60 CCK (3)

The last bus to downtown had just left. A group of girls in high school uniform got off it, chattering away as they headed for their homes.

"Yumi, look at this!" One of the girls, Sena, pointed at her camera. "It's our Suho oppa! He looks so handsome even in the military uniform!"

"I think Sehun is hotter," Yumi scoffed. "Just look at him! He's so innocent and yet, manly."

"Baekhyun is the cutest!" a girl called Soji chimed in. "His voice is so angelic."

"Kyungsoo is a much better singer!" her friend, Namjoo, spoked up.

"Have you guys forgotten Chanyeol?" Sena said, rolling her eyes. They were all gib fans of the group EXO and were eagerly anticipating the completion of their idols' mandatory military service. It was a pain to see their idols go to the military and wait for two years for their return!

"I hear Chanyeol is holding a fan signing event!" Yumi claimed. "At the XYZ tower. Tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon."


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