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[3rd POV[

"Zhang Wi, report." Shen ordered his subordinate while he was busy tending to his injuries and broken feathers.

He was currently at the house of Wi in Gongmen city because where is a better place to hide than plain sight? The place was the main hall of the Wi house and other than the patriarch of the Wi clan, there was no one else as Shen wanted to be alone to think at the moment.

"We've managed to clear the place of all evidence while the fight was taking place Lord Shen and Master Rhino also did not suspect a thing. The Kung Fu Council had also returned to the city with most of them injured but no one received a fatal or permanent injury." Zhang Wi, the sheep reported diligently.

He was a traditional man who believed that the Peacocks were the true rulers of Gongemn City. It did not matter to him if the heir was evil or not, to him it was all an important part of destiny to shape the future of the city.

To let outsiders rule the city which his ancestors, under the kindness of the royal peacock, had built was completely unacceptable. There was also the fact that the current rulers were warriors with no business sense or scholar's wisdom, so they were not bringing profit to the city.

He thought that not only was he doing the right thing by helping Shen, but his action would also help his clan to become more powerful and influential when Shen inevitably returned to his throne.

"They manage to fight off Tai Lung?" Shen asked in utter surprise.

"No, quite the opposite Lord Shen. Tai Lung easily defeated them all but left them alive."Zhang Wi answered.

Shen opened his mouth to speak but words got stuck in his throat as a million thoughts crossed his mind. Tai Lung left them all alive? And he didn't cause any injury?

The first thing that came to mind was why he spared them. But on second thought, it made sense. Tai Lung did not kill any of his soldiers directly either.

It seems he needed to re-evaluate Tai Lung's nature and morals a bit. So he is someone who is not opposed to killing but would rather spare a life if he could. Or was it a mere show of his strength?

Because it was obvious truth that it was easier to kill a person than defeat them. So Tai Lung sparing his opponent could be a way for him to show off his power. He seemed like the type of guy to do so.

That also caused another concern for Shen and the main reason why he was so shocked. Tai Lung was able to take on six significant members of the Kung Fu Council and that too while limiting himself to no killing or inflicting vital injuries.

That'd mean that he should be able to take on double that if he went for the kill. Even more, if the battle was in his favour.

That put him in another threshold of power.

"A single person with the power that rivals a kingdom," Shen muttered to himself in disbelief. If Master Rhino could slay 10000 serpents alone, if the Furious Five could defeat entire armies, then definitely Tai Lung held the power of an entire kingdom in his hand.

Shen shook his head to throw away the useless thoughts. He could think about Tai Lung later, but now he needs to focus on more important matters.

"Then what of the Kung Fu Council?"

"From what I have heard Lord Shen, Master Lizard and the Monkey King are planning to leave Gongmen City soon to warn their respective kingdom which they protect. Master Ox and Croc were in bad condition and would take months to fully recover." Zhang Wi reported and as he talked more, there was a glint in his eyes.

"Master Rhino, like you already know is still injured." He said, "So what shall we do Lord Shen?"

Shen revealed a cunning smile, "A question Zhang Wi, do you still have the cannon I asked you to smuggle inside the city in case of emergency?"

"Of course, Lord Shen."

"Then call the Boss Wolf and order him to send the pack to the city immediately. We strike them when they are weak so report to me immediately after the Monkey King and Master Lizard leave." Shen ordered as he reclined back on his seat again.

This could be advantageous to him. He had suffered loss in his confrontation with Tai Lung but the same guy provided him with the perfect scenario for him to take back the city.

But he must not be hasty.

He will tread carefully from now on and consider Tai Lung a walking calamity rather than an enemy. A calamity which could potentially spell his doom or a force of destruction he could direct at his enemies.

A double-edged blade.

A grin tugged on the beak of the ever-cunning bird. He believed that it was not always the strongest that won the war but the one with a plan.

He has a plan.





[3rd POV]

(The Jade Palace)

"Tai Lung went into Gongmen City and came to Master Rhino where he issued a challenge. The ruler of the City and the founder of the Kung Fu Council agreed. The duel was held the next day and the result was an easy victory for the infamous Warrior Tai Lung." Shifu read the message scroll with great attention as Po and the Furious Five listened to everything in rapt attention.

