Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

A sham marriage? House arrest? Dream girl? After years of marrying Wen Jin, Yu Anwan felt her love and passion for him deplete completely. Forget it. One would never see the arrival of a boat at an airport, and a heart that didn’t love you would never warm up for you. Yu Anwan completed the divorce procedures, and then disappeared without a trace. Wen Jin had thought he wouldn’t care, but when he saw the empty bedroom, he panicked. “Yu Anwan, where are you?” Six years later, Yu Anwan made a stunning comeback with two children in hand. Wen Jin stared at the children in shock. “I’m your daddy.” Elder Yu and Younger Yu shook their heads. “No, you’re not. Mommy says that our Daddy died!” Wen Jin was speechless. He silently swore to never let her leave ever again.

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CEO Wen, Miss Yu Ran Away...

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When the father and son sat down to eat again, it was already 8 o'clock in the evening.

"Do you have something on your mind?" Wen Jin asked directly.

Wen Zhanyan didn't utter a word. Instead, he obediently finished his meal and then looked up at Wen Jin. Wen Jin had also finished eating.

"Is that woman today the one you were supposed to go on a blind date with?" Wen Zhanyan asked.

Wen Jin furrowed his brow and then realized that Wen Zhanyan was referring to Yu Anwan. He paused for a moment and asked, " You like her."

"I don't like her," Wen Zhanyan denied without hesitation. "I only want Mommy."

Wen Jin looked at Wen Zhanyan. "Zhanyan, your mommy has passed away."

This fact was something Wen Zhanyan had known since he was young. Wen Jin had never mentioned Yu Anwan to Wen Zhanyan. Even though he hated this woman very much. However, Wen Jin had never spoken ill of Yu Anwan in front of Wen Zhanyan.

"And you'll start school in September next year. You'll need someone to accompany you to school," Wen Jin said directly.

Although Wen Jin hadn't made it public, the upper class of Feng City was well aware. Wen Jin had a girlfriend whom he had discussed marriage with. She was Wen Jin's beloved.

After five years, Old Mr. Wen finally gave his approval.

If nothing unexpected happened, the wedding date would be after spring next year.

Wen Zhanyan was aware of this too. His gaze dimmed for a moment, and then he stood up without even looking at Wen Jin.

Wen Jin felt helpless. But there were many matters that Wen Jin couldn't take lightly. He didn't allow Wen Zhanyan to lose his temper. He still had to accept what he should accept. Just as Wen Jin stood up and was about to follow, his phone suddenly rang.

Wen Jin looked down and saw the incoming call. His expression grew somewhat inscrutable. Soon, he answered the call.

Shen Bin's voice, filled with disbelief, came from the other end of the phone. He was a bit stuttering. "Wen... President Wen... Miss Yu... has run away..."

"What did you say?" Wen Jin's voice also turned grave. "Yu Anwan has run away?"

"Yes." Shen Bin had also calmed down. "And Miss Yu didn't trigger any alarms."

Shen Bin felt that it was impossible. The security guards in the villa were the best in the world. Unless Wen Jin allowed it, there was no way Yu Anwan could have left the villa.

However, reality delivered a harsh blow to him. Yu Anwan left so brazenly that not even the surveillance cameras captured any trace of her.

"Stay there, I'm coming right away," Wen Jin quickly regained his composure and issued a calm command.

Shen Bin had been by Wen Jin's side for many years and knew all too well that Wen Jin's calm demeanor at this moment meant he was furious.

Shen Bin didn't dare to breathe loudly, and the call had already been hung up.

Shen Bin stood in place, securing the scene, not daring to move. Wen Jin had already left, speeding towards the villa.

Wen Jin's face grew dark, his slender fingers tightly gripping the steering wheel. The veins on the back of his hand bulged due to the force applied.

The rumbling sound of the black Maybach's engine echoed mirroring Wen Jin's suppressed emotions.

"Yu Anwan, I've truly underestimated you."

At that moment, Yu Anwan and Yu Dabao had already returned to the hotel. As they pushed open the door and entered, Yu Xiaobao was munching on the dumplings in her bowl with a satisfied expression.

