Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

A sham marriage? House arrest? Dream girl? After years of marrying Wen Jin, Yu Anwan felt her love and passion for him deplete completely. Forget it. One would never see the arrival of a boat at an airport, and a heart that didn’t love you would never warm up for you. Yu Anwan completed the divorce procedures, and then disappeared without a trace. Wen Jin had thought he wouldn’t care, but when he saw the empty bedroom, he panicked. “Yu Anwan, where are you?” Six years later, Yu Anwan made a stunning comeback with two children in hand. Wen Jin stared at the children in shock. “I’m your daddy.” Elder Yu and Younger Yu shook their heads. “No, you’re not. Mommy says that our Daddy died!” Wen Jin was speechless. He silently swore to never let her leave ever again.

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If You Can't Deal With Daddy, You Need My Help!

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The executives present were scared and broke into a cold sweat due to Yu Anwan's actions.

And Wen Jin's expression turned even uglier. How could he allow Yu Anwan to provoke him in the Wen Corporation?

The next second, Wen Jin coldly spoke up, "Yu Anwan, you have three seconds to get out of my sight. Otherwise, I'll immediately inform Ruijin, and you'll be going to the hospital to collect your mother's corpse."

As he spoke, Wen Jin picked up his phone and dialed Ruijin's number.

This time, it was Yu Anwan's turn to change her expression.

This was because Yu Anwan knew that Wen Jin was a cruel and heartless person. He had done such a thing.

At present, Han Qingqiu's life depended on nutrition injections and oxygen. If she lacked even one, she would immediately die.

That would truly mean going to the hospital to collect her corpse.

Yu Anwan wouldn't joke about Han Qingqiu's life, so she walked out with a cold face.

Wen Jin watched Yu Anwan leave, and his gaze darkened.

The executives in the conference room gasped when they heard Yu Anwan's name.

They were all long-time employees of Wen Corporation. Wasn't Yu Anwan the ex-president's wife who had publicly cheated on Wen Jin back then?

This... Wasn't Yu Anwan dead? Did the dead come back to life?

It was too thrilling.

"Let's continue." Wen Jin's gloomy voice echoed.

The executives regained their composure and dared not let their thoughts wander. They respectfully began their reports.

However, Wen Jin's mind was not on the executives but on Yu Anwan outside.

He wanted to keep Yu Anwan occupied, yet he had an indescribable sense of unease.

He felt that something was about to happen.


Yu Anwan turned and left the conference room. The door was slammed shut by Yu Anwan, and a loud sound could be heard.

Shen Bin stood there, unable to help but pat his chest.

When Yu Anwan and Wen Jin collided, it was like a collision between Mars and Earth. No one knew who would meet their end first.

But Shen Bin mustered the courage to say, "Miss Yu, let me take you to the guest room to wait for President Wen."

Yu Anwan followed Shen Bin into the guest room with an expressionless face.

Before Wen Jin issued any instructions, Shen Bin still needed to attend to Yu Anwan politely. "I'll have my secretary prepare refreshments and cake for you. President Wen will come to see you as soon as the meeting ends."

After saying that, Shen Bin did not dare to stay for a second and quickly disappeared.

Now, only Yu Anwan remained in the guest room.

Yu Anwan patiently waited for Wen Jin, but as time passed, Wen Jin showed no intention of coming.

Yu Anwan wasn't foolish. She knew that Wen Jin was doing this on purpose, leaving her here. If she dared to leave, Wen Jin would have the courage to prevent her from reentering.

Heh, did this sc*mbag think she was easy to bully?

Yu Anwan narrowed her eyes and looked at the only computer in the guest room. It was the Wen Corporation's inquiry computer but couldn't access the Internet.

Just as Yu Anwan was about to approach the computer, her phone vibrated.

She looked down and immediately her face softened. The corners of her mouth curled up, and her voice became gentle. "Xiaobao, Mommy will be home a little later, okay? You and your brother can have dinner first."

"Okay," Yu Xiaobao replied in a soft voice. "Mommy, today we have braised pork balls in brown sauce, delicious lotus root and bone soup, and soft noodles with green vegetables."

"But baby, you mustn't be picky. You have to eat it properly, okay?" Yu Anwan coaxed Yu Xiaobao.

Yu Xiaobao took a bite of her food and made an unclear sound of agreement.

Before Yu Xiaobao could say anything else, her phone was snatched away, and Yu Dabao's voice came through the phone. "Mommy, at a time like this, you should not be chatting with Xiaobao. You should ask her to eat faster."

The aggrieved mother, Yu Anwan, was speechless.

She had already said so, but Yu Xiaobao was just too adorable, and she couldn't resist chatting with her for a few more moments.

On the other hand, Yu Dabao was becoming less and less cute. He was bossy and authoritative, and someone who didn't know would think he was the real head of the family.

Yu Anwan felt even more wronged, sobbing quietly.

In a way, it was true. She was quite afraid of Yu Dabao's temper.

"Dabao, I know I was wrong," Yu Anwan immediately apologized.

Yu Dabao responded with a sound of acknowledgment and was about to hang up when Yu Anwan suddenly called out to him, "Dabao, can you do Mommy a favor?"

"Speak," Yu Dabao replied succinctly.

Meanwhile, Yu Dabao was still distracted from serving Yu Xiaobao her meal and didn't pay much attention to Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan didn't mind and quickly said, "I want to hack a network firewall. You don't need to give the other party a chance, and just hack their system, okay?"

Yu Anwan was already one of the top hackers in the world, but she knew that Wen Jin was the master of Wen Corporation's network security.

Her speed couldn't match Wen Jin's, and she feared that she would be traced before she could hack successfully.

Now that she was in Wen Corporation, if Wen Jin found this, it would be nearly impossible for her to escape.

Therefore, Yu Anwan thought of Yu Dabao. No one would know that the top three hacker experts in the world were her six-year-old baby. It would be extremely difficult to win over Yu Dabao.

Otherwise, Wen Jin's defense system in the garage would not have been easily defeated by Yu Dabao.

Therefore, with Yu Dabao's assistance, Yu Anwan could proceed openly.

"Are you with Daddy?" Yu Dabao raised an eyebrow.

Yu Anwan cleared her throat.

Was her son too clever?

"If you can't handle Daddy, do you need my help?" Yu Dabao asked again.

"Dabao, you're so unlovable!" Yu Anwan huffed, "Do you want to see me being bullied? Do you want this sc*mbag to threaten me? He's using your grandmother to threaten me!"

Yu Anwan, full of grievances, was about to start rambling.

"Fine. I'll hang up." Yu Dabao's ears were starting to hurt.

"Be good," Yu Anwan said contentedly.

Yu Dabao hung up the phone without any hesitation.

The aggrieved mother, Yu Anwan, was left speechless.

Yu Anwan attributed this sense of grievance to Wen Jin. It was Wen Jin's bad genes that turned Dabao into this. Hmph!

With that in mind, Yu Anwan became even more furious. She quickly walked over to the computer and directly accessed the system. Her slender fingers swiftly tapped on the keyboard.

In less than a minute, Yu Anwan had bypassed the Wen Corporation's firewall and successfully entered their internal system.

Afterward, she sent the system commands to Yu Dabao and silently shut down the computer.

Soon, Yu Anwan comfortably sat back on the sofa and started eating her cake with a clear conscience.

The previous feelings of depression dissipated in an instant. Just the thought of Wen Jin's livid face made Yu Anwan extremely happy.


In less than three minutes, the alarm in the Wen Corporation's security department blared. Everyone watched as the Wen Corporation's system was hacked, but despite their best efforts, they couldn't find any leads.