Monsters Book

novel - LGBT+


David Connor

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Hollywood soundstage tutor Otto Brennington has always felt invisible. Then he meets super hunk Shawn Slate. Hot sex on their first date leads to a marriage proposal. With their whole lives ahead of them, they wed in Hawaii, then celebrate with a skydive, where death does them part.<br><br>Otto is in for the shock of his afterlife upon discovering where he’ll now spend eternity. Once there, a series of sweet yet unexplainable visions lead him to believe the life just lost wasn’t his first. Was it also possibly not his last?<br><br>With the aid of several paranormal beings, Otto learns the ins and outs of his new existence, one he plans on making temporary. Will he make it back to the land of the living and the man of his dreams? Is that man Shawn? Or will Otto decide his newest acquaintances make the place he’s in not so bad after all?