More than a Dragon Warrior

In the depths of Chroch Gom Prison, held down by chains and immobile by a turtle shell, a broken warrior had been imprisoned for two decades. He opened his eyes as deep yellow pierced through the dark. Once filled with hatred and rage, his eyes now held the wisdom and depth of two souls, two lives. One was Tai Lung, the son of Master Shifu, born in ancient China where Kung Fu ruled supreme. The other was also Tai Lung, the son of man, born in a modern world where his current world was nothing but fiction. Two lives. Two souls. Now one entity. He was armed with knowledge he should not possess and the wisdom of two lifetimes. So when he breaks out from the chain of his imprisonment, he not only breaks the physical chains but also the chains of Fate and Destiny. Destined to be a villain, a stepping stone for the Dragon Warrior, he became something more. He should not have happened, he was an anomaly, a variable beyond the calculation of the universe. His existence had changed everything in the universe. He smiled, knowing that the old tortoise was not so wise, because he was wrong. . . There are accidents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #The cover is mine and commissioned by @fartzxy on IG and @fuzxyyy on X #The world of Kung Fu Panda does not belong to me. This is a work of fiction for the sole purpose of entertainment without any intention of offence to any party. #The story will revolve around the trilogy. But there will be canon facts and knowledge taken from the fourth movie and the TV series. #If you expect evil Tai Lung and edgy development where he kill the Furious Five and shits, this is not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never even a villain in the movies so no evil MC. #If you expect a hero Tai Lung where he accompany Po and act as the Dragon Warrior, this is also not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never good in the movies. #Tigress isn't the FL so if you came here expecting two cats kissing and having babies, there will be none. If you want to support my writing and read 15 chapters ahead, join my patreon : Emmanuel_Capricorn patreon.com/Emmanue_Capricorn

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[Tai Lung's POV]

"After Master Rhino's death, the people of the city said that Lord Shen---*** ***** ** ** ! * **** ** ****** *******?"

I did a double take and almost choked on my own saliva after hearing that.

What in the Oogway's anus were they saying? Master Thundering Rhino is dead?

"Hey." I went to a stall that sold spices from India and asked the shopkeeper, "What are those guys saying? Something about Master Rhino's death?"

The shopkeeper was a dog so he could also hear the conversation taking place many feet away. He looked at me with a bored face and nodded, "Yes? They are talking about the death of Master Thundering Rhino. It was quite a shock even for me when I first heard it."

"When did this happen?"

"A couple of weeks ago. Mate, don't tell me you only heard of this just now! Where have you been living? Are you some village kid?" The dog said while chuckling as I left the shop after tossing a single coin at him.

So it was true. Master Thundering Rhino is dead and the plot for the second movie is finally starting.

I felt a small sense of loss in my heart. Although I did not like Master Rhino at all, he was a fellow warrior and a great master of Kung Fu.

Amongst the masses, the ones who had attained the strength he did were few. And a warrior like him were fewer so it was a great loss for the world. He was currently in his prime too.

But the main question in my head was why this was happening. Why did Shen attack now? I thought for sure it would take more time for the second movie to start and if we consider my interference with Shen, it should've even been delayed further.

Yet it was already happening. The question remained on my mind as I tried to make sense of what had happened.

'Is it my fault?' I thought to myself while I walked out of the city. 'Did Lord Shen move his plan forward due to my actions? If it was two weeks ago, then he must've taken advantage of the Kung Fu Council's weakness to reclaim his throne.'

"That must be it." I said to myself and I started sprinting towards West when I was out of the city.

I should've known.

Now things have become complicated. The first image that came to my mind when I realized the second movie had truly started was my students and my sister, completely broken, at the mercy of Lord Shen.

My mind played the image of the innocent Po being blasted away by a cannon and the image of my sister pushing Po away and bearing the full destruction of the cannon.

They were so close to death and defeat in the movie. But now that I have changed things, I couldn't be at peace leaving them at the whims of fate.

Who knows what could happen? I know the Dragon Warrior would somehow pull a victory but at what cost this time? The last stand Po did in the movies wouldn't work anymore because Shen had seen me do it.

Po, Tigress, Mantis, Monkey, Viper and Crane. They were my juniors and the few people in this world who didn't see me as an evil monster.

I need to be there, right now.

"Come on!!" I screamed and ran on all fours. My speed was a blur as I sprinted back to where I came from, Gongmen City.

But I was already two weeks late. The journey between Gongmen and the Jade Palace was a week and I managed to cover the distance in five days.

Considering the news of Master Rhino's death took two days to reach the Jade Palace and for Master Shigu to send them all on a mission, I was already a few days late.

I have to reach Gongmen City as soon as possible.




"Flash steps." I said before I closed my eyes and entered inner peace.

Flashsteps or Shunpo that I have recreated was from the anime Bleach. It was a movement technique with combat in mind so it was not that great to cover huge distances quickly.

But there was also another movement technique that goes by the same name but from a different anime called UQ Holder.

The concept behind this specific flash steps was to grab the world with your feet. The main character had to train using his feet for months before pulling off this move.

But I did not need such things as I was a snow leopard. I could use my front and back limbs with almost equal dexterity. And the master of Flash Steps who taught the MC was a werewolf, so I had an advantage in my body.

I have been trying to recreate this unique Flash Steps before since it gave you the ability to walk in the air.

But so far, I have not seen results.

Yet that couldn't work this time. I need to do it, for all I know my students could be captured and in the hands of a psychotic bird.

Another movement technique called Air Walk/Geppo from the world of One Piece came to my mind as I used both of them as a reference to learn more about UQ holder flash steps.

Catch the ground.

Grab the earth.

Catch yourself the moment your feet touch the world, and control the friction so that your movements do not kick up even a speck of dust.

Focus on the vectors.

I also used Hing Kung to learn more about flashsteps and after running for a while, I opened my eyes with a new light in them.

'Grab the world with your feet.'

I did.

I kicked off the ground and before my momentum ended, I kicked the air and grabbed the world itself.

My feet found a solid foothold as I grabbed the world and I kicked myself up again.

Then again, and again and again until I was a blur faster than any bird could ever hope to fly. I continued kicking the air and I ran in the sky.

I easily moved across the landscape that way.

With my new speed, I was travelling in record time.

"Don't worry juniors, senior brother is coming." I joked with a smile to ease my beating heart as I shot across the sky of China.






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