595 Chapter 595 Shun Long's first plan

Shun Long, Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, all stared at Xie Xingyi who had the same beautiful smile on her face with their eyes wide open. 

With the sheer number of the more than 3.000 Nascent Soul stage guards around the palace gates, as well as the number of guards stationed inside the palace itself, everyone understood that infiltrating the palace like this was a nearly impossible endeavor.

As for the crown prince's chambers that would most likely be guarded tightly, it would be even harder to get there.

This was why Shun Long had only asked Xingyi to simply sneak past the palace walls and take a look inside instead of entering the depths of the palace itself. The difficulty of doing the latter was enormous, even for someone like Xingyi who had a physique like the Vanishing Shadows unique physique.


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