Monster in a world of heroes and villains

#slow romance (a romance that will take a long time to appear) #R-18 (seggs, although the sex scenes will be completely skippable if it ruins your fanfic experience, plus seggs will be completely secondary to the story) The slow romance and the Seggs will be completely secondary, if you read this it is because I already decided to post this! #NO HAREM :) SYNOPSYS: When people reincarnate into other worlds like Marvel, they often choose different powers—Dragon Ball abilities, anime skills, comic book powers, and even cartoon characters. But I wanted something different. I didn't aspire to be a hero; I craved to embody fear. There are countless terrifying stories and characters with immense potential—beings that are fear personified, controllers of reality, manipulators of minds, embodiments of darkness, murderers, monsters, and even creepypastas. You might argue, "But creepypastas are not serious..." To which I'd respond: Yes, most are not, but there are exceptions—some with unique narratives, hailing from different dimensions, striking pure terror into even the bravest hearts. An evil hedgehog? It sounds intriguing, with great potential. A deranged killer with a cut face and a white visage? The potential is there. Even SCPs hold promise—monstrous entities with incredible powers, god-like beings capable of anything. This is not the tale of a hero; it's the story of someone who wants to stand apart, eschewing anime and comics to become a true monster, the embodiment of darkness. Thanos? I'll crush him. Living Tribunal? A mere inconvenience. I shall be the true fear, the incarnation of terror—a genuine monster. Disclaimer: All characters are not mine; they belong to their respective creators, except the OCs. Warning: In this story, you will encounter SCP characters, creepypastas (which I believe have the potential to possess considerable power), as well as horror characters such as murderers, cosmic beings,monsters from videogames,monsters from movies,comics,mangas and more. This is a tale about monsters and terrifying entities.

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(POV: Noah)

While walking through the town, I pondered various plans to have fun, but I realized I needed to improve my cards. Killing was the key. However, the idea of ​​wiping out the entire town didn't sit right with me. It would likely attract attention from S.H.I.E.L.D. or other powerful persons.

"What do I do now...?" I murmured, considering my options.

"Hmmmmm...hospital or school?" I muttered, contemplating between the two.

Alright, let's go to school. Let's see what kind of fun I can have there.


(third person)

"How boring..." Matthew muttered as he obediently copied the notes from the board into his notebook. He was just a normal student at a completely normal school.

"Haa…" he sighed and looked out the window, seeking a momentary escape from the monotony of the classroom. Outside, his gaze met that of a peculiar individual with brown hair and glasses. The stranger smiled and greeted Matthew, but Matthew quickly looked away and muttered, "Weirdo."

Matthew's mind wandered to recent events, recalling how two guys had gone missing. The police had combed through the forest but found nothing, just an old empty cabin in the middle of the woods.

"Haa... what a shit day," Matthew muttered, yearning for something more exciting. Suddenly, a wave of drowsiness washed over him.

Matthew began to yawn, noticing that the entire class, including the teacher, seemed to be succumbing to drowsiness as well.

"Wow, what's happening?" Matthew murmured, but before he could say more, he fell into a deep sleep, along with the rest of the class, as if all of them were under a spell.

The classroom door creaked open, and Noah entered with a sly smile. "Well, this place works perfectly. Once I'm done here, I'll pass it off as a simple and casual accident, hehe..."

Then, without warning, Noah vanished into thin air.


(POV: Matthew)

Feeling a chill in the air, I blinked my eyes open, finding myself in a classroom that resembled an elementary school. Confusion set in. Where was I?

I rose from the floor, a sense of surrealness washing over me. "where i am??" I muttered to myself.

As I made my way through the classroom, I noticed chairs strewn about and tables overturned. "Well... I guess I should explore," I whispered to myself, despite the eerie atmosphere that surrounded me.

I walked to the classroom door and opened it. Peering out, I saw more doors in the distance, likely leading to other rooms. The walls seemed old, the floor was dirty, and there were even leaves from... trees?

Everything appeared old and abandoned. I stepped through the door and walked down the hallway, feeling a chill in the air. I sighed and quickened my pace.

"Okay..." I whispered as I walked. Suddenly, I collided with something and fell to the ground, clutching my head in pain. I saw a blonde girl doing the same—Ashley?

"Ashley??" I said in surprise, realizing I wasn't alone.

"Matthew??" She said, equally confused and surprised. She quickly stood up and asked, "Well... do you know where we are?"

"Are you kidding me? I just remember being in the classroom and suddenly ending up in a strange room," I replied, getting up despite the headache from the collision.

"So you don't remember anything either. Great..." Ashley said with annoyance. She looked around and remarked, "It looks like we're in an... elementary school?"

"Elementary school?? Well, that makes sense, but there's no school like this in town. This place looks old," I said, scratching my head to ease the pain.

