Monarch of Time

The power of absolute control... Time. After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword! This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

ZeusTheOlympian · Eastern
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914 Chs

Chapter 855 Killing a peak rank 9 Dao King


The cloud of dust that had just been raised was almost immediately dispersed by Little Silver's angry roar that shook the entire underground chamber, revealing to the surrounding Dao Kings the scene that it was hiding underneath it.

Little Silver's left paw that was dripping with blood had been blocked by the red-robed old man's sword, cutting open a wound that had was just a hair's breadth away from reaching its bone.

It was obvious that if the sword had managed to cut through just a little bit deeper, Little Silver's paw would have probably been severed from its body.

And yet, the surrounding Dao Kings didn't feel too much pity for the black panther, as they could all see that red-robed old man's situation was even worse than Little Silver's.