Monster in a world of heroes and villains

#slow romance (a romance that will take a long time to appear) #R-18 (seggs, although the sex scenes will be completely skippable if it ruins your fanfic experience, plus seggs will be completely secondary to the story) The slow romance and the Seggs will be completely secondary, if you read this it is because I already decided to post this! #NO HAREM :) SYNOPSYS: When people reincarnate into other worlds like Marvel, they often choose different powers—Dragon Ball abilities, anime skills, comic book powers, and even cartoon characters. But I wanted something different. I didn't aspire to be a hero; I craved to embody fear. There are countless terrifying stories and characters with immense potential—beings that are fear personified, controllers of reality, manipulators of minds, embodiments of darkness, murderers, monsters, and even creepypastas. You might argue, "But creepypastas are not serious..." To which I'd respond: Yes, most are not, but there are exceptions—some with unique narratives, hailing from different dimensions, striking pure terror into even the bravest hearts. An evil hedgehog? It sounds intriguing, with great potential. A deranged killer with a cut face and a white visage? The potential is there. Even SCPs hold promise—monstrous entities with incredible powers, god-like beings capable of anything. This is not the tale of a hero; it's the story of someone who wants to stand apart, eschewing anime and comics to become a true monster, the embodiment of darkness. Thanos? I'll crush him. Living Tribunal? A mere inconvenience. I shall be the true fear, the incarnation of terror—a genuine monster. Disclaimer: All characters are not mine; they belong to their respective creators, except the OCs. Warning: In this story, you will encounter SCP characters, creepypastas (which I believe have the potential to possess considerable power), as well as horror characters such as murderers, cosmic beings,monsters from videogames,monsters from movies,comics,mangas and more. This is a tale about monsters and terrifying entities.

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Nah, I'd win.

(POV: Noah)

It seems that this cliché "origin" of a modified person worked to make this guy shut up.

As we walked down the hallway, we came to a door. When it opened, we saw another guard. I quickly ran and pinned him against the wall while covering his mouth. I looked at him and said, "Where is the scientist?"

The guard looked at me with fear. I literally grabbed him with one hand with superhuman strength. The guy stammered, "H-he's in the laboratory!"

"Take us," I said, smiling. I let go of the guy, and he led us to the laboratory. I stayed behind him in case he tried to escape.

After a while, he brought us to the laboratory. This place is huge, damn, it's enormous. Are there only a few guards and that scientist?

We saw the door and approached it, but just as I was about to open it, the whole place shook. We almost fell due to the intense tremor. What the hell?

I opened the door and saw the scientist on the floor watching a screen. I was surprised, and it was obvious why. A girl was levitating in the air, and the walls were breaking quickly.

I quickly approached the scientist and grabbed him by the neck. I asked, "That's a mutant, right?"

"Who the hell are you--" I slapped him without much force, and a tooth came out of his mouth. I said, "Answer, asshole. That's a fucking mutant, right?"

The scientist quickly nodded as blood came out of his mouth. I threw him to the floor and looked around the room. I saw a woman on the wall. "There's your sister, help her."

"Sister!!" I saw Oliver run up to his sister and pull out the wires and stuff. I sighed and said to the scientist, "Do you have more of your F gene?"

"How the hell do you know about the F gene!?!" the scientist said with surprise and anger. I slapped him again, and another tooth flew out. "Close your mouth and tell me where it is..."

The scientist pointed a trembling finger at a briefcase. I gave him a quick blow to the back of the head, knocking him out. I threw him to the ground and walked towards the briefcase. The scientist could be useful in the future.

I opened the briefcase and saw some syringes with a purple substance. "Bingo..."

Suddenly, I heard an incredibly destructive noise. I covered myself with my arms and looked behind me. All I saw was destruction—the scientist was reduced to formless flesh. Shit, I lost something useful. I looked around and saw a girl levitating while bleeding from her eyes. Is she unconscious or something?

"Get out of here quickly!!" I yelled at Oliver and his sister. I hoped they wouldn't die; they could be useful to me.

