54 S-Class Advancement Quest!

Makarov looked at Hiro and squinted. Erza said "He was very helpful on the S-class Job." Hiro smirked and nodded saying "Exactly." Makarov mumbled to himself before saying "Alright. There's a monster that's been terrorizing Clover town, kill it, catch it, do whatever, but make sure it's gone."

Hiro said in bewilderment "That's it?! No problem!" He stepped on a surfboard made of ice and flew out of the guild swiftly. Makarov sighed and said "I didn't even finish... Though this is good. He'll have more of a challenge."

Natsu grumbled "Why did he get such an easy mission?" Mirajane smiled and said "Actually, this mission is extremely difficult." she paused and said in fear "Master! I forgot to tell you!" Makarov opened an eye and Mirajane said anxiously "That quest was bumped up to an SS-class quest!"

The guild's eyes widened and Makarov shouted "What?!" Mirajane fumbled through the papers before bringing it out saying "Several hundreds dead, the monster wasn't even able to be detailed as it moved so fast! It comes every night and disappears in the morning! Guild Master Bob went to see what happened and even he was unable to catch the monster!"

Makarov shouted "Someone go get that damn kid!" Erza stood up and said "I'll go." before leaving the guild. Isabella said "Aunty Mira... Is Baba going to be okay?" as she hugged the egg that shook occasionally. Mirajane forced a smile and said "Of course. He'll be just fine, Izzy." Isabella smiled and went back to playing around as Mirajane was sweating bullets.

Meanwhile (Happy cut scene)

Hiro was cruising through the air, reading the Magic Encyclopedia, on his way to Clover Town. He was much faster than a car, so he would probably be there in a while. He figured out the Magic Encyclopedia wasn't actually a book of spells but a detailed overview of what a spell was along with a complete deconstruction of countless spells.

It also displayed what the anatomy of a Wizard was and how the mana flows through their bodies. It was a complete Encyclopedia on 'Magic' the entire concept! What a treasure! Hiro read with interest, maybe he could truly make his own spells and magic without the help of the system.

If he was being honest with himself, he relied on the system a lot. The system basically gave him everything, then again, without it he wouldn't be able to even leave darling in the Franxx or fix Zerotwo's clone body to be able to conceive.

Basically, he owed the system a lot.

Someday he wanted to let the system go, not anytime soon, but someday. Far, far, far, in the future.

A while later

Hiro arrived at Clover town. He closed his book and floated down into the city looking around. He walked to a random citizen and said "Excuse me, I'm a Wizard from Fairy Tail. I took a quest to hunt a monster here? Do you know anything about this?"

The man said "You're a wizard?" Hiro nodded with a smile and the man said "Thank god! Guys! A wizard came to save us!" the surrounding people perked up and said "Really!?" "A wizard?!" "Can he do it!?"

Hiro was swarmed by hopeful civilians. Hiro was overwhelmed and said "Um.. I'm going to try my best." one person said "You're from Fairy Tail!?" Hiro nodded and the man shouted "It's a Fairy Tail Wizard!" the rest of the people started moving their things out of their houses and the man said with a smile "You can destroy as much as you need, just get rid of that terrible monster, please!"

Hiro felt his mouth twitch as the citizens worked as a team, moving everyone's belongings into one place. They all hid inside and poked their heads in the windows, looking at Hiro.

Hiro was speechless at these people and asked "Do you have any clues...?" the man shook his head and said "All we know is that it comes at night and is too fast to catch or see. So far hundreds of people have died, their corpses found the next day with claw marks in them, some are even incomplete!" he turned white thinking about it.

Hiro frowned and said "Can you all get in the same building? Or stay in the same place?" the man nodded and Hiro said "Everybody group together. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I want to keep you all safe. Tonight I will watch over all of you."

The citizens were happy and all grouped up. Hiro whistled an his shadow army came out, looking around, scaring the shit out of the people. Hiro said "Spread out around the city, hide in the shadows, if you see something suspicious, tell me right away."

The shadow army nodded and disappeared into the shadows around town.

Hiro sat on a roof and watched over the people as day turned to night.

Hiro was watching the calm city, a perk from his upgraded Super Human talent was night vision! A handy skill to have!

He looked around and nothing happened for a while. His shadow soldiers reported someone sneaking out of the citizens group, going to the city gate. Hiro frowned and sank into the shadows, following the man.

The man looked around, feeling somebody was watching him, but didn't find anything. He continued on his way, going through several alleyways and coming to a dilapidated house. There was a shine with a totem of a strange monster inside.

The man fell to his knees and prayed "Lord, a Wizard has come, please accept my sacrifice to you." the totem trembled and a portal opened up over it as a disgusting creature came out of it. Hiro was startled, this thing really looked like a Xenomorph but at the same time not. It had a long head and tail but no mouth.