"That's not all. Two days later, Tai Lung left the City but due to provocation by the citizens, he went on a rampage and destroyed the farm of the Wi noble house. The Kung Fu Council immediately reacted and six people confronted Tai Lung, they were ; Master Croc, Master Ox, Master Gazelle, Master Lizard, Master Rhino and the sage of the West, Monkey King." Shifu paused and everyone held their breath.

Not just six masters but they were the toughest bunch in the Kung Fu Council and that includes the Monkey King who was often compared to Oogway himself!!

"The result of this conflict: an overwhelming victory from Tai Lung. Not only were they not able to catch the criminal but they were left alive by Tai Lung to spread his powers and strength. This is a message to all of the masters and Kingdoms of China, the warrior Tai Lung is back and with this action, he declares himself to still be as powerful as he was in the past. The Kung Fu Council had issued a red warning, do not engage or provoke the warrior. If an unavoidable conflict arises between any party and Tai Lung, they are requested to inform the Kung Fu Council immediately." Shifu put down his scroll and with faraway eyes, he said, "Issued by the Kung Fu Council of China."

There was a pause, a moment of absolute silence between everyone as they processed the news. That was until Po spoke out, "I can't believe it, Senior Tai Lung..."

"IS SO FUCKING COOL!!!!" He yelled out and raised his hands. The silence was completely broken as everyone cheered.

Tigress folded her arms and nodded with a proud smile like a younger sibling proud of his older brother. 'Just as expected,' her face seemed to say.

Master Shifu also had a smile on his face as he read the message again and again. Of course, what was written on the scroll was a little different than what he read out. The real message was much meaner towards his son and seem to want to spread bad rumors about him.

But Shifu saw through it and simply relayed the unbiased information to his students. What did the scroll mean by saying 'Tai Lung brutally mauled Master Ox by breaking his horn and stabbing him in the back to try and cripple him'?

If his son truly wanted to cripple someone, the message will say he did and not just try to do so. And if they mentioned Master Ox in specific, that means that it was the gravest injury Tai Lung inflicted. And Shifu thought they were rather lucky and Tai Lung was merciful to let them off that easy after being wrongly accused.

Yes, Master Shifu did not believe for a second that his son simply attacked the farm due to his anger. His son had attained inner peace and he himself had seen it, Tai Lung was no longer the type to be controlled by his anger.

There must be an explanation.

He had complete faith in his son.

Shifu couldn't help but get annoyed at how the message seemed to make an excuse for the Kung Fu Council's loss against Tai Lung by saying stuff like how Master Ox and Master Crco couldn't eat for two days since their teacher was injured and how Master Lizard and the Monkey King were exhausted from the journey where they encounter bandits so they were not in full power blah blah blah.

But the message was still meant to warn the others. Yet how could anyone take it seriously if the message claims that Tai Lung won by chance and the Kung Fu Council could take him down anytime?

So they did that by making Tai Lung out to be like some evil warrior with mental health issues who can go berserk anytime. That way, the Kung Fu Council save face but still conveys the dangers of Tai Lung to others.

Instead of making Tai Lung out to be a powerful beast, which everyone should be careful around. They describe him like a spiteful insect with deadly poison which they should avoid.

In the end, both actions got the same result, people being careful around or avoiding Tai Lung. Yet the other saved their face, so naturally they would choose to save their face.

If they simply revealed that Tai Lung was strong enough to take on all of them and told the truth that the Kung Fu Council did no have enough power to control Tai Lung, then there would be no need to badmouth his son. That kind of strength would naturally demand respect and wariness from everyone.

But alas, such a prestigious organisation would never do something like that. They had pride and a reputation to maintain. Shifu after attaining inner peace found it all so vain, if you can't be proud of your truth, that's not even pride but arrogance.

The truth was that Tai Lung was strong enough to completely turn China upside down at this point. If the kingdoms unite against him and launch an allied attack and tired him out, that's the only way Tai Lung can be defeated.

But surely Tai Lung won't fight against kingdoms right? Right?

Whatever. Too much thinking in life was not good, he should enjoy the moment. He was happy to see his son so strong and was proud after all. And that calls for....

"A celebration!! Let us celebrate the victory of your elder brother!!" Master Shifu said and everyone cheered.




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