"Yup, it looks old," Ashley agreed as she walked towards a nearby door and opened it. I followed her and saw another elementary classroom, with chairs thrown around and desks in place, as if only the chairs had been tossed about.

"Well, I think we should find more people since I found you," Ashley said, turning to walk down the hallway. I quickly walked beside her, taking in the truly old-looking place.

"I think this place is---" Ashley was cut off by the sound of something breaking. We quickly turned around and saw a person with a triangular iron helmet. In one hand, he was holding our teacher. Ashley grabbed my arm and pulled me into a classroom. She half-closed the door and peeked out. I approached her and looked out too

"Shouldn't we help?!?" I whispered nervously.

Ashley whispered back, "Are you an idiot? That guy with the funny helmet grabbed an adult with one hand as if he were something light. Don't mess with him; he could easily kill us."

She was right. I looked at the guy with the strange helmet and saw him grab our teacher, pulling out a big knife and stabbing him in the chest. Blood gushed out, and the teacher screamed in agony. My stomach churned, and I felt like throwing up.

The guy with the big knife pushed the teacher against a wall, then raised his knife and cut off his leg. Blood spurted everywhere, and the teacher's screams echoed down the hallway. Ashley watched with a disgusted expression. Does this girl have an iron stomach or what?

The guy with the pyramid head let go of the teacher, turned, and walked towards another door, disappearing inside.

Ashley opened the door and said, "Let's go," as she started walking, ignoring the teacher. I didn't hesitate and walked quickly toward the teacher, bending down to try to help him, but he made no noise. Nothing.

"Shit..." I whispered, gritting my teeth.

"Leave him, he's dead," I heard a voice next to me. It was Ashley.

"Hey... shouldn't you at least scream or cover your mouth out of fear?" I said with an awkward smile.

"I'm not a cliché blonde who dies first, you know?" she replied with an irritated smile.

"Yes... I'm sorry for saying that," I said awkwardly as I stood up, my stomach still churning.

"I need to vomit..." I said, quickly walking toward a room. I entered and vomited on the floor for a while, then came out, wiping my mouth with my sleeve.

"You finished?" Ashley said from the side of the door.

"Yep, let's continue," I told her. We walked, ignoring the dead teacher.

"Hey..." I said to Ashley. I wanted to know something.

"What's happening?" she asked, looking around.

"Ha... why aren't you afraid?" I asked curiously.

"A lot of horror movies. My dad taught me some things," she said casually, grabbing a piece of metal from a broken chair.

"This will do," she said as she examined the sharp piece of metal.

I did the same and grabbed another piece of broken metal.

"So... what did your father teach you?" I asked, curious. Ashley doesn't talk much in the classroom; she just draws in a notebook while listening to music.

"Hunt," she said curtly.

"Well..." I said a little awkwardly. It seems like she's braver than me. Great...

Suddenly a noise was heard.

"Get ready..." Ashley said as she tightly gripped her piece of sharp metal. I got nervous and decided to do the same quickly. We approached a door. Ashley opened it slowly. It looked like a bathroom. Do we hear a noise, a sob?

We entered and heard someone crying. The noise was coming from a bathroom stall. Ashley slowly opened it, and we saw someone, another girl. It was Sarah, a classmate from our class.

"Sarah!?!" I said with surprise and relief, better than finding a monster.

She stopped crying and looked at me, saying, "Matthew??!?!" She looked like she had been crying for a while. Wait, had everyone from the classroom ended up here?

After a while of trying to calm her down and talk, she told us what happened...

She appeared with her boyfriend in a strange room. They left the room and walked along the hallway for a while, but suddenly the guy with the pyramid head appeared and killed Sarah's boyfriend.

this is getting worse.

After a while, the three of us came out of the bathroom and decided to try to escape. We walked down the hallway, and Ashley noticed a slightly open door. She peeked out and said, "Oh shit..."

"Hey Matthew, come on, Sarah, stay there," Ashley said, motioning for me to join her. In a low voice, she cautioned me, "When you look inside, don't shout, do you understand?" I nodded and peered into the room. My face drained of color as I witnessed a gruesome sight—corpses of several people, severed heads, and one even with its skin torn off. A head was nailed to the wall with what looked like a large piece of metal. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, feeling the urge to vomit. Stepping back, I struggled to keep my composure.

"What happened?!" Sarah's voice trembled with fear. Ashley glanced at her and replied, "Nothing."

"Yeah, nothing happened," I echoed with an awkward smile, not wanting to trigger a panic attack in Sarah or alert the pyramid head to our presence.

Ashley closed the door and suggested, "Let's try somewhere else."

As we walked, we spotted a door with a sign above it that read "library."

"Should we go in?" I asked, gauging their interest.

"Yeah, we should explore and see if we can find a way out," Ashley replied, leading the way. She pushed open the door, revealing shelves lined with books, a dusty reception area, and a chair lying on the floor.

