More than a Dragon Warrior

In the depths of Chroch Gom Prison, held down by chains and immobile by a turtle shell, a broken warrior had been imprisoned for two decades. He opened his eyes as deep yellow pierced through the dark. Once filled with hatred and rage, his eyes now held the wisdom and depth of two souls, two lives. One was Tai Lung, the son of Master Shifu, born in ancient China where Kung Fu ruled supreme. The other was also Tai Lung, the son of man, born in a modern world where his current world was nothing but fiction. Two lives. Two souls. Now one entity. He was armed with knowledge he should not possess and the wisdom of two lifetimes. So when he breaks out from the chain of his imprisonment, he not only breaks the physical chains but also the chains of Fate and Destiny. Destined to be a villain, a stepping stone for the Dragon Warrior, he became something more. He should not have happened, he was an anomaly, a variable beyond the calculation of the universe. His existence had changed everything in the universe. He smiled, knowing that the old tortoise was not so wise, because he was wrong. . . There are accidents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #The cover is mine and commissioned by @fartzxy on IG and @fuzxyyy on X #The world of Kung Fu Panda does not belong to me. This is a work of fiction for the sole purpose of entertainment without any intention of offence to any party. #The story will revolve around the trilogy. But there will be canon facts and knowledge taken from the fourth movie and the TV series. #If you expect evil Tai Lung and edgy development where he kill the Furious Five and shits, this is not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never even a villain in the movies so no evil MC. #If you expect a hero Tai Lung where he accompany Po and act as the Dragon Warrior, this is also not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never good in the movies. #Tigress isn't the FL so if you came here expecting two cats kissing and having babies, there will be none. If you want to support my writing and read 15 chapters ahead, join my patreon : Emmanuel_Capricorn patreon.com/Emmanue_Capricorn

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Tai Lung vs The Furious Five

[Tat Lung's POV]

I scanned my surroundings and my mind instantly started working on how I could turn the environment advantageous to me and disadvantageous to my opponents

The fact that I was aware of the Furious Five and their abilities helped me greatly as I began to imagine the upcoming fight in my mind.

The bottom of the cliff was filled with dispersed vegetation and trees. The ground was solid with hints of rocks here and there, making the ground uneven. I'd assume that could be a hindrance to Viper.

There were also three boulders in the surroundings, covered in algae. I shot forward, kicked the closet boulder and broke it apart.


I used the momentum to launch myself and destroyed the second and the third boulder as well. The giant rocks, nearly as tall as me were reduced to smaller rocks as they split everywhere. Filling the area.

That ought to be more problems for Viper and it would also act as a projectile I could throw at Crane. I didn't like the fact that I could do nothing to him while he flew.

The most problematic of the Furious Five were these two. Crane due to his ability to fly and sound technique that could mess with my acute sense of hearing, and Viper due to her lethal venom.

The Viper clan were a respected clan due to their Poison Fang Technique. It was said that they were direct descendant the from mighty Dragons. The legends goes that their venom was distilled from a dragon's fire and was strong enough to bring down 15 Gorillas and a mid-size Crocodile.

A dumb measurement, now that I think about it.

The point was that although Viper was not seen using this technique in the movies, nor was her clan mentioned, it was the knowledge I gained from this world.

I was sure she possessed it. It could prove to be problematic for me if she bit me.

The rest of the Furious Five were easy, Monekey's style was unpredictable and utilised everything around him, like Jackie Chan but he didn't have the necessary power to bring me down.

Mantis was strong and fast but equally fragile. Finally, Tigress was just a weaker version of me.

I thought over about the coming conflict again but before I could make further preparations, I heard someone falling towards me. Their intention was to crash on me.

I looked up, and there she was.

Leader and the first of the Furious Five. Born with phenomenal strength since birth, her fighting style revolves around directing her natural ferocity to her enemies.


A grin spread on my face and I got down on all fours before I leapt into the air. The ground beneath me cracked due to the sheer strength at which I propelled up. 

She put her hands together and directed all of her momentum from falling into her palm. A double palm strike, I instantly recognized.

She did not even bother to hide her move. The nature of her Kung Fu became clear, 'Even if you know my moves, it makes no difference. I am unstoppable.'



'Are you now?'

"Hiiiiaaaaah!!!" I let out a road as I met her attack with my own. 

An explosion of force shook the atmosphere, sending out shockwaves that brought a tremor to the world. Strength was never lacking for the Tigress, yet I matched hers with little to no effort.

