Monster in a world of heroes and villains

#slow romance (a romance that will take a long time to appear) #R-18 (seggs, although the sex scenes will be completely skippable if it ruins your fanfic experience, plus seggs will be completely secondary to the story) The slow romance and the Seggs will be completely secondary, if you read this it is because I already decided to post this! #NO HAREM :) SYNOPSYS: When people reincarnate into other worlds like Marvel, they often choose different powers—Dragon Ball abilities, anime skills, comic book powers, and even cartoon characters. But I wanted something different. I didn't aspire to be a hero; I craved to embody fear. There are countless terrifying stories and characters with immense potential—beings that are fear personified, controllers of reality, manipulators of minds, embodiments of darkness, murderers, monsters, and even creepypastas. You might argue, "But creepypastas are not serious..." To which I'd respond: Yes, most are not, but there are exceptions—some with unique narratives, hailing from different dimensions, striking pure terror into even the bravest hearts. An evil hedgehog? It sounds intriguing, with great potential. A deranged killer with a cut face and a white visage? The potential is there. Even SCPs hold promise—monstrous entities with incredible powers, god-like beings capable of anything. This is not the tale of a hero; it's the story of someone who wants to stand apart, eschewing anime and comics to become a true monster, the embodiment of darkness. Thanos? I'll crush him. Living Tribunal? A mere inconvenience. I shall be the true fear, the incarnation of terror—a genuine monster. Disclaimer: All characters are not mine; they belong to their respective creators, except the OCs. Warning: In this story, you will encounter SCP characters, creepypastas (which I believe have the potential to possess considerable power), as well as horror characters such as murderers, cosmic beings,monsters from videogames,monsters from movies,comics,mangas and more. This is a tale about monsters and terrifying entities.

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looking for the exit

(POV: Wyatt)

I grabbed the pipe tightly in my hands, sighed, and decided to get up from the ground.

"Silent Hill... I don't know a place like that," I said, thinking about various places, but I'd never heard or read about a place with that name.

Ethan stood up and said, "Yup."

"Let's try to hit him. There's a possibility that we can't hurt him, but it's better to do it just in case. He's slow, but if he attacks us with the knife, we're super screwed," I said as I looked down the stairs. I couldn't hear the noise from the drag of the big knife, but I hesitated to go down.

"Come on, we have to try, right...?" Ethan said next to me. I sighed, and we went downstairs. We walked through the dimly lit hallways; we didn't hear anything. It was like everything was empty. Suddenly, we heard a shuffling noise and stood against a wall to hide. I peeked out and saw him, the guy with the head that looked like a pyramid. Damn, he was fucking scary.

I sighed and whispered, "Let's do it. I'll distract him, you try to hit him from behind."

I walked down the hall and yelled, "Hey, you piece of shit!! I'm here!!"

I saw how Pyramid Head slowly turned around and started walking towards me.

I saw how he began to drag his huge knife. I started to sweat with nerves and slowly backed away. When Pyramid Head was right next to Ethan, I shouted, "Do it!!"

Ethan hit Pyramid Head with his piece of iron, but nothing happened. He didn't move; it seemed like he was something immovable. I saw how he looked to his left and stared at Ethan. My heart sank as I watched him begin to raise his big knife.

"Get down!!" I screamed as fast as I could. Ethan was able to duck in time, and I watched with incredible dismay as Pyramid Head raised the knife and easily cut through the wall, leaving a large gash.

Ethan quickly tried to run, but Pyramid Head grabbed him by the shirt. My mind went blank. I tried to move my legs, but they felt as heavy as lead. I couldn't do anything.

With inhuman strength, Pyramid Head picked up Ethan and threw him down the hallway. "ETHAN!!" I screamed. I still couldn't move. I saw Ethan slowly get up from the ground as Pyramid Head turned around and looked at me. Fear overwhelmed me. I quickly bit my lip and ran towards him. He was very slow; I might have a good opportunity. I ran and hit him in the chest with the pipe, but I watched in horror as the pipe deformed from the impact. I quickly let go of it and ran towards Ethan. My hands hurt like hell.

I quickly grabbed Ethan's shoulder, and we ran. Ethan moaned in pain as he crashed into a stretcher— that had to hurt like hell. We ran until we reached a room.

We went in, and I put him in a wheelchair that was there.

"That son of a bitch... he's a fucking monster. He picked me up with his hand like I was paper..." Ethan murmured, gasping for air and wincing in pain.

