290 Ruby Locket

"You've grown big!" Doyoung squealed in joy. She was in her mansion, working on some of her paperwork to quit the modeling agency when her friend, Ohm Bosung, stopped by. Bosung was the same age as Doyoung and they had gone to the same kindergarten, remaining friends ever since.Β 

Bosung smiled at her. She was not as gorgeous as Doyoung but possessed an innocent beauty. Her round face and large, clear eyes made her look very womanly while her straight, reddish hair was unique among the masses. Wherever she went, her red hair stood out which made even Doyoung a little envious. At that moment, Bosung was eight months pregnant and nearing her due date.

"He is a feisty one!" Bosung giggled. "Very naughty. He keeps on kicking whenever he's hungry. But other times, he's such a sweet and calm baby."


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