Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

A sham marriage? House arrest? Dream girl? After years of marrying Wen Jin, Yu Anwan felt her love and passion for him deplete completely. Forget it. One would never see the arrival of a boat at an airport, and a heart that didn’t love you would never warm up for you. Yu Anwan completed the divorce procedures, and then disappeared without a trace. Wen Jin had thought he wouldn’t care, but when he saw the empty bedroom, he panicked. “Yu Anwan, where are you?” Six years later, Yu Anwan made a stunning comeback with two children in hand. Wen Jin stared at the children in shock. “I’m your daddy.” Elder Yu and Younger Yu shook their heads. “No, you’re not. Mommy says that our Daddy died!” Wen Jin was speechless. He silently swore to never let her leave ever again.

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Who Likes That Big Bastard Wen Jin?

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Wen Zhanyan looked at Yu Anwan with a cold expression and pushed her away. "You don't have to pretend to be kind. You're all the same type of people."

Wen Zhanyan didn't seem to appreciate her actions.

Yu Anwan didn't mind at all and quickly found a first aid kit in the room. With a cotton swab dipped in iodine, she earnestly disinfected Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Zhanyan wanted to push Yu Anwan away, and Yu Anwan seemed to sense it. "Zhanyan, it'll be done soon."

Yu Anwan held Wen Zhanyan's hand, and the warm sensation transmitted through her soft touch was completely different from Wen Jin's hand. Suddenly, Wen Zhanyan quieted down.

He stood still without moving until Yu Anwan finished attending to him.

"You don't need to please me." Wen Zhanyan said directly. "Now, leave immediately, and you don't have to come tomorrow."

"That would be a shame." This time, Yu Anwan stood up and calmly looked at Wen Zhanyan. "I have an agreement with President Wen. Unless I can't continue on my own, no one has the authority to make me leave."

"You..." Wen Zhanyan was rendered speechless by the retort.

Yu Anwan bent down again, smiling as she looked at Wen Zhanyan. "So, you still have to stay with me."

Yu Anwan's expression was innocent and harmless, yet it made Wen Zhanyan feel like he was Little Red Riding Hood falling into the trap of the Big Bad Wolf.

Wen Zhanyan had never felt so disadvantaged before. He sneered, "I have ways to make you leave!"

"Feel free to try!" Yu Anwan continued to smile.

Wen Zhanyan was left speechless by her response.

This woman was truly annoying, and Wen Zhanyan felt resentful.

Meanwhile, Yu Anwan turned her attention to the exercises in front of Wen Zhanyan. This time, she became visibly worried.

These were not kindergarten-level exercises. Even adults would find them headache-inducing.

"Wen Jin makes you do these every day?" Yu Anwan asked, her brows furrowed.

Wen Zhanyan neither confirmed nor denied it. Yu Anwan let out a sneer and directly tore up the exercises. "You're not allowed to do them anymore. You're just a child under six. Isn't Wen Jin afraid of driving you insane with this daily homework? I think there's something wrong with Wen Jin's mind!"

When she started criticizing Wen Jin, Yu Anwan didn't hold back at all.

Wen Zhanyan winced at Yu Anwan's scolding.

But as he watched Yu Anwan tear up his homework without hesitation, he coolly reminded her, "My daddy will scold you when he comes back."

"I'll report him for child abuse first!" Yu Anwan spoke without reservation.

Wen Zhanyan, who found her argument reasonable, remained silent.

Meanwhile, Yu Anwan was still nagging at Wen Jin.

Wen Zhanyan just stood there silently and listened to Yu Anwan's nagging. He didn't feel annoyed.

As Yu Anwan continued her complaints, Wen Zhanyan began to wonder if she genuinely liked Wen Jin. Did she become his nanny just to get closer to Wen Jin?

"If she like his daddy, would she curse him that?" Wen Zhanyan was puzzled by this thought.

If Wen Zhanyan hadn't seen the two of them hugging in the morning, he would have suspected that Yu Anwan and Wen Jin had an irreconcilable feud.

Thinking of this, Wen Zhanyan suddenly spoke up, "Don't you have a crush on my dad?"

"Who do I like?" Yu Anwan looked at Wen Zhanyan in astonishment.

Wen Zhanyan enunciated each word, "Wen Jin."

"Who likes that despicable Wen Jin? I won't ever like him, even in my next life. Even if I find an extremely ugly man, I still wouldn't consider Wen Jin. What's Wen Jin? In my eyes, he's worse than a street rat!" Yu Anwan vented her anger.

Wen Zhanyan fell silent.

His gaze shifted to the entrance of the room.

Ah, that Wen Jin, who had just been cursed and insulted, had returned. This time, Wen Zhanyan cleared his throat and kindly reminded Yu Anwan, who had been venting her anger nonstop.

"My dad is back," Wen Zhanyan said.

Yu Anwan was still lost in her thoughts. "When he's back, I'll scold him just the same. How could that perverted old man give you so much homework? He's not even human!"

Wen Zhanyan shrugged. He had tried his best.

Meanwhile, Wen Jin, with a livid face, had heard everything and was now walking toward the room. He glared at Yu Anwan and said in a low voice, "Yu Anwan, dare to say those words again!"

Yu Anwan came back to her sense and finally noticed Wen Jin's arrival.

But in the next instant, she showed no signs of backing down. She pointed directly at Wen Jin and launched into a relentless tirade, "Wen Jin, are you even human? Why did you assign Zhanyan so much homework? Can't you try it yourself every day? Your actions are tantamount to child abuse. I'm going to report you, and you should be in prison, instead of showing off here."

Yu Anwan was panting heavily.

Wen Jin's expression grew increasingly grim. Without thinking, he directly grabbed Yu Anwan's chin. Yu Anwan winced in pain and fell silent instantly.

"Yu Anwan, it's not your place to lecture me, and you have no right to educate my son," Wen Jin said, his cheeks tense, as he reminded Yu Anwan word by word.

"That's true..." Yu Anwan began to speak, but under Wen Jin's cold gaze, she suddenly fell silent.

She almost blurted something out.

The two of them were arguing, and Wen Zhanyan was watching them coldly the entire time. Yu Anwan seemed to realize something and swiftly shook off Wen Jin's hand before quickly leaving the room.

Wen Jin stood where he was and looked at the shredded homework on the ground. His face was cold and he did not say anything.

"I'll print it again," Wen Zhanyan calmly spoke up.

Wen Jin then turned and walked out. Soon, the sound of papers being printed could be heard from the printer.


Wen Jin found Yu Anwan on the first floor.

When Zhang Xiao saw Wen Jin, she had a tearful face and said, "President Wen, I was teaching Zhanyan when this woman suddenly stormed in, interrupting my class for no reason. She even assaulted me. It's too dangerous for such a person to stay here. Who knows what might happen?"

"I assaulted you?" Yu Anwan sneered. "Don't you know the reason behind my actions?"

"Don't make false accusations!" Zhang Xiao argued logically. "I simply asked you to leave, saying that you were disrupting my class. But you insisted on claiming that I intentionally assigned Zhanyan so much homework and even confronted me with this paper, tearing it all apart! All of this was arranged by President Wen!"

Zhang Xiao maliciously slandered Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan looked at Zhang Xiao with a cold face. Zhang Xiao felt somewhat guilty, but in this situation, she couldn't afford to be timid.

"That's enough!" Wen Jin's voice was cold as she spoke. "What's going on here?"

Regardless of Yu Anwan's motives, Wen Jin still had a basic understanding of her.

Yu Anwan wouldn't cause trouble without reason. She would never do something unjustifiable.