I was sent falling down to the ground and I landed gracefully. Tigress did flips in the air and crashed into the ground. She quickly got up and assumed a stance.

"Haaa...Haaa...Haaa." She gasped for air and shook her head. She was clearly stunned and dazed at that single exchange.

I looked at her with a smile and brought my right hand and blew on it. The bone was rattled and it felt numb. 

"Fiesty," I commented and got a growl in return.

"So, you're the replacement." I said, my evil smile ever present, "I wonder, how does it feel to live in someone's shadow your whole life." 

Her growling stopped. I felt a sadistic side of me crackle at her change in expression.

"Always trying your best, but could never quite fill the emptiness someone else left behind," I said and Tigress looked affected for a moment before her face took a sharp turn. She glared at me in anger.

'Yes, charge at me in rage. No need to wait for your friends, I will put you down first.'

"Tell me, does Shifu ever tell you, you did well?" I mocked and like I expected, she charged at me.

I knew from the movie that she was quick to anger and that I was a sore topic for her. So I was simply using that to my advantage.

She burst into speed and started attacking me. She threw punches which I easily avoided and I ducked under her kick. 

She moved with the grace of the wind and the weight of a mountain. Her attacks were violent as they exploded out with raw destructive force, yet they were all controlled and directed. It's quite a sight seeing such ferocity but at the same time, control.

I threw a kick while spinning around and she blocked it with her forearm. A thud was heard as my kick landed, her knees buckled. Must be the first time she faced someone stronger.

I hooked her arm and dragged it down. I instantly filled the opening with a punch. She staggered and I used the chance to grab her wrist, and my claws sank in.

"AhhH!" She screamed and I pulled her towards me and delivered three consecutive punches at her open body. My attacks were a blur of speed that ended with a burst of force.

She growled and got a hold of herself. Her arm twisted and reversed my grip as her hand grabbed me, I could feel the depth of her strength. My bones creaked under the pressure her grip.

No claws though. Strange.

She flung me into the air but with grace, I flipped and landed on the ground. I used the momentum and pulled her arm under her legs. She spun around and crashed on her back.

With two fingers out, I aimed at her nerve point before stabbing towards her but she rolled out of the way at the last second.

I let her go and followed behind her. We exchanged a flurry of attacks but with each attack, I got more and more accustomed to her style. The difference in skill shows as I hit her and disrupt any attack she set up.

"Your style." I said and chopped at her neck, "You took inspiration from my Leopard Style." I punched across her cheek.

I laughed, "Like I said, a cheap copy."

She roared and started attacking me with mindless rage. She went beserk as her ferocity lost its purpose, spiralling into mindless violence.

I ducked under the arm and swept her off her feet. She was thrown off balance and she fell on her back again.

I let out a roar and brought up my leg. Then I landed a hammer kick right at her abdomen. The ground cracked like glass and a crater formed.



The earth rumbled as the sheer weight of my kick modified the solid ground as if it was made of clay.

'That's one down.' I thought to myself as I heard the sound of flapping wings from above.

"TIGRESSS!!!!" They screamed in shock form the sky.

Tigress surprised me, she was still able to move. She was extremely durable I would give her that much.

I stepped on her hand and her claws came out. I looked at them and I felt my eyebrow twitch.

"You copied my style but wouldn't use your claws. Why? Did Shifu forbid you so as to not kill your opponents?" I asked and in the end, my voice contained disgust.

"Young folks really are naive. Mercy is for the strong." I said and with lighting reflex, I tilted my head as Mantis flew right pass my head.

"Heh." I said and did a backflip as Moneky landed on my spot. I continued flipping until I was at a safe distance from them.

"Are you alright? Tigress!" They said and swarmed around her.

Fukcing naive, like I said. Do they really believe their opponent would sit still as they all show concern for their friend? I mean, I will since I found it amusing but they shouldn't be doing that.

I put my hands on my back and watched them as Monkey helped Tigress up on her feet. She was officially out of the fight even if she could stand.

"So, you are Shifu's new students," I said and touched my whiskers like a wise old man, "Can't say I'm impressed but you guys are decent."

"Tai Lung." Tigress managed to speak while holding her abdomen. "We will not let you bring chaos to the Valley again."

I laughed, "And who's gonna stop me? I hope you don't say it's you." 

She glared at me. She is fun.

"Not her. We will stop you." Viper said as she slithered forward, "Together."

'Admirable, but this is not Disney.' I thought with an evil smile.


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