We entered the library and began to explore. I picked up a book from one of the shelves, but its age made it difficult to read. Setting it back down, I continued browsing.

Thankfully, there were lamps providing some illumination.

"Find anything?" I asked quietly. Sarah shook her head beside me.

Returning with a flashlight, Ashley handed it to me. "Here, found this on a chair."

I looked at the flashlight, puzzled. "Is it normal to find this here?"

"Do you want light or not?" she replied, sounding slightly annoyed. I quickly nodded, and she sighed before continuing her search. Turning on the flashlight, I confirmed that it worked. Great.

I wandered through the library and watched Sarah pick up a book and flip through its pages.

"Can you actually read that?" I asked curiously. Sarah nodded and replied, "Yes, it looks like it's from a few decades ago..."

Makes sense; the place looked old, probably at least several decades old.

As she explored further, I noticed a dark corner of the library. Using the flashlight, I investigated and saw a sign indicating the layout of the school. Finally a clue!

But our moment of discovery was short-lived. Suddenly, the door creaked open, accompanied by the sound of something being dragged. Oh no...

I quickly hid behind a bookshelf and looked to see the head of the pyramid enter, dragging his enormous knife. Then, a small scream pierced the air. It was Sara.

The head of the pyramid, alerted by the noise, turned in her direction, advancing towards its place.

I was near a shelf and, without hesitation, I pushed the shelf and the books fell and caught the head of the pyramid.

"Run!" I screamed, urging Ashley and Sarah to flee.

Running towards the exit, I noticed Ashley running alongside me, but Sarah was nowhere to be seen.

"And Sara!?" I exclaimed urgently, but Ashley could only reply, "I don't know."

Shit! Scanning the area quickly, I saw her heading towards me. Yeah!

"Hurry!" I yelled at Sarah, seeing her almost reach safety...

But then, in an instant, she was cut in half. Blood splattered my face as her eyes met mine in shock before her body split apart, revealing her organs. The blood flowed uncontrollably.

The head of the pyramid quickly escaped her trap, and for a moment, fear threatened to paralyze me. But then, a slap and a scream brought me back to reality. "Move!"

My senses returned and I ran down the hallway, fleeing as fast as I could.


We took refuge in what seemed to be the janitor's room. I let out a heavy sigh. "Shit..."

"It's not your fault, Matt. That thing was just... too strong," Ashley tried to reassure me.

"Yeah, I know... I just wanna go home," I muttered quietly. All I wanted was to be back home, munching on pizza, play video games, watching movies. Instead, here I was, stuck in this hellhole with a monster that had killed my teacher and a classmate.

"I want to take that bastard down," I seethed, my anger boiling over. I was hell-bent on getting revenge.


(POV: Noah)

I grabbed the girl by the neck and squeezed harder until I heard her neck snap. I tossed her aside like garbage and turned to see a boy on the ground, gnawing at my foot in desperation. His eyes burned with fury and tears streamed down his face.

It was a pity, really. I crushed his skull under my foot, watching as blood pooled on the floor. Those two who managed to elude me in the bookstore intrigued me. It's a shame I had to kill one of them. Perhaps I'll seek out the other.

I had a mental map pinpointing the locations of all the individuals. Enveloped in a dense white fog, I materialized in a room where two of them were situated, approximately 10 meters away. 

Moving at an aggravatingly slow pace, I dragged my knife along the ground, its scraping echoing through the hallway. Approaching a door, I heard the muffled sounds of two people arguing inside.

Knocking lightly, I pushed the door open. The two individuals inside glanced up, immediately grabbing chairs in a futile attempt to defend themselves.


Surveying the headless bodies before me, I couldn't help but feel a mix of disgust and grim satisfaction. One of them had tried to swing a chair at me, only to end up with a broken hand for his troubles. A swift stroke of my blade silenced his futile defiance.

Leaving the room, I encountered a lone figure in the hallway, the same individual who had attempted to trap me earlier with a falling shelf. But where was the other blonde girl? Had they managed to concoct a plan?

As I approached him slowly, dragging the knife along the ground for added effect, he resorted to hurling insults my way. But such tactics were futile against someone as composed as me. Suddenly, I felt a sharp sting on my side. Looking down, I saw the blonde girl wielding a piece of metal. Her attack left me with little more than a scratch on my shoulder.

I grabbed the blonde girl by the neck, incredulous at her audacity. Did I really think she had a chance against me? I pressed harder, but suddenly felt a strong impact on my back. Surprised, I let go of her and she fell to the ground, coughing and crawling towards her partner. It looked like he had thrown a chair at me in a desperate attempt to save it. Well, it seemed like only them were left. These two needed a more special death.

I retreated, pondering a more fitting demise for these two. They deserved something darker, something more twisted.