10 Infamous

[Tai Lung's POV]

"I'm not a villain." I said with passion as if I had never said something truer. 

"That is what the universe intended me to be. That is what fate wants me to be. But I wouldn't be a villain, even if it is just to spite said fate." I said while eating the delicious dumplings and slurping down the vegetable soup.

It was definitely better than the food from the tavern. That place only had good alcohol.

Maybe being a vegan wouldn't be all that bad.

"You know what I mean?" I asked and wiped my mouth. 

The nervous goose waiter took a quick glance towards the bodies of the unconscious guards before looking back at me with a shaky smile. He nodded.

I feel like he did not agree with my statement but simply nod because he was scared.

"That is different." I said pointing at the fallen guards, "I mean I didn't kill anyone. Does doing whatever you want make you a villain? Is that all it takes?" 

"I am strong. I should at least be entitled to such things without being regarded as a villain right?" I said to him and he nodded again.

"I was hungry and they try and deny me food just because of my reputation. That's unfair right?" I said and he nods.

"Besides, they knew they could never defeat me. Yet they try and fight against me, how is that my fault? When someone stab themselves it's not the knife's fault. Its their choice." I said and he nods.

I frowned, "Why do you keep nodding, are you a chicken?" He nods again but stops midway. Then he shook his head.

"Anyways, define a villain." I asked while moving on the the dessert of the meal. Mielin City was known for its sweets, so they had amazing desserts.

The waiter gulped before answering in an awkward tone, "A villain is someone who does something bad. Someone who is evil."

"Bad? What is bad?" I said "Two starving tigers fought for food. One of them won so the other perished. So does the winner do something bad? Even though the other tried to do the same thing, does his failure save him from being bad?"

"For example. We all know killing is bad, but what if we kill an evil person who was going to destroy the lives of millions if left alive? Can that be considered doing something bad?" I said while stuffing my face with the different cake.

"Is the term 'bad' not definite and instead relies on the intention and situation? Why was my desire to be the Dragon Warrior judged to be a bad thing by Oogway?"

"Just because I wanted to be the Dragon Warrior for the fame and the scroll, my desire was deemed evil and rejected. But for someone else who wanted to be the Dragon Warrior to protect everyone, his desire would be deemed good. How does that work, aren't both motivations driven by desire in the end? Does it boil down to why my intention was evil and his was good? So thinking for yourself is bad and thinking for others is good? Does the undeniable fact that I would've done a better job protecting the people not matter at all?"

I continued yapping and talking about meaningless things as I enjoyed my meal. Maybe being in silence for 20 years had made me crave communication.

Or maybe I just liked hearing my voice.

My listener, the goose waiter had confused eyes, barely keeping up with what I was saying. But he kept smiling and nodding his head to my words.

I knew he didn't understand it, nor does he care but it felt good to just air out my thoughts to someone random.

It was a question that has been on my mind since I learned that I was the villain in the world of Kung Fu Panda. 


In all honestly, I never considered myself to be a villain. I was raised by Shifu since I was a cub and he instilled in me the moral code and honor of a warrior.

That meant I admired heroes and despised villain since I was a child. This was why I wanted to be a hero like the Dragon Warrior in the first place.

But I guess I went wrong when I wanted to be the hero, not because I was a hero at heart, but because I love the idea of being a hero. How could I not? It made me and my father proud.

That's why I was a villain in the movies.

Not because I was an evil mastermind who wanted to take over the world.

Not because I wanted to oppress and kill the innocents.

Not because I wanted to steal the chi of everyone in the world.

I wanted a destiny which I was falsely promised. A destiny which I worked my entire life for, but turned out to not be mine.

I was the villain, simply because I went against the hero. Nothing more, nothing less.

The world made me to be the villain.

And I met my end at the hands of a blessed Panda who had been protected by fate and guided by a prophecy all his life.

A fat Panda who trained kung fu for two weeks, made a fool out of me.

Then I was banished again. This time to a place I could never escape from.

It was punishment.

Oh, Tai Lung.

How dare he aimed for the destiny which was meant for the Hero.

How dare he tried to be the Dragon Warrior.


That won't happen this time.


As I was eating my food and chatting with the waiter, I felt vibrations on the ground. At first it was distant and soft but it soon grew closer and louder.

They were footsteps. 

I did not pay heed to it even when I felt the footsteps come in closer and closer towards me. I observed how loud the steps were and guess how heavy the person would be.

I also cringed internally at the lack of control the person has over his own body weight. Would he even be able to run?

I stopped eating when the giant stopped right behind me. His huge body cast a shadow over my body and I could hear his gruff breath.

I looked at the shadow and got ready when I saw him raiys his hand along with the giant axe he held. 

I moved to the side.


A huge axe barely cut the tips of my fur as it came down on me. I watched as the axe split the table into two.

It did not end there as the axe created a wind blade that made a cut on the ground itself. There was no special technique applied to that swing either, it was just raw strength that created the wind blade.


A loud explosion erupted as dust rises. The unconscious guards woke up to the sound and quickly fled from the scene.

Strong. Very strong.

"Master Grizzly!!" the waiter exclaimed.

"Everyone leave. I will deal with him." His voice, deep and low reverberated through the restaurant as every staff and cook remaining also ran away from the restaurant.


I finally took a look at the enemy. It was a giant Grizzly Bear who stood at around 12 feet, nearly twice my height. 

His body was huge, filled with muscles and the right amount of fat. But the thick armour he wore seemed to be the one that caused his steps to be heavy.

He held one axe and one Warhammer in both hands.

"Ah, how can I forget the Bear masters living here." I said while scanning him from top to bottom.

Although it was weird why he was attacking me.

It's not like I attacked the city.

The commotion in the restaurant should be something they should deal with on their own. Especially if there was no killing or stealing.

It was not something the guardian of the city should be involved with.

It's like the FBI coming to stop you when you have a fight with your neighbour.

Do the people see me as that much of a threat?


I am flattered.



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