I saw how Oliver ran with his sister in his arms and left through the door. I sighed with relief. Now it was just me and the strange mutant. I deactivated my card and activated the nemesis card. I didn't care about killing the girl. In fact, if she somehow regained consciousness, I was going to kill her anyway. She is a really strong mutant and would also give me a lot of XP. I looked at her and roared. She just looked at me and pointed her hand at me. I felt something immensely heavy pushing me—telekinesis?!?!

I crashed through the wall and flew down the hallway. I grabbed the wall to stop the enormous speed. I saw her flying at a speed that broke the sound barrier incredibly easily. I covered myself with my arms as she pointed her hand at me and sent me flying upward. I felt like I was going through the ceiling and crashing. I opened my eyes and saw that I was hundreds of meters above the ground, looking at the forest at night. What an absurd power.

I watched as the girl came out of the hole she created. She raised her hand, and dozens of trees rose from the ground casually. The girl pointed at me and threw them my way. Shit!

I quickly clenched my fist and hit a tree, causing a shockwave to spread for hundreds of meters. That hit was strong—the nearby trees were destroyed and fell to the ground. I landed with a shockwave and created a considerable crater in the ground.

I got ready and ran toward the girl. I ran like a blur through the forest, dodging trees that were flying at me. Suddenly, I dodged a small rock that seemed faster than a speeding bullet. Shit, I saw how rocks on the ground began to float. The rocks flew toward me faster than bullets.

I sighed and ran as fast as I could. In less than a second, I was behind the girl. I hit her, but instead of hitting flesh, I struck something very hard. I saw a transparent, ethereal shield appear around the girl. Are you kidding me?! Telekinesis and a shield!?

I felt a blow to my chest and went flying, crashing into trees. I quickly pushed my feet into the ground, stopping the enormous speed. I covered myself with my arms to protect against the girl who appeared in front of me. She touched me with her hand, and I flew away again. What an annoying shit!

I flew for a few hundred meters, spun in the air, and landed on a road leading to the town. I fell on the concrete, creating a considerable crater. I woke up with a headache. Shit, what were the classifications of mutants?

I think the strongest were alpha and omega, right? Maybe she's an alpha rank? Shit, I hope not. Those are very strong.

I quickly got up and looked around. There was nothing. I looked up at the sky and saw something massive. The girl was in the sky, surrounded by hundreds of trees. She pointed at me, and the trees flew. I ran with great speed down the road until I saw the town. Shit! My XP!

I ran until I reached the town. Some cars passed by, others almost hit me. I stopped running when I reached the center of the town. People looked at me with surprise and fear.

Suddenly, a man was destroyed by a flying tree. His blood splashed all over the ground. I looked up and saw her. She wouldn't be able to make buildings float, right?

She raised her two hands, and some buildings started to float. Me and my fucking mouth...

People started screaming in fear. I sighed. I don't think I'll be able to stay in this town anymore. Shit, if I had gone faster...

Well, it looks like I'll have to go somewhere else.

I quickly dodged a building coming towards me. The ground shook non-stop, and hundreds of people died.

I sighed and decided to jump into the air. I hit the girl's transparent shield quickly. I saw it begin to break like glass. Suddenly, she pushed me with devastating force. I went through a floating building and fell to the ground, crashing into the town's school. I saw everything destroyed. Shit... everything hurts.

I got up quickly and saw the girl floating towards me. She pointed her hand at me and pushed me again, crashing through the entire school, classrooms, and hallway, destroying everything around me. I even saw her throwing boxes at me. I quickly hit them, but she kept throwing.

I hit the ground with all my strength, and the entire building shook. Cracks expanded non-stop, and the entire building collapsed easily. I used Hulk's ability, slapping my hands with all my strength. A shockwave was created, causing debris from the school to fly into the air.

I was starting to get tired. I had never used this card with all its power. It seems like it's time to give it my all. I felt my blood boil and heat up like lava, smoke starting to emerge from my body—it was my blood boiling. My skin felt like it was on fire. I looked at my arm and saw it begin to mutate. Dozens of tentacles emerged, each with a claw as sharp as steel. I sighed and decided to go for more speed. My body began to mutate further. More tentacles like the ones on my arm emerged from my back. My left arm mutated into something that looked like four super-sharp claws. I sighed and roared, running towards the girl, deciding to go all out.

