More than a Dragon Warrior

In the depths of Chroch Gom Prison, held down by chains and immobile by a turtle shell, a broken warrior had been imprisoned for two decades. He opened his eyes as deep yellow pierced through the dark. Once filled with hatred and rage, his eyes now held the wisdom and depth of two souls, two lives. One was Tai Lung, the son of Master Shifu, born in ancient China where Kung Fu ruled supreme. The other was also Tai Lung, the son of man, born in a modern world where his current world was nothing but fiction. Two lives. Two souls. Now one entity. He was armed with knowledge he should not possess and the wisdom of two lifetimes. So when he breaks out from the chain of his imprisonment, he not only breaks the physical chains but also the chains of Fate and Destiny. Destined to be a villain, a stepping stone for the Dragon Warrior, he became something more. He should not have happened, he was an anomaly, a variable beyond the calculation of the universe. His existence had changed everything in the universe. He smiled, knowing that the old tortoise was not so wise, because he was wrong. . . There are accidents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #The cover is mine and commissioned by @fartzxy on IG and @fuzxyyy on X #The world of Kung Fu Panda does not belong to me. This is a work of fiction for the sole purpose of entertainment without any intention of offence to any party. #The story will revolve around the trilogy. But there will be canon facts and knowledge taken from the fourth movie and the TV series. #If you expect evil Tai Lung and edgy development where he kill the Furious Five and shits, this is not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never even a villain in the movies so no evil MC. #If you expect a hero Tai Lung where he accompany Po and act as the Dragon Warrior, this is also not for you. In my opinion, Tai Lung was never good in the movies. #Tigress isn't the FL so if you came here expecting two cats kissing and having babies, there will be none. If you want to support my writing and read 15 chapters ahead, join my patreon : Emmanuel_Capricorn patreon.com/Emmanue_Capricorn

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Buddha's Palm

[Tai Lung's POV]

To see the fallen bodies of 200 thousand soldiers was something I didn't know would be impressive. What a sight it was to behold.

Their fallen bodies were so much that they hid the soil below, completely stopping me from seeing the earth. From a distance they looked more unreal than when they were up on their feet, shouting and marching.

"All soldiers, carry your fallen comrades and retreat back to the camp." I said but my Chi magnified my voice, making it so that every conscious mind heard it.

My soldiers who were bewildered and confused at what was happening opted to follow my orders without question. They woke up their comrades beside them and carried the injured before they started their retreat.

Now onto the enemy.

I slammed my foot on the ground as hard as I could. A violent shockwave exploded out and shook the earth as many of the huge boulders - the fragments of a mountain that once stood tall - were tossed up to the air.

Then I moved in quick succession. I used the boulders as a football and kicked them towards the enemy army. The huge boulders, easily weighing a ton each, sailed through the air. They were cold and heartless, they only knew to obey the force that kicked them.

In their unconscious state, there was nothing they could do except get crushed mercilessly like a meat paste.

I did not like what I was doing at all. It felt disrespectful to the soldiers brave enough to face Tai Lung that they were killed while they were unconscious. I did not like taking advantage of their weakest and most helpless state. It was also against the Codes of War to ambush the enemy while they slept or to kill a completely defenseless enemy.

But I shall spare no honour to those who were not honourable. Let the heavens know that I was not the first one to break the Codes of War.

"Everyone protect the soldiers!!! STOP HIM!!" Master Sloth quickly directed the remaining soldiers - masters who were strong enough to withstand my will and anger, to protect the helpless.

They moved swiftly before breaking the boulders flying their way, quickly turned them into pebbles before it turned their soldiers into dead meat.

Yet they could never fully stop my endless onslaught. Maybe they stopped a quarter of them before the boulders crushed their friends and comrades.

I continued my action of sending huge boulders towards them as they worked hard to defend. But they quickly realized it was futile so they went for the alternative which was stopping me. They shot towards me at breakneck speed.

They were fast in every standard except mine.

"Stop him!!!" They screamed such funny words.

I did not even bother to acknowledge or analyze them as I used flashsteps to teleport in their eyes. Then I razed them like weeds, cutting them down one by one in a brutal show of slaughter.

I did not hold back, so they broke faster than a twig.

Soon, fresh blood painted my grey fur as their last screams drowned out the constant ringing in my ear. The scream became lesser and lesser before it became almost silent.

I blitzed towards the Leopard Kung Fu Master from Dali and when I was in front of him, I pulled my arm back and launched a devastating punch that I intended to blow him apart with.

But before my fist carrying the force of a cannon could hit him, a giant Turtle Monk suddenly pulled him away and switched places with him. I saw all of this but I did not stop, instead I increased the power of my punch with a smirk on my face.



And then a flash of blue lightning that made reality crack like glass.



An explosion, a shockwave that pushed everything back with a violent thrust.




"This usually works with other people." I commented while looking at my fist which was stopped and silenced by his seemingly impenetrable armour.

"I'm sure it does." Turtle Monk replied with his deep and smooth voice, it reminded me of a black coffee.

He also tapped at his underbelly and the frontal armour of his shell resounded loudly to show its solidity. "The rice cakes I had in the morning definitely felt that."

"Do they? Well then let me ask them directly!!" I said and in quick succession, I reeled back my arm and threw another punch. This time I used my full strength from the start and I intended to break his shell and open up his stomach.

Turtle Monk spun on his heel and turned his back at me. His back had thicker and sturdier shell of armour but I was also putting more strength behind my attack.

Can he tank it?