"Haha... shit..." Ethan said in pain. I sat on the floor and said, "Well, fighting doesn't seem to work. I hit him in the chest with the metal pipe, and the damn thing got deformed. My hands hurt like hell."

I looked at my hands; they were still shaking. I sighed and lay down on the floor. Pyramid Head would probably take a long time to get here.

"We need to get out, some fucking way..." I muttered in frustration.

"Haha... shit, we're so fucked... what a fucking day..." Ethan said in frustration.

"Hey, does this place have a roof?" I asked curiously. I think some hospitals do have roofs; we could get out there!

"I think so..." Ethan said as he massaged his arm, sometimes grimacing in pain.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me before!?" I said with some anger. Ethan looked at me and said, "Did you ask?"

I looked at him and said, "Shit... you're a..." I sighed and got up.

"Let's go to the roof. We could get out there," I said with hope. It's the only thing I can think of. I doubt we can get out through a window.

"Are you okay?" I said to Ethan with some concern. He had just been thrown into the air and crashed into a hospital stretcher.

"More or less, I can walk," Ethan said as he stood up from the wheelchair. We went out the door and decided to head to the roof. Maybe there is an exit there. At least we can see where we are exactly.

After a while, we arrived at some stairs. Luckily, we didn't encounter Pyramid Head. We went up and walked through another hallway. Shit, this place has so many hallways. We walked further and further until we found other stairs. We walked up, and it seemed like we finally arrived— a door that looked like it led to the roof. We sighed with relief and opened it.

We saw the dark and desolate roof. The floor was made up of large concrete tiles that appeared to be worn and dirty. There were various structures, such as ventilation blocks, all of which looked deteriorated. The metal railings on the right were rusted and neglected.

"Shit, this place is in real shit," Ethan said next to me.

"Yes... that's what I see," I said with an awkward smile at the sight in front of me.

I quickly walked to see where we were, but I didn't see anything, just a big, dense fog, nothing else, shit.

I sat on the floor, not knowing what to do. I couldn't think of any other alternative. Most likely, we couldn't get out through the windows. There are no doors to escape from. We couldn't see anything here, just a dense fog. Damn, nothing works.

"Haha... hahaha... shit... SHIT!" I hit the ground in frustration. We couldn't get out; we're trapped.

Also, when we entered this damn hospital, the hallway where we came from vanished. There's no escape. We're trapped in this damn abandoned place.

Ethan sat next to me and said, "What a shitty place. We can't go out. Hey, what do we do now?"

"I don't know. I can't think of anything. My mind is blank... What rubbish," I said as I gave up. Ethan walked towards the door to go down. He saw me and said, "Don't mess with me. We're not going to stay here. We need to escape. Are you coming or not?"

I looked at him and said, "Ha... shit. Come on, there has to be a way, right?"

I got up and walked towards Ethan. Ethan smiled and said, "Well, let's try--" Blood splattered my face. I saw a big knife piercing Ethan. No...

I saw how Ethan was swallowed by the darkness. "NOOOOO, ETHAN!!" I ran to try to reach him. I fell down the stairs, feeling pain throughout my body. I quickly got up unsteadily and looked around, but I didn't see anyone. I fell to the ground, unable to do anything.

"Haha... hahaha... shit," I said with a broken smile. I couldn't do anything. The monster took Ethan, my best friend. I saw him die in front of me.

"AAAAAHHHHH FUCK SHIT!!" I screamed in anger, hitting the ground. Why?!

Why the hell did we go into that fucking shit cabin!?!?

I hit the ground, blood coming out of my hands.

Suddenly, I heard a sound, like a siren. What the fuck? I watched in horror as the walls of the place changed, rusting before my eyes. The siren blared everywhere. The floor beneath me seemed to age in an instant. I got up quickly and ran down the hall.

I ran and ran without stopping, watching the place become even more terrifying, until I reached the entrance. There I saw a door that wasn't there before. Suddenly, I looked behind me and saw the guy with the pyramid head. I quickly ran to the door, opened it quickly and fell to the ground. Looking around, I realized that it was my house.

I got up quickly, looking up the stairs to the upper floor, seeing my little sister's toys scattered on the floor. Had she returned?

Feeling unsafe, I went to the kitchen and saw her, my mother. "Wyatt, you're just in time! The food will be ready soon. Can you set the table?" she said with her warm, motherly smile. Was it all a dream?

Feeling at home, I asked, "Mom...what about Ethan?"

"Who is Ethan?" she said with a confused look. No... I'm still in.

