583 Chapter 583 Little Black waking up

Little Black stretched his head covering Shun Long's body with it, before he asked in a curious tone

''Master, how long have I been sleeping for?''

''A little more than 2 years.''

Patting Little Black's head, Shun Long answered with a smile on his face, obviously having missed his dragon's company during this time.

Little Black stayed silent for a moment when he heard this, as he knew that the 2 years that Shun Long mentioned, only counted for the years spent in the outside world.

Since he had stayed inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time' during this time, Little Black understood that he had spent more than 20 years asleep.

Naturally, for a magic beast like a dragon who could sleep for thousands of years without the need to wake up, sleeping for 20 years was nothing.

But for Little Black, things were completely different.


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