Monarch of Time

The power of absolute control... Time. After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword! This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

ZeusTheOlympian · Eastern
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913 Chs

Chapter 596 The infamous crown prince

Shun Long fell silent after hearing Bai Longtian's question before his mind fell into deep thoughts.

He clearly knew what Bai Longtian was trying to say.

After all, even if they knew the location of the crown prince's chambers it would still be hard to assassinate him, since according to the mission's description, there was always at least one Dao King protecting him at all times.

Although everyone's cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds in these last 3 months since they had entered the Holy sect, dealing with a Dao King was simply impossible.

2 hours later, at the same time that Xingyi had finished replenishing her qi and entered Shun Long's room, Shun Long's eyes abruptly lit up before a smile slowly formed itself on his lips.


The night soon passed and daybreak arrived a few hours later, before Shun Long's group left the inn and headed towards the direction of the royal palace.