I quickly watched as my mother began to burst into flames, then I backed away, falling to the ground, moving further away.

"It's your fault... all your fault... you killed him... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" I saw my mother walking towards me engulfed in flames.

"No...no..." I said fearfully, not understanding what was happening. Was she going to die here?

Suddenly, she fell to the ground, although the fire was still burning. Then I felt like she had hit something and my heart stopped. Trapped, I couldn't do anything. Did I feel helpless again because I couldn't do anything?

Ethan died because of me. We shouldn't have gone into that cabin.

Looking behind me, I saw it, the head of the pyramid, with its enormous knife held high. My heart raced.

"Sorry, Ethan...shit," I muttered, seeing the knife coming at me, straight for my face.


(POV: Noah)

I examined the system screen in front of me, noting the two corpses inside my cabin, both physically unharmed but certainly dead.

[Pyramid Head 2 / 10]

Supernatural Special Card: Some cards have restrictions on their power. This card, when activated, does not change the user's appearance at all, but maximizes the potential of the "Dream of Sinners" ability to create a dream zone.


Dream of Sinners: Allows you to create a dream zone within a building or similar structure. When living beings enter, they fall into a deep sleep, and within their dreams, a small pocket dimension is created (scenarios are generated by the system). When the user enters the dream of a living being, they can kill people, but their real bodies die from a heart attack or similar cause. It is also possible to create incredibly realistic hallucinations about the person's past and cause trauma or psychological attacks to appear in the affected person.

Mysterious Fog: Allows the user to appear anywhere in the scenario. However, if the user is close to the person, they can only appear within a range of 10 or 15 meters of the person trapped within the mental pocket dimension.

Immensely Strong Body: Allows the user to have incredibly strong physical resistance and body.


Slow Walking: The user can only walk slowly, unlike an average human being.

Slow but Deadly Attack: The user can only attack with a slow attack, which an average person can dodge with relative ease. However, it is possible to fatally harm a person.

Bad Luck: If people with great mental resistance or powerful psychic powers enter the mental pocket dimension, it is quite possible that the pocket dimension will be destroyed. The user will be forcibly taken out of the pocket dimension, and the card will be automatically deactivated.]

I examined the abilities and realized that the card could only be used within people's minds. Additionally, it allowed me to create a mental pocket dimension within their minds. When I activated it, there was no change in my appearance or abilities. I could only utilize "Dream of Sinners" in the cabin, but it proved to be an interesting ability. When I used it, the two guys fell to the ground immediately. Upon touching them, I entered the mental pocket dimension. It appeared that when a certain number of people were in the pocket dimension, they would all appear together.

It seems that the scenarios are indeed provided by the system. This card is quite peculiar; it appears blue but seems green due to the pocket size. The system gave me the scene of the Brookhaven Hospital. Perhaps one day, I'll be able to appear throughout the city from Silent Hill?

As I level up more, it's possible that I'll gain access to more scenarios. However, there will only be me in these scenarios, no monsters or other people, just me and those who enter the pocket dimension.

"Well, it's not that bad," I said with a smile as I looked at the two corpses in front of me. I had killed them within the pocket dimension. Approaching them, I put my ear close to their chests. No heartbeat. It seems like they died from cardiac arrest. No blood. This is quite useful. Can I use this ability in a hospital or large building?

I grabbed a shovel near a table and decided to bury the bodies of these two guys in an area far from my cabin.


I sighed with relief as I cleaned the dirt from my shovel. I looked at the place where I buried the two guys, a few kilometers away from my cabin. I also buried the murderer that I put in the black bag. Everything was easy and fast.

"Ha... it was fun using Pyramid Head, but doing the same thing all the time feels a bit boring. Can I level up in another way, or my way?" I thought with a smile.

Well, I'll leave that for another day. I'll head to the small town nearby and buy something to eat.

I walked for a while, finally arriving at the town. I decided to walk without an active card for safety. I wanted to feel more "human." Entering a store, I grabbed a bag of spicy chips. As I exited, I noticed a police car in the distance, seeming to be headed somewhere. I ignored it and decided to explore the town.

I sighed and walked even more, spotting a hospital, a police station, and a school. "Not bad," I said as I ate my spicy chips.

I looked at the school and saw that people were leaving; it seems that school is over. Hmmm...

I put my finger on my chin and thought for a while. I had plans for something in the woods, but I couldn't do my "rabbit hunt" because I was interrupted. Well, it's time to create some terror in this town.

"Time to be scared."