My fist slammed on his shell and his natural armour caved in due to the force. A huge dent appeared on his shell but it surprisingly held strong.

Then a crackle of lighting erupted.

Reality was like a body of water and as I forcefully hit it, it made a giant splash that disrupted its serene state.


Turtle Monk grunted and his heavy body got propelled away like a dummy. But he still completed his objective as he grabbed the Leopard with both hands and they both flew away from me.

He withstood my attack.


I guess I have no choice but to hit him with internal destruction next time. I was sure his armour would crack like Master Croc did but I guess there were levels even when it came to renowned impenetrable defences.

And with that, my time of peace was gone. I felt an eerie foreboding in the air.

It was like the world was crying out for help to all who could hear her. It did not like being crossed, it did not like housing speed and might which it was not made for.

I laughed and I used flashbacks to get out of the valley quickly. I felt a piercing gaze on my back and that reassured me to move even faster.

I crossed mountains and hills before I stopped when I was far enough so that my soldiers would not be affected by Mighty Eagles' attack. From the initial attack, I knew the collateral damage this could cause.

The place I found myself was filled with mou tains and hills. It was a thick forest and full of trees for me to hide and take cover behind.

The enemy continued to gaze at me, at my bold challenge to face him one on one. He could have gone and finished off my army but he didn't.

Because their main aim was never about defeating the army or taking over the City.

It was always about killing me.

"Come and try," I taunted.

Then as if to reply to my challenge, he began his descent from the Mesosphere. I could still sense him as he dived down towards the earth, towards my direction.

His speed became rapidly faster as I pushed my palms against each other and prepared for the technique to counterattack.

My kneen sense was stuck on my enemy as he went supersonic. But soon enough, in a few seconds, he became too fast to even sense.

He completely disappeared from existence. He will reach my position any moment now.

His technique, while as impressive as it was, had quite a few flaws you could point out even just by seeing it once.

The first thing was that just like how I could not sense him, he also could not sense the world around him when he was diving down at such speed. That was one of the reasons why he spent so long preparing for the technique as he had to calculate where he was going before he even start his descent.

I got proof of this when he waited until I stayed in one place before he dived down. If he could control himself at such speed, he would dive down and simply follow me as I was moving away from the battlefield.

That meant as long as the target was moving around, his attacking strategy was completely useless. It's most likely why he only used it for huge armies as those were not moving as quickly as an individual master would.

Also, it wouldn't make sense for him to be able to change his trajectory mid-flight when he was moving too fast to the point of confusing reality. He was completely blind like us when he attack.

The second thing I found out was that Mighty Eagle and the Monkey King were equals. It was why the Kingdom of Nanazhao and Shu were always at a standstill with no clear winners.

But how?

How could Monkey King contend with Mighty Eagle who had a trump card attack like this? He was weaker than me in every way you could measure yet I was having trouble dealing with Migthy Eagle.

The answer can only lie in Kung Fu or technique. It means that the Monkey King had a technique which completely counters Mighty Eagle and made the clash between them a draw.

The only question left was what that technique was it?

I had to recall every moment I shared with Monkey King and analyse everything carefully before I came to a satisfactory conclusion.

The strange attack he used in our last meeting. The one where he pushed his palm forward and sent a shockwave that could carve out his handprint on the earth.

I had easily dodged it back then and when Monkey King realized it was ineffective, he did not use that technique again. But at this moment, it was the only technique I remembered Monkey King using which was a possible counter to Migthy Eagles' attack.

So I gathered my Chi in my palm and compressed it into a small space. I replayed the scene of the Monkey King using the same technique in my mind and replicated it.

Mighty Eagle had completely disappeared from existence without a trace. But calculating from the last place I sensed him, I was able to tell from which direction he would be coming from.

And then when my instincts came alive and screamed at me to move away from death, I pushed my palm out and launched my attack.

It was exactly like the Buddha's palm attack I knew from my other life.

A relentless shockwave rushed out from my palm and they pushed away everything in their path. The force was strong enough to uproot the trees and peel the topmost layer of the soil completely.

Mighty Eagle who was moving at incomprehensible speed was forced to an abrupt halt by the force. The air between us was compressed to the point that it was trembling violently and it was visible to the eyes.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Migthy eagle roared out in frustration and pain as his body was forced to remain stagnant.

My attack and his missile body met in an epic clash that shook the mountains and reshaped the earth. A wave of force was sent out on the earth as if it was an ocean and when the earth finally realized it was supposed to be solid, it opened up and cried in despair.

Impossible destruction was left in the wake of our clash.

But ultimately, maybe it was because I was not used to the technique yet, but I lost the clash. Mighty Eagle was able to push through the force and his body cut through the air at a much slower, yet equally frightenning speed.

I leapt to the side as Migthy Eagles' body cut through everything like a hot razor through butter. All of the trees in the forest were cut apart by his sharp wings and they were tossed to the sky. The tops of hills and mountains got the same fate.

Everything happened fast, but the speed was something I could keep up with.

After only a quarter of a second, Mighty Eagle emerged in the sky behind me. He came out victorious on our second clash and I came out with a scratch.

"Tch." I clicked my tongue as a gnashing cut appeared from my shoulder across my chest. Blood splurt out like a waterfall before i controlled my muscles to quickly seal the wound.


Now I knew how to deal with him.


I used flashsteps and shot up to the sky and towards Mighty Eagle. I hope he remembered that he was not the only one who could fly.




[[IMAGE : Warrior of Dali]


Author : I keep saying 200 soldiers but they are lesser than that. It's just a name I give them and not the actual number.