584 Chapter 584 Little Black waking up (2)

Little Black knew that Shun Long had yet to fully regain his memories, so he knew that he had to explain the ranks of magic beasts in the 'Immortal Dimension'.

''Although the 'Demonic Crow of Darkness' doesn't stand at the peak of the 'Mythic rank', it is still among the 15 strongest 'Mythic rank magic beasts'! That Yu family is definitely extremely lucky to be able to obtain its bloodline like that!''

After pausing for a moment, Little Black then continued

''Of course, it doesn't matter if it's a 'Mythic rank' or even a 'Legendary rank' magic beast. In front of master, all of them will be able to only bow their heads in the end!''

Shun Long simply smiled as he patted Little Black's head, before he said a moment later


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