Monarch of Time

The power of absolute control... Time. After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword! This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

ZeusTheOlympian · Eastern
Not enough ratings
914 Chs

Chapter 815

As moments gradually turned into minutes, Shun Long started to find it difficult to even open his eyes, while the only thing he could do was simply keep gritting his teeth and try to suppress the purple-colored earth flame that was now wreaking havoc within his spiritual sea.

And yet, Shun Long knew that this was anything but easy, since the earth flame itself didn't show any signs of stopping as it kept absorbing his spiritual strength.

After fighting for 3 full days, Shun Long finally managed to suppress the earth flame and stop it from rampaging around his spiritual sea any longer. The earth flame could no longer wantonly absorb his spiritual strength either, allowing Shun Long to heave a sigh of relief, before he could finally relax and focus on the scene within his spiritual sea.