Monster in a world of heroes and villains

#slow romance (a romance that will take a long time to appear) #R-18 (seggs, although the sex scenes will be completely skippable if it ruins your fanfic experience, plus seggs will be completely secondary to the story) The slow romance and the Seggs will be completely secondary, if you read this it is because I already decided to post this! #NO HAREM :) SYNOPSYS: When people reincarnate into other worlds like Marvel, they often choose different powers—Dragon Ball abilities, anime skills, comic book powers, and even cartoon characters. But I wanted something different. I didn't aspire to be a hero; I craved to embody fear. There are countless terrifying stories and characters with immense potential—beings that are fear personified, controllers of reality, manipulators of minds, embodiments of darkness, murderers, monsters, and even creepypastas. You might argue, "But creepypastas are not serious..." To which I'd respond: Yes, most are not, but there are exceptions—some with unique narratives, hailing from different dimensions, striking pure terror into even the bravest hearts. An evil hedgehog? It sounds intriguing, with great potential. A deranged killer with a cut face and a white visage? The potential is there. Even SCPs hold promise—monstrous entities with incredible powers, god-like beings capable of anything. This is not the tale of a hero; it's the story of someone who wants to stand apart, eschewing anime and comics to become a true monster, the embodiment of darkness. Thanos? I'll crush him. Living Tribunal? A mere inconvenience. I shall be the true fear, the incarnation of terror—a genuine monster. Disclaimer: All characters are not mine; they belong to their respective creators, except the OCs. Warning: In this story, you will encounter SCP characters, creepypastas (which I believe have the potential to possess considerable power), as well as horror characters such as murderers, cosmic beings,monsters from videogames,monsters from movies,comics,mangas and more. This is a tale about monsters and terrifying entities.

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(POV: Noah)

I walked down the school hallway, feeling calm and collected. I wanted to kill the remaining two in a different way. Hmm...

It was time for a plan. The only downside was my slow pace. Maybe I could create a trap. I'd need a corpse to set it up. Yes, that should work.

I found the corpse of a guy with a big stab wound in the chest. I grabbed it and moved it closer to where the others were, but not so close that they'd hear me. This is going to hurt.

I took my knife and cut my chest with it. The blood started to flow, and the pain was intense, but I knew it wouldn't kill me. I decided to fall to the ground, letting the noise echo through the hallway. My plan was to make it look like I was dead—a classic move. Given my slow speed, this was the best idea I had. It was simple, but there was a chance it might work.

I waited for a while and suddenly I heard footsteps. The noise from when I fell must have echoed in several places. It seems I'm pretty heavy. You might be wondering how someone could have killed me, which could be a problem. But they might also think that they used my own weapon against myself. There is a chance they will believe it. Damn it, I'm overthinking this.

The steps grew closer. "Wait... they killed him!?!" I heard a boy's voice. Despite having the metal helmet on, my vision was clear, as if I wasn't wearing it. I moved my eye and saw the two who had been missing—the guy and the blonde.

"It's possible... look, that guy next to the pyramid head maybe used his weapon against him, but he died..." the blonde girl said. She's smart, I hope she comes first.

I heard footsteps approaching and saw the two of them getting closer.

"Well, let's go around it. The map says that the entrance could be here. Checking is better than not," I heard the blonde talking to the other boy. They were circling around me. Well, game over for them.

I grabbed their legs. It's a shame; I thought they would be more cautious. What idiots.

I squeezed their legs hard, feeling the bones break. Their screams of pain filled the air. I squeezed harder, crushing their legs until blood splashed on the floor. They fell to the ground. If they had been smarter and circled further away, they might have survived. What fools. I stood up slowly, looking at the boy's horrified expression. Didn't he want to kill me?

I grabbed him by the neck, seeing the fear in his eyes. His leg was broken, the bone protruding and blood flowing non-stop. This isn't a game; you have to be smart. It's not like a slasher movie where the killer is an idiot.

I squeezed his neck until it broke and let him fall to the ground, dead. The blonde girl was crawling, trying to reach a piece of metal.

I approached and grabbed her by the hair. She had said she was trained by her father. It's unfortunate that his daughter is going to die.