Upon seeing Yu Anwan, Yu Xiaobao took a bite of the dumpling and mumbled incoherently, "Mommy, you're back? The dumplings are so delicious."

With an innocent face, she was completely unaware of the dangerous situations Yu Anwan had experienced earlier.

Yu Dabao walked forward and naturally took out a piece of tissue to wipe Yu Xiaobao's face. "You clumsy fool, can't you eat a dumpling without making a mess?"

Yu Xiaobao giggled, then naturally offered a dumpling to Yu Dabao, saying, "Brother, have some."

Yu Dabao glanced at it with disdain, but since it was offered by Yu Xiaobao, he bit into it without saying a word. Yu Xiaobao smiled mischievously, unable to contain her happiness.

"And what about Mommy?" Yu Anwan also approached, teasing Yu Xiaobao.

Yu Xiaobao looked at the single dumpling left, then helplessly handed it to Yu Anwan, saying, "Mommy, have it."

Yu Anwan acted as if she genuinely wanted to eat it, causing Yu Xiaobao's eyes to turn red. He whimpered, sobbing silently. It was her favorite dumpling.

However, if her mommy liked it, Yu Xiaobao would reluctantly give it up.

Finally, Yu Dabao couldn't bear it any longer. He rolled his eyes and said, "Mommy, are you teasing Xioabao on purpose? She's about to cry!"

Yu Anwan was reprimanded by Yu Dabao and stuck out her tongue. She immediately stood still with a straight face. "Xiaobao, Mommy was just teasing you. Hurry up and eat."

Yu Anwan was fearless in the face of anything, but she was genuinely afraid of making Yu Dabao angry.

Unfortunately, Yu Dabao was an overprotective brother. If he saw Yu Xiaobao cry, he wouldn't hold back, even if Anwan was their mommy.

Sob, sob, sob. Being a mommy was struggling to survive in a tight spot, it was so tough.

Yu Dabao didn't say anything when he saw that Yu Anwan had stopped teasing Yu Xiaobao. He quickly bent down and typed on the keyboard, completely disregarding Yu Anwan's presence.

Yu Anwan raised her eyebrows, feeling a bit curious, and leaned over to take a look. "Dabao, what are you doing?"

"Nothing," Yu Dabao replied without hesitation as he closed his pad.

Yu Anwan felt a bit wronged. "Dabao, you must not love Mommy anymore. You're keeping secrets from me now."

Yu Dabao gave Yu Anwan a disdainful look, stood up, and looked at her maturely. "Mommy, what would you like to eat? I'll prepare it."

With just a few words, Yu Dabao instantly melted Yu Anwan's defense. She blinked her eyes and said, "Dabao, how about seafood noodles?"

Yu Dabao nodded and carefully noted down all of Yu Anwan's preferences. Yu Anwan looked at him and was extremely pleased with herself.

Hmm, this was her good genetic inheritance. Yu Dabao was not like Wen Jin, who was rude and wild and didn't know how to take care of people.

Negative points for Wen Jin!

Thinking about the previous scene, Yu Anwan still had some concerns. She was afraid that Wen Jin, that unreliable person, would go back on his words.

With these thoughts in mind, Yu Anwan lowered her brows and seemed to be contemplating something.

Meanwhile, Yu Dabao paid no attention to Yu Anwan. He didn't say anything either. His IP address was being tracked ever since he decrypted the villa's password, indicating that someone was following his IP address step by step. It was obvious that the other person was a kindred spirit, and Yu Dabao felt increasingly cornered.

If it hadn't been for Yu Dabao's quick actions, he might have been located by now.

So, was this person their daddy? Or could it be that elusive older brother they were destined to meet? After all, Yu Anwan had never concealed the fact that they had an older brother.

If that were the case, it would be quite exciting.

But Yu Dabao concealed his thoughts well.

While the two of them were thinking about each other, Yu Dabao and Yu Anwan suddenly looked at each other at the same time and called out to each other at the same time.