Monster Girl Ranching in Another World

In a parallel realm, an ordinary Earthling, Zack "Kazz" Foreman is plunged into a fractured dimension of monstrous worlds, resulting from a cataclysmic event. Humanity stands on the edge of oblivion, manipulated by the sinister Demon King. The Center of Everything, where the King feasts on warriors' torment, once refuse Kazz entry. Stripped of his memories, he tries to regain them with the help of Hero, a strange voice in his head, resetting his own journey. On an uncanny mirror world of Earth, Kazz's humble life spirals from doping scandals to a surprising cave discovery riddled with demons. Fate intertwines him with Hero, a human deity from his past. Their partnership evolves from initial mistrust to form a formidable alliance. In "Monster Girl Ranching in Another World", Kazz takes under his wing an array of monster, and demon girls using the Ranching System, giving them enhancements and abilities. As Kazz ventures to ascend the ranks, controlling the Elements and unearthing his Shamanic powers become his resolute weapons against humanity's looming doom. This extraordinary journey illuminates hope within the darkest corners of existence.

Magic_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
446 Chs

Jilly, Why Do You Do It?

I walked into the room and went over to a table, setting the platter on the table. I sat down with Mary, and the Cerberus girls grabbed a chair and pulled it over to get closer to me.

"What have you brought us this time?" Jilly asked as she came over to the table, but she looked uncomfortable.

"Do you want to wait until I get the snakes fed, and then I will take you outside to eat with me while the girls eat?" I asked her.

"Really? I mean, I don't really mind, it's not like you asked me to the bedroom or anything, ahhaha!" Jilly said with a funny laugh that was really hard to read, but kind of forced, but not?

"Sure, have a fried egg; for now, they are cooled down now," I said, passing her the egg, and then I turned back to the plate of meat stakes I had got.

As soon as I started to cut up the meat, Jilly hit the floor and started to roll around again in pleasure. What is up with eggs? Are they like a monster girl aphrodisiac, or did I just meet all the exceptional cases?