213 World of the Dead (5)

Shinjin drew a star and put candles on the points. He placed an ouija board in the middle containing alphabets and holy water on its side. Jaewan was on watchout for any guards or people who might stray that way but there were none. Since the school had been emptied already, there were no people around except for a few maintenance workers who were working on a building across the field. They had shut off every window with shutters and the lights were switched off. The whole place was covered with darkness sans the light coming from the candles.

Junho sat across Shinjin while Jina was seated next to him. She was surrounded by a circle of salt to protect her from any possible spirit which might try to harm her.

"Remember Jina," Junho said. "Do not reveal that you can see ghosts even without a seance. Try not to look at its eyes. If we end up summoning a bad spirit, it might harm you and it'll be difficult to get rid of it."


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