we know it. Then I can thereon continue and say I'll be fine from here forth.

David: The blurred moments - those moments where you are just there, just moving, just going, just breathing. The moments where you aren't thinking about anything else but your present, perhaps not even thinking at all, you're just doing what you were meant to do, live. Those are the moments in which we are really living - the true moments of our lives.

Therapy session.



David has a rare mind. Not a danger to himself. But his mental state is so high that his thoughts generated will often result in anxiety and depression which might have an impact on his health. He has shown tremendous improvement these past days, and it has been an amazing experience to interact with him, one of the few gifted minds.

State of mind.

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