MONSTER MMORPG: Mayhem Online Book

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"There are no heroes. In life, the monsters win." ... In 2106, [Mayhem Online], a fully immersive VRMMO game, was released. Soon, it dominated the world's economy when people could exchange the in-game currency with real-life currency and vice versa. In the year 2107, Flynn Grey, a 22-year-old college dropout with an ambiguous history, joined in the fray of billions of people that had already started playing [Mayhem]. Hoping to uncover the game's secret and earn a fortune, he spent months on adventures without fruitful results. For better or worse, Shura, Flynn's in-game character, ends up in a great Wyvern's den, acquiring a hidden class and a monstrous race. Join him as he defeats his past and paves his way into becoming a true legend in both worlds. ===== ===== ===== //DreamNote// This story features an unstable protagonist due to his mysterious past. He's not evil, not righteous either, and would do anything he feels like doing. Character development is a big part of the novel, so if the Protagonist seems annoying and idiotic at the start, bear with it as it gets better. His character and everything else is explained. This story will feature his real and game life, although, for most parts, the focus would be on the game world. He doesn't start as a monster protagonist from the get-go. It'll be shown in the story how and why he turns into a monster in the game [Chapter no. 20-35]. The story's pacing would depend on the arcs, but I'll try to keep it at the fast-mediums. This story WILL have a harem, but the focus would be on the character-building more than the romance. Romance is going to form later and will be slow-paced. Tags: VRMMO, Video Game, Male Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Beautiful Female Leads, Fantasy, Friendship, Monster Protagonist, Races, Classes, Misunderstandings, Comedic Undertone, Slow Romance, Multiple Love Interests, Older Love Interests, Devoted Lovers, Polygamy, Marriage, Demons, Mythology, Cults, Church, Gods, Legends, Kingdom Building, Guilds, Wars, Tournaments, Money Grubber, Enemies Become Allies, Enemies Become Lovers, NPCs, Lucky Protagonist, Yandere, Past Plays a Big Role. .... The current cover belongs to Zumi. I do not own the art.