38 Weekend

Rising with the morning star, I stretched my sore muscles with a haggard expression. It would take a few weeks for the War Council to gather within Pendragon.

Gazing at the Nexus suit still draped around my body, I sighed, removing it before sending it into my Spiral Bracelet. Using it had its ups and downs, especially with how hot of a topic I was currently.

I couldn't risk having someone trying to steal it so early in its creation. Taking a shower, I smiled, dressing into a casual business suit. Today was one of the only days we had off, and I had tons to prepare for the upcoming war. I was sure some of my spies in the other two countries were fueling the flames of war.

Stepping out my door, my brow shot up as Mother gripped my arm, "Oh good, your up, "She said, pulling me towards Yura's room, "We need your help."

Watching Yura in a Golden sundress that oddly looked like Mothers, my eyes grew wide as she shone brightly as a star in the morning light. The soothing, subtle scent of Jasmine filled my nose as Yura smiled, "Good morning Lady Emma...Arsène"

Nodding absentmindedly, Mother giggled, "Yura, my dear, take Arsène out today. You are in need of clothing, correct?" she asked.

With a light blush, Yura responded, "Yes, all my clothes are in the castle," She muttered, twitling her thumbs.

Frowning inwardly, I gazed at the time, "Mom, I need to visit Azure Misty. There are some projects I need to check on. I have no time..."

"Of course you do. Yura, just follow little Arsène." she effortlessly interrupted, "Azure Misty owns a massive fashion store; take her there. "

Pouting, I nodded, unable to deny Mother's request. With a forced smile, I showed Yura to the entrance where an elegant carriage coated with gold and silver was awaiting me.

Rubbing my temple, I gazed at the cold young girl staring out the window. She had not spoken since we boarded the carriage, only showing an occasional smile at the landscape of Pendragon.

With a soft pleasing expression, I closed my eyes as the wind whispered gently into the Carriage. A few minutes later, we arrived before a massive building already lined with people. The echoes of excitement and sweat filled the air as loud shots vibrated the entire carriage.

Yura frowned, her brow arched in displeasure as she shook her head, "too many people, I don't want to wait in line."

Smirking, I stepped down, raising my hands for her to grip as a gentleman should, "I own this establishment; it's fine if we just walk in." I lightly whispered.

With astonishment, she gripped my hand as we headed into one of the pendragon's most significant attractions. Her eyes grew wide as she stepped into a modern, brightly lit building that glimmered with bright light. Showcasing hundreds of different clothing for both men and women.

"We sell clothing, Pills, Weapons, and various miscellaneous items here; welcome to Azure Misty," I remark, a little prideful at what I had accomplished within such a small time frame.

Looking at the watch on my wrist I frowned, before turning to Alice that was glaring at Yura. "Alice, take Yura around the store, charge everything to my account," I commanded, picking up a few documents.

Like she had never seen so many things before in her life, Yura rushed through browsing all my various merchandise for hours. A calming smile would occasionally grace my face as she began picking up various items with a bewildered expression. It was odd for a royal to be this disconnected from the world.

With a soft hum, I pushed her out of my mind before focusing on my work. I was sure that the king would try to steal the Nexus Suit Formula. A few years ago, someone had already broken in. Stealing some of the blood contracts I designed.

We killed a few of their men, but none was captured alive. Feeling it could potentially come back to bite me, I revamped the entire contract. Bending a few rules and what was allowed, It had taken a few weeks to accomplish, but I knew the new contract was entirely more complex and different from the previous one while still looking the same to those that gazed upon it. A trap I prepared just in case.

Yet, there was something bothering me, and that was Wynnstan Aytone death. Nothing about that situation played out as I hoped. Abruptly a soft commotion sounded within my ear as a young girl draped in a golden sundress stepped in.

With her flawless hourglass figure, she gripped her stomach, eyeing me pitifully, "Yura is hungry," she cutely moaned.

To her side, Rose could be seen glaring venomously at the young girl, yet she held her tongue, apparently knowing her place.

"Fine...follow me. We will not be taking the carriage." I lazily replied, stepping out of my store at my own pace.

Today was quite a beautiful day aside from the annoying sunlight; everything was perfect. Walking the streets of Pendragon, I stopped at an old-fashioned-looking tavern. Yura had a questioning look but didn't seem to voice her complaint to my pleasure.

With music and laughter sounding around us, Yura finally seemed to relax as we took a seat at the bar.

"Two Blue Fire Ale, XI0," I said, watching the bartender give me a piercing nod.

"Come this way, my lord, your guess can remain." He said as I rose from my chair, leaving Yura to her own devices.

Marching with a heavy step into the underground cellar, a deep rottening scent filled my nose. There were no bodies nor blood around, yet the stench of death lingered for almost no apparent reason, greatly confusing me no matter how many times I return.

Stepping into the darkroom that held a single chair, I coolly smiled, taking a seat as darkness engulfed me.

"So the great Ashen Prince has returned, "A soft crackling voice spoke from the dark.

"Riveon...It has been a while, but are these theatrics still necessary? " I asked perfectly, being able to see through such simple darkness.

"What is it you want, Ashen One?" The cold man dressed in a dark black cloak questioned in an impatient manner as if this conversation was below him.

"Always so eager, fine. I will pay ten billion Zel, but I want you to kill the King of Godwin's only heir. I believe his name is Dumar Godwin. Make it look like it was the work of Romga." I said, giving a pleasing grin towards the cloaked man.

Riveon grew silent as he thought of the pros and cons of my request. It was a rather risky move but one I was willing to take mainly because it was not my people that would be dying on the battlefield but rather the innocent soldiers of Asterion. I never understood the point of being a soldier, is loyalty to one's county so important?

"Twenty Billion and Dumar Godwin son of Yarlor Godwin will parish by the next New moon. " He claimed, a hint of confidence throbbing from his cloaked stature.

"Twenty billion? Fine," I muttered with a pause, " but Riveon should you fail. Your lives will be forfeited. I hope you understand," I coolly said, rising from my chair ending our conversation.

"The name has been given, and the contract accepted. Dumar Godwin, Crown prince of Godwin, will be vanquished."

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