1 Transmigrating Into A Book

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"Go back to your room now! Or you'll just be an eyesore. You're so annoying. Why aren't you dead yet?!" The woman's sharp and vicious voice sounded in the villa, completely breaking the silence of the morning. From the woman's voice, it sounded like she had been contaminated by something disgusting.

Aunt Wang stood at the top of the stairs with a plate in her hand. She was suddenly in a dilemma. She was a nutritionist hired by the Jiang family. The master of the house, Jiang Yi, didn't come home all year round. She usually only had to be in charge of the food of the madam of the house, Fu Xin, and her son, Jiang Xinyuan. Therefore, the family members of this family were quite simple, but that was only on the surface.

Fu Xin didn't like to eat breakfast, and her temper was unpredictable, so Aunt Wang had never dared to voice out. However, Jiang Xinyuan was still a five-year-old child. How could he not eat breakfast? Usually, if he didn't come downstairs, she would secretly send breakfast up. It was the same today, but she heard Madam scolding Little Master again.

The person Little Master cared about the most was Madam. Seeing him be cursed by someone he cared about, even an outsider like Aunt Wang felt heartache. That child would probably be so sad that he wouldn't be able to eat. She had prepared this breakfast for nothing. Little Master was also stubborn…

At this moment, a rough male voice suddenly came from beside her. "What are you doing?"

Aunt Wang was shocked. She turned around and saw Butler Li looking at her sinisterly. "I… came up to deliver breakfast to Little Master."

The butler sneered. "If you have the time, why don't you study what Madam likes to eat? It's not like you don't know who has the final say in this family! Don't do anything unnecessary."

Aunt Wang didn't agree. Her salary was paid by the master of the house, Jiang Yi. Jiang Xinyuan was Jiang Yi's son. Even if Fu Xin didn't like Jiang Xinyuan and treated her badly because she took care of Jiang Xinyuan, she couldn't do anything against her conscience and bully a five-year-old child.

Butler Li looked at her and stared at her with a fake smile.

At this moment, in the master bedroom with a warm white background, Fu Xin looked at the scenery downstairs expressionlessly, but her thoughts had long drifted away. This was because she couldn't figure out why she had transmigrated into a book after taking an afternoon nap. She had gone from a young lady to a married woman with a child. Most importantly, she had been boycotted by the entire internet for abusing her son. Now, she was left with nothing by her rich husband and her reputation had been ruined! What kind of start was this?

After an unknown period of time, someone knocked on the door. "Madam, lunch is ready."

Fu Xin barely composed herself before opening the door. She saw a middle-aged man wearing a black and white butler's uniform. When he saw her come out, he smiled hypocritically.

To be honest, she did not understand why such a rich family would find a butler who clearly had a brain defect. From the memories of the original host of this body, Fu Xin knew that this butler was the best at flattering people. In order to cater to the original host, he abused Jiang Xinyuan and even embezzled money. What was even more disgusting was that he actually tried to get close to the original host! Fortunately, the original host was only focused on her husband, Jiang Yi.

Fu Xin didn't even want to look at him. She turned around and walked toward the stairs. Fortunately, although Jiang Yi didn't come home, he still cared about his son. Occasionally, he would make video calls to ask about Jiang Xinyuan's condition. Otherwise, the relationship between the original host and the butler would have gone even further. She didn't know what illness the original host had to gang up with an outsider to abuse her child.

Right, she had almost forgotten about the little guy—Jiang Xinyuan.

Fu Xin stopped in her tracks.

The butler seemed to have thought of Jiang Xinyuan too. "I heard your voice in the morning. Did Little Master make you angry again?"

Fu Xin asked, "Did he go downstairs?"

"No." The butler sized up her expression and immediately said, "Little Master is really too much. He always makes you angry. He doesn't even know to go downstairs to eat when it's time for meals. Why don't we punish him to teach him a lesson? Otherwise, the kid won't know his limits."

Fu Xin tilted her head and smiled at him. "You're fired."

The butler's expression froze. "Madam, stop joking."

Fu Xin sneered. "I'm not joking. If Jiang Yi finds out that you've been abusing his son, what will happen to you?"

"Madam, don't…" The butler was dumbfounded. Why was he being fired for no reason?

"And the money you've pocketed from your position for the past five years… I don't want to be ruthless, but you have to return half of that money." Fu Xin thought for a moment. "Give the money to Aunt Wang before you leave."

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