I picked her up by her hair as she struggled to get away. I sighed and grabbed her face with my other hand. She bit me, but it felt like a tickle. I squeezed her face until I heard the bones crack and saw blood pour from her eyes. I squeezed harder until her face exploded. She stopped moving, finally dead. What a pity.

I let go of the corpse. Finally, it was over.

[You have leveled up!!

Improvements: Increased speed, increased senses!

Pyramid Head: 4/10!]

It seems I leveled up quickly. That's good. My speed and senses increased, but not my strength. Well, my strength is already quite high.

I felt like I was coming out of the water. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was back in the classroom of the town school, looking at the "asleep" people around the room. I sighed and murmured, "Too bad..."

I walked around the room, mumbling and singing a song.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme some time to think 

I'm in the bathroom, looking at me 

Face in the mirror is all I need 

Wait until the reaper takes my life 

Never gonna get me out alive 

I will live a thousand million lives!!"

I sang while spinning around the room, dancing a little as I moved towards two familiar people. I approached and grabbed one by the head. Using Jeff's card, I drew a knife I bought from a store and slit his throat in one swift motion. Blood poured out quickly. I continued making lethal cuts on several people. Before long, the classroom floor was covered in blood.

I grabbed a girl's bloodstained hand and pressed it against the window, wanting someone to appear as the murderer today.

I then grabbed the guy who I think was called Matthew, positioning him in front of the board. I sat him in a chair and placed the knife in his hand, aiming to stage this as a murder-suicide.

I left the room while Jeff's card was in use. As I was going down the stairs, I saw a person next to me. It looked like a teacher. He saw me and said, "Hey, who are you--" I casually stabbed his neck with my knife while whistling a little tune. The guy fell to the ground and started writhing in pain. I grabbed him by the head and dragged him to the classroom. It seemed that this teacher was on his way to the bathroom. I brought him to the classroom, and he saw all the chaos and blood. 

"Goodbye, dear professor!" I said with a big smile and closed the classroom door. The teacher was left writhing on the floor, his blood pooling around him as he watched in horror at the sight of the dead students. Entering this school without anyone noticing was quite easy.

I went down the stairs and walked down the hallway. When I entered, I had manipulated the cameras to show a static image, a trick that worked quite well. I exited the building and decided to grab something to eat at a nearby store. Unexpectedly, I noticed the janitor sleeping. I saw him but decided not to kill him.

I deactivated my card and left the school. That's it; I worked quickly and effectively.

As I walked down the street, I heard a scream coming from the school. It seems they already noticed my "accident."

I sighed and said, "I think I'm going to explore this town for a while. I want to see if it's a normal town or if it has something interesting. Maybe I'll find something worth my time here."

As I walked down the street, I noticed 2 police cars with their sirens blaring. I heard the noise, and it seemed like they were heading to the school because of my "accident".


I was in the cabin, with my laptop. I hadn't used it since I arrived in this forest, but luckily I had internet, although it was a real hassle to get it.

I looked at different pages; I wanted to make some money quickly. I thought about several possibilities, like being a professional assassin, spy, mercenary, etc.

I also planned to explore this town to see if it was normal or not.

While I was browsing internet pages, I decided to check the map to confirm some things. As I looked at the map, I noticed something curious: I couldn't see the town on the map; there was nothing there.

"What? It should at least show up, right?" I mumbled in confusion.

"Let's see... Ashford Hollow, it should be on the map, right?" I murmured and searched, but nothing appeared.

"How strange... it seems that this place is not on the map," I murmured with interest and curiosity.

I decided to search the internet for the name of the town, but there was nothing. Hey, this is getting weird.

"Did I stumble into something involving a villain or something?" I said curiously.

"I'm going to explore the forest just in case," I said as I left the laptop on a table next to me. I got up and walked out the door. It was daylight, so I had some time to investigate. Maybe there's something hidden in this forest.

I decided to move quickly.

I activated the "nemesis" card, and the dense fog enveloped me. I ran like a bullet through the forest, making sure not to hit any trees. While I was running, I heard a strange noise. I slowed down and felt a sense of danger. There was something here, something really dangerous.

Suddenly, I heard another strange noise. I quickly deactivated my card and activated Jeff's card. I hid behind a tree and peeked out. To my surprise, the ground opened up like a floodgate, and two people emerged: one in a black suit and a casual cap, and the other looking like a scientist.