I ran and attacked with my dozens of tentacles. They struck the girl's shield with great speed. I saw it begin to crack like glass. After a while of dodging and hitting her shield, it finally broke. The girl vomited blood as the shield shattered. I took advantage and ran towards her with incredible speed. But just as my tentacles were mere centimeters from her face, a shockwave sent me flying, crashing into another building. I fell to the ground and saw a piece of the building falling towards me. I raised my arm, and the tentacles quickly cut it into pieces with great speed, slicing through it like butter.

I woke up with a headache and looked in surprise as dozens of buildings began to float in the air.

"Well...as they say, Mr. Genocide, tatakae..." I said with a smile and ran towards her. Dozens of buildings were coming towards me. I ran faster than sound and dodged them with great skill. I jumped into the air, reached a building, ran along its walls, and jumped towards the girl, finally.

A short tentacle pierced her chest, and her blood flowed non-stop, but she did nothing. She just looked at me and pointed her hand at me. I saw with incredible surprise how a small red energy ball formed.

What the fuck!?! Three powers!?!

She threw it at me, and I covered myself with my arms. The ball of energy was so powerful that it drilled me into the ground like a high-powered drill. I pushed the energy ball with all my strength. It worked, and it flew towards a nearby building. The building collapsed, and suddenly there was an explosion. The entire building was swallowed by a red and crimson blast.

Wait...she's adapting and getting different powers in the middle of the fight!?! 

I got up and couldn't help but say, "Nah, I'd win."

I ran and dodged red balls of energy. The craters those energy balls created were huge, the size of buildings.

I dodged and jumped at her again, this time landing a good blow on her chest. She flew and crashed into a building.

"Yeah!!" I said excitedly. I finally hit her.

I watched the building collapse. Is it over?

I sighed in relief, but my relief was short-lived as I saw the destroyed building where the girl was begin to float again. Is this serious!?! That blow should destroy a normal human in a second. Is she really that resistant?

She began to float to the sky. I sighed and saw how the ground began to shake. The whole town was shaking. Holy shit, this is crazy.

I looked in surprise as the cars and buildings began to float, and the people too. Many screamed, even the water began to float. It was as if the entire town was being lifted into the air. I saw the concrete of the streets break and float towards the sky.

She saw me and pointed her hand again. Don't fuck with me, this is crazy. Her power is absurd. Is the F gene really that powerful?! It literally seems like she's adapting and gaining new powers in the process.

"Ha... okay... okay... I think it's time for a little 'kaisen' moment," I sighed and decided to run with everything I had. It felt like I was going at Mach 4 or more. I ran with all my strength, my tentacles burning because of the boiling blood. It's time to go all out. My limbs hurt, but I didn't hesitate and jumped with all my strength. Jumping hundreds of meters was nothing. Plus, the system buffed Nemesis so much that I could probably fight and destroy dozens of Tyrants in seconds. I clenched my fist, and the tentacles began to unite on my arm, rotating like a giant whip and also resembling a drill.

"Well... it's time for the Giga Drill Break!!" I screamed and cut everything in front of me—buildings, cars. The speed of the cut reached hypersonic speeds or even more, and a huge shock wave resonated in the town. The ground shook with great force.

I fell to the ground, my body in pain. Shit, everything hurt. I hit the concrete floor with a thud and slowly got up. The entire town was in chaos. Buildings collapsed, destroyed cars fell and exploded. Corpses were scattered everywhere. Shit, did I just defeat an alpha-rank mutant...?

She was alpha rank, right...? I mean, she literally adapted and gained new powers every time she seemed to be in danger.

"Shit... did I just beat Marvel's Mahoraga or what...?" I said with a proud smile. But it seemed that this was not over. I saw a building crumble, and she emerged with her arms broken and destroyed. Her bones protruded, and blood flowed, but it seemed to float in the air and return to her arms. I watched with little surprise as she began to heal and regenerate quickly. She almost fell to the ground, vomiting black blood. Suddenly, she started emitting a purple aura with occasional pink touches.

"Holy shit, Black Goku...?" I said with a wry smile.

I watched as she bit her hand and tore it off. A monstrous hand began to emerge from her arm, dark purple with black claws as nails. Shit, I think I made it worse.