Monarch of Time

The power of absolute control... Time. After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword! This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

ZeusTheOlympian · Eastern
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914 Chs

Chapter 804

Inside the 'Southern Dragon's courtyard', Shun Long sat on a meditative cushion inside his room, with Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian all sitting around him.

After he took out 5 jars of wine from his spatial ring and handed one to everyone, Shun Long saw Jiang Chen staring at him with a serious look in his eyes, before Jiang Chen said in a solemn voice

''Brother, I don't think that we should trust the Northern Sovereign too much. Even if she doesn't have any bad intentions and really wants to befriend us, since you already refused to join the Tianxuan dynasty, the people behind her may not necessarily take it as well as she did. If they order the Northern Sovereign to kill you, I doubt that she will really refuse... After all, your talents are really too terrifying!''

It wasn't just Jiang Chen who shared this sentiment, as Liu Mei, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian agreed with him as well, as they all stared at Shun Long.