I heard the guy in the black suit say, "Damn, great, a murderer killed kids at school, what a waste. Are there more people compatible with the F gene?"

The scientist pondered for a moment before replying, "It's possible. I have a list of compatible people, some more than others. Although it'll be somewhat difficult to make them compatible. We're recreating the gen-x, you know? It's possible that several are created with errors."

"Alright, just get it done. I created this damn town, so I want something as close to the X-gen, understood?!" the suited man said in frustration.

The scientist sighed and replied, "Yes, sir... I'll do what I can." The man in the black suit nodded and then pulled out a small black cube. "I hope it's ready. I'll return in a month. I want to see positive results."

Suddenly, the man squeezed the black cube, and it disappeared into thin air. Something related to space or something?

I watched as the scientist muttered to the air while heading underground, the door closing behind him. "What an asshole... Damn, I don't want to work anymore. I'm dead tired. Besides, who the hell deactivated the cameras at that damn school? More and more annoyances, I swear. When I find that bastard, I'll—"

I watched as the floor hatch closed and let out a sigh of relief. This place was turning out to be more dangerous than I had anticipated.

"What the hell is the F gene? I only know about the X and a few others... Could it be something unique to this universe?" I murmured to myself, my curiosity piqued.

I stood there, pondering whether to enter the hatch or not. If I forced my way in, alarms might go off, but then again, there might not be any alarms at all...

"How irritating..." I muttered, scratching my head in frustration.

Well, I guess I stumbled upon something "important" in this universe.

With that in mind, I made my way back to my cabin. Maybe I'd find something significant about all this in town.


(third person)

Underneath the hatch, the scientist, Aiden Simmons, was poring over several papers in what looked like a futuristic laboratory. Frustration etched on his face, he examined one paper in particular that read "EXPERIMENT NO. 19 FAILED." With a heavy sigh, he turned his attention to a woman bound to the wall. Tubes snaked from her neck to various parts of her body, draining her vitality. She appeared lifeless, her eyes vacant—a captive for nearly a year, subjected to countless experiments.

"What the hell... I have a genuine mutant, and yet it's proving so difficult to recreate something akin to the X-gene?" Aiden grumbled, his irritation palpable.

"I need to create the F gene. I can't afford to disappoint Isaac... despite him being an asshole," Aiden muttered, a wry smile tugging at his lips.

Pushing himself up from his chair, Aiden approached the mutant, his frustration evident. "Come on... it can't be that complicated. I just need you to be compatible with someone. But every time there's even a glimmer of compatibility, they die. Useless crap..." he muttered disdainfully.

Aiden sighed deeply and walked over to a computer, pulling up a video of the town school. As he examined the images, his frustration grew as he saw the cameras frozen in static images: someone had killed potentially compatible subjects at the school. They were young, which made them more likely to show at least some compatibility.

Discouraged, Aiden turned his attention to other experiments. He clicked on a video showing a 16-year-old girl writhing in pain as her bones began to protrude from her body. Despite the initial promise, the experiment ended in tragedy when a bone pierced her skull. Another video showed a 10-year-old boy convulsing in a room reinforced with metal and modified steel. His blood turned cold and icy, hinting at powerful power, but he soon froze like an ice sculpture.

Aiden couldn't stand to see any more of his failures and let out a frustrated sigh. "Useless shit... nothing seems to work. But maybe there's still hope," he muttered, reaching for a paper labeled "F Gene Compatibility."

Looking through the names, one stood out at the top of the list: "Eva Turner." He showed a promising compatibility. Could she finally be the successful he'd been looking for? Each person's genetic makeup varied slightly, making some more receptive to the F gene than others. Aiden needed a near-perfect genetic match, one that could potentially create the first successful mutant with the F gene.

Aiden gazed at the mutant in the room, excitement dancing in his eyes. "Looks like we're finally ready to kick this off and bring forth new mutants... don't you think?" he said with a hopeful smile.

Rising to his feet, Aiden made his way to a nearby briefcase. With a careful hand, he opened it to reveal several syringes filled with a purple substance.

"My creation," he murmured, a sense of anticipation filling his voice. "Soon, you'll ascend... become strong and powerful. Just wait..."

Aiden's grin widened as he declared, "It's time to make some experiments."