1 He's Finally Back

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"What did you guys say? Is Jiang Chen really back?" 

Su Zhi'en held her belly and panted as she was about to give birth. She couldn't stand up straight because of the pressure in her belly. The triplets she was carrying had put a heavy burden on her petite body, but when she heard the news about the man, even the pain seemed to have subsided.

'Is he really back? Is he back because I'm about to give birth?'

Su Zhi'en couldn't help but be ecstatic when she thought of this. She didn't even realize that her hands were shaking. After all, Jiang Chen was the children's father in her belly.

Since Su Zhi'en got married, she had only seen him for a day, and they hadn't seen each other again after that— it was Jiang Chen who impregnated her when he left.

"My babies, Daddy just doesn't like Mommy, but he still cares about you guys! Otherwise, he wouldn't have come home when you guys were about to be born."

Su Zhi'en's eyes were gentle as she touched her belly. She really loved Jiang Chen and their children.

At night, Su Zhi'en did not prepare to rest as she usually would. Instead, she couldn't hide her excitement as she kept looking at the door. She heard that Jiang Chen was on the flight home that night.

"Master Jiang has returned!"

As the servants shouted, Su Zhi'en quickly stood up. However, the moment she stood up, her face immediately turned pale. She saw that more than one person was standing at the door.

"Jiang Chen, you unfilial son! I asked you to come back to accompany your wife as she gives birth. Why did you bring another woman back?"

Old Master Jiang was so angry that he blew his beard and glared at Jiang Chen.

"Don't you understand what I mean? I've never admitted that Su Zhi'en is my wife. This marriage is a joke. The person I want to marry has always been this woman, Tong Jingxian!"

Jiang Chen was wearing an indigo high-cut suit. His handsome face was as perfect as though it had been carefully sculpted, and his black eyes were even more dazzling. Jiang Chen looked at his birth father with a provoking gaze. It was as though he was using his marriage to make his point.

When Old Master Jiang heard this, he was so angry that he could no longer stand up. He pointed at Jiang Chen and scolded angrily, "Do you still have a conscience? Zhi'en is about to give birth. It's been hard for her to carry these three children for you, and she is in constant need of oxygen. She's always anxious and uneasy throughout the day. Listen to yourself! 

"Let me tell you, the Jiang family only has one daughter-in-law, and that is Su Zhi'en! Other random women will not be allowed to enter this home!"

Jiang Chen sneered, "So what if you allow it or not? Just like when you let Su Zhi'en into our home, did I allow it? As for the three children, if you didn't drug me on our wedding day, they wouldn't even exist! Su Zhi'en and her children aren't even worthy of being a member of the Jiang family.

"Without the children that Father expects and without the wife whom a husband loves and respects, I really don't know how some people would still want to remain in this home."

The son angered Old Master Jiang so much that he couldn't speak. Su Zhi'en, who was standing beside the sofa behind Old Master Jiang, also didn't utter a single word. Jiang Chen's every word was like a knife stabbing into her heart— she felt that she couldn't breathe again.

In fact, she really couldn't breathe. The world in front of her eyes had turned dark. All she could think about was Jiang Chen's words— she wasn't worthy.

"Ah! Oh my goodness, Young Madam is bleeding!"


As if they didn't exist, the quiet servants panicked when they saw Su Zhi'en collapse. Even though Old Master Jiang didn't care, everyone else in the Jiang family home knew how much Su Zhi'en cared about her pregnancy. They noticed that Su Zhi'en's feet had unknowingly been covered in blood. In an instant, the entire Jiang family home was in shambles.

Blood flowed down Su Zhi'en's legs and onto the ground. The womb of a woman carrying triplets could not tolerate too much stress. The slightest mishap would result in a dead body and three lives. Moreover, Su Zhi'an was in her third trimester. Jiang Chen's expression could not help but change— he did not want Su Zhi'an to die.

"Jiang Chen, the thing that was an eyesore to you is finally gone. Heh..."

The moment before Su Zhi'en closed her eyes, she said to Jiang Chen, "All my expectations and love for you have vanished at this moment. All that remains is despair.'

Su Zhi'en's last words were also the first words Jiang Chen heard. It was the first time she had spoken to him. Jiang Chen was stunned when he heard these emotionless words. He subconsciously clenched his fists. However, before Jiang Chen could say anything, the large group of people had already lifted the pale-faced Su Zhi'en and left the Jiang family home.

Ten minutes later, the unconscious Su Zhi'en was laid on the cold operating table.

"Ah Chen, you don't have to worry. This has nothing to do with you. It's already the twenty-first century, yet you are still in an arranged marriage. It's ridiculous, and you even used such underhanded methods."

At that moment, Jiang Chen and Tong Jingxian were the only ones left in the hall of the Jiang family home. Tong Jingxian was about to continue persuading him, but Jiang Chen, who had never lost his temper toward Tong Jingxian, suddenly yelled, "Shut up! You don't have the right to interfere in the Jiang family's matters!"

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