It also had giant claws, disproportionate to it's body and thick legs with 3 claws on each.

Hiro had never seen anything like this before, it was like the strangest thing he had ever seen. The body structure of the creature didn't even make sense. It would be extremely top heavy but apparently the creature had absolutely no problem.

It made a strange noise with it's claws and the kneeling man, knocked his head on the ground, saying "Long live Zeref!" over and over again. Hiro rolled his eyes, of course it was related to Zeref... Isn't everything related to him nowadays? What a pain in the ass...

The creature blurred and ran it's claw right through the man, killing the man.

Hiro wasn't too surprised, what did that guy expect? The thing can't even talk, what was he supposed to give him? Treasure? Toys? Power? Rule number 1: never trust a strange monster with suspicious origins.

The creature stuck its... face? The front of it's head into the man's body, made some noises and then took it's head out. Hiro saw the hole in the man was pitch black and the blood on the creature seeped into it's skin.

Hiro was confused, what did this disgusting thing want? Food? Just to kill people? Seems kinda pointless, who goes around killing people for no reason? Idiots, that's who. The creature didn't have a goal, only caused death.

The creature blurred and shot out of the house in the blink of an eye. Hiro was startled, this thing was fast as fuck! He looked at the portal and sent a small black ball into it before blowing it up as he smashed the totem into pieces.

He pulled out the man's shadow and left after the creature, speeding through the shadows as he heard strange screaming noises.

He jumped out of the shadow and threw a punch at the creature, blasting through the city, shattering buildings on the way. He got green blood on his fist and it sizzled, burning his flesh right off, leaving just his Vibranium bones.

What is this Xenomorph rip off?!

He followed the creature from it's smell and it shuttled around the city, seemingly searching for people to kill. Hiro chased it and was suddenly stabbed through the gut by it's tail. The creature slashed at Hiro, sending him flying into a series of buildings with claw marks on his back that were melting his flesh.

His flesh melted before regenerating again as the creature was already slashing at his head. Hiro punched out, blowing the creature back before chasing after it, unleashing his Tyrant's Haki and Gravity all over the city, except where the people were.

The creature was moving slower, but still extremely fast. Hiro was annoyed, this fucking thing was so fast! Even his Haki couldn't track him, it was unreal. How was anybody else supposed to deal with this?

He Soru'd in front of the Xenomorph rip-off and blasted it's stomach with a Collapse Fist. He followed through and shot the creature across the city.

Needless to say the city was 70% destroyed at this point. They had been fighting for a long time and dawn was approaching.

The creature tried to escape from the sun, but Hiro's Shadow army attacked it, smashing it around. They weren't doing much damage but they served their purpose. Ul's shadow froze the creature in ice while Flare whipped blue flame whips, wrapping the frozen creature in Blue flame ropes.

Hiro appeared and the creature shattered the ice as the sun rose. The sun hit it's body and started to burn it alive. Hiro moved as the creature screamed and threw it into the air. Lullaby and Deliora grabbed it's claws and held it up in the sun, the creature made noises as its flesh bubbled and sizzled.

Lullaby and Deliora proved to be strong enough to hold the creature in it's weakened state and the creature burned to a black puddle. Hiro walked over and froze the puddle, not seeing a shadow. The ice shattered into millions of pieces and finally a shadow appeared.

He smiled and pulled out it's shadow, named it Rex, and returned his army back into his own shadow. He walked to the citizens and smiled "All done." the citizens cried in joy looking at the puddle of black and green, thanking Hiro profusely.

Hiro smiled and said "It's not a problem. If you have any other troubles, contact Fairy Tail again!" as a building behind him collapsed.

Oh. That was the last standing building...

Well at least none of them died.

Suddenly, Hiro felt extreme danger. His hair stood up all over his body and urged him to run away, as fast as possible and immediately. Hiro shouted "Everybody out of the city!" the people were confused and Hiro slammed his hand on the ground.

The entire section of the earth where the people were was lifted out of the ground and sent out of the city extremely fast, being placed far away, in a safe place. The citizens were startled and they looked at the city in the distance before turning white in fear.

Hiro looked up and saw a giant dragon. It had black scales and a tan under belly with light blue markings. Hiro's mouth twitched into a grim smile as he said "Acnologia..." Acnologia looked down at Hiro, who mumbled "I guess you didn't come to say hello..."

Acnologia blurred in response and Hiro's left arm and right leg exploded. They regenerated quickly and Hiro floated in the air, his hands completely blackened and rippling with black waves. He was not happy, actually, he was pretty fucking scared.

He might really just die today.

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