45 To the East

[Tai Lung's POV]

Although I said I could copy his technique, it was not quite the same. It was a cheap imitation I did by letting out my Chi around the body parts I wanted enhanced.

On the other hand, Monkey King seemed to be able to control his Chi even when it was outside his body. Which I could also do but barely as my Chi did not obey me when they were outside my body.

I can control my Chi however I wanted if it was inside my body but after leaving my body, I could barely give directions to them. The most I could do was not let them leak out and control how they snuggled up to my body.

But Monkey King was able to control it as simply as controlling one of his limbs. It was baffling to me how he was able to do it so easily. With his mastery, he was basically a pseudo-master of Chi.

I should definitely look into it in the future.

But for now, I continued pushing my leg down on the Monkey King as he used both of his forearms to block my hammer kick.

The earth beneath his feet slowly creaked under the weight of my strength as his forearms glowed brighter and brighter. He let out a scream as he resisted my power.

The fur on my legs was also glowing ominously. I may not be able to let my Chi flow from one part of my body to the other but I could simply conjure it in the place I wanted enhancement.

The ground continued cracking like glass before it finally gave out. It yielded under the weight of my raw strength and Chi as the ground sank down.


"Heh." I smirked and I continued adding more pressure. The Monkey King was the same height as me but right now he was on his knee and barely resisting to not get crushed.

Then I finally released our lock and I spun around. As I said before, I could not move my Chi from one place to another but there were many ways to overcome that weakness.

I planted my enhanced feet on the ground and generated my power from there. The ground opened up under me as my body carried the force until it came to my other leg.

Then I kicked the Monkey King on his chest with my unenhanced leg. But with my technique, it held the same strength as the enhanced one.

His ribs caved in and his eyes nearly popped out of his socket. The force behind my kick sent him flying, his body skipped on the solid ground like a rock skipping on water.

He disappeared out of sight and out of the fight.

A shadow loomed over me and I dodged the slow-moving fist of Master Elephant as he destroyed the ground. I spun three times in the air, gathering insane amounts of momentum before I kicked his face with my enhanced leg.

My kick sent one of his tusks flying away as I broke it like a toothpick. His body went limp and he fell face first on the ground.

I was so much faster han him yet at the same time, I could deliver more powerful blows than him. He never stood a chance.




"So it's only you guys left." I asked while turning towards the last remaining people. Master Rhino was way over at the back, barely visible from view at this point as there was a lot of throwing each other around during the fight.

Gazelle the cunning girl was by the side, quickly making sure the people I defeated were not dead and giving them first aid.

Then there was Master Croc who was clueless on what to do next.

"You're quite incompetent are you?" I asked in amusement and the Croc gulped. I blurred from my position and came in front of him.

He reacted immediately and he spun around, showing me his back and his impressive scales which were said to be impenetrable.

"Thunderclap." I said and reality became distorted when my fist met his back. A crack of lighting erupted from my fist when I hit him and his scales were not able to take it.

I broke through the so-called impenetrable scales and I left a bloody fist mark on his back. He arched while letting out a silent scream before he fell face-first on the ground.

I did not stop there as I disappeared from my place again and stood in front of Gazelle. Before she could fight back, I easily attacked her nerve points and left her paralysed.

She fell to the ground.

"There, all done." I said before looking into the distance where Master Rhino was standing, completely helpless. He was still injured and with internal injuries at that, so he was completely completely incapable of fighting.

I used Shunpo to cover the distance in only a few steps and appeared in front of him. He was spooked but before he could do anything, I grabbed him by the horn and spun around with him.

Then I flung him into the air, throwing him with every ounce of strength I could gather. His body sailed across the sky and I used Shunpo to return back to my position.

I stood there and waited for a few seconds until I heard a scream from above. And then Master Rhino fell right before my feet.

I looked at his pathetic self for a moment and sneered. When he tried to push himself up, I grabbed him by the back of his neck and pushed him back on the ground.

I crouch down and whispered in his ears.

"Look at this." I said and showed him the destroyed road and the surroundings. The broken trees and the devastated earth were proof of our battle.

And on that broken ground were his students and comrades. The Monkey King was nowhere to be found though as he passed out and his body was sent flying quite far away with my kick.

'I'll show him' the promise I made before the fight rang in my mind.

"Look at it!!" I yelled and forced him to look at his situation, at his reality. I showed him his weakness.

I could kill them all. I wouldn't lose a single thing by killing all of them. It will have no affect on my reputation as I was already considered evil anyway.

I could not be declared a criminal because although they were rulers of Gongemen city, it was only because they inherited it by chance after the death of the last Peacock ruler. Plus Gongmen City was just a city in the end, it did not have enough influence to brand someone a criminal to the whole of China.

There will be no chaos or war as Lord Shen will simply return and rule over the City with ease again. There is no power vacuum to be left by killing them so no civillain would suffer.

They were members of the Kung Fu Council, a band of warriors so their death in battle was something no one would make a fuzz about.

I have nothing to lose.

I could kill them all.




But I wouldn't because I am kind.

I would spare their lives simply because I was good.

"This is strength." I said to him, loud and clear.

It requires strength to be good. You need the power to be kind.

I left them alive not because it was convenient to me, or because I had no choice.

I spared them just because I was good.

It was my goodwill.

Something he claimed he had showed me by allowing me and welcoming me to his city.

But in reality, he could never show me goodwill because he was weak.

How dare he accuse me of betraying him.

"Imprint this moment in your mind and make sure there is humility in every step you take from now onwards." I said and let him go.

I stood up and looked at the battle ground for a final time before I disappeared from thier eyes.I left them to despair by themselves.

I used Shunpo to return to the place where I was first attacked and picked up my bag before I continued my journey.

To the East.

The East Coast was very far from here and located at the edge of China. So I will simply make that my final destination and visit other cities and kingdoms along the way.

I stopped using Shunpo and I bent down after a while.

"That battle actually took quite a toll on me." I said and heaved a sigh. My body was tired and I was running low on my Chi.

When I said I was running low on Chi, I meant my original white Chi. My natural reserves before I got the memories of my past life.

There was still the blue Chi deep inside of me, unused and completely full. I was accustomed to using my white Chi and since it was in the outer later, I always used it first.

I was not very comfortable with using my blue Chi as it was so deep inside my body and it felt foreign. But I have tested it before and I could still use it in an emergency.

So in turth, I nearly used up half of my Chi.

Which was still a bit concerning since it was a huge amount. My white Chi alone was probably the biggest in the world other the Po as the amount of Chi you have and your strength are directly connected.

And even before I got my blue Chi, I was already the strongest. So not only did I already possess the biggest amount of Chi other than the cheat Po, but that was doubled after I gained memories of my past life.

But I wouldn't let my huge reserves get into my head. What just happened was unacceptable, I need to get better at using my techniques so that I would waste less Chi after executing them.

I probably shouldn't use the enhancement that I copied from Monkey King again either, that waste a shit ton of Chi.

I need to learn to be more efficient.

And with such thoughts running in my head, I continued walking along the wide road. The first leg of my journey had officially to an end.

I wonder what other events awaits me.






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