587 Chapter 587 Arctic blue bird

Fortunately, the young woman's face wasn't downcast when Shun Long rejected picking a peak rank 5 magic beast, but instead, she smiled even brighter before she walked deeper inside the garden and said

''Naturally, our Beast Tamer hall has rank 6 magic beasts, whose speed is simply incomparable to the magic beasts that are still at the peak of rank 5. 

A single early rank 6 magic beast will cost 2000 sect points, and it will only take 2 months to get your group to the northern region.

As for middle rank 6 magic beasts, they cost 5000 sect points, but they will only take 1 month to get you all to the 'Blue star continent' in the northern region instead.

Naturally, we also have peak rank 6 magic beasts whose price reaches up to 20.000 sect points, and they will only take half a month to get you to the northern region!''


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