Modern Society

In a corrupt society dominated by technology, a man who desires infinite power and despises todays society strives to change the world back to what it once was. But ones greedy thoughts could be ones created weakness

AstroU_1 · Sci-fi
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4 Chs

Chapter 3: The vestiges of the Future Current year: 2085

``Heath, mom, dad... LOOK AT ME`` the man said as he was walking like a man who had lost his mind. Frightened, Eden looked for a place to hide fearing that once the man saw him he would certainly attack. He searched and searched and searched and searched for many hours but to his disappointment no fixed structures that had not been torn pieces could be found. The humid climate alongside the extremely strong gust of winds provoked a foggy weather. The foggy weather was obstructing Eden`s view as he was looking for somewhere, someplace to hide. Havin given up, Eden decided to look for the same circular portal that brought him there. Nothing but the remains of structures could be found. Eden expected to see people and movement, yet nothing could be found. The emptiness was difficult for him to understand. How could this be. The harsh reality he had just found himself in hit hard like a rock. He felt as if it was just a nightmare.

``Anybody!?`` Eden yelled hoping someone or something would respond so all the doubts he ever had about the place would be extinguished one by one. ``Anybody!?`` Eden yelled again but he was greeted by echoes of his own voice. ``Anybody!?`` Eden yelled for the last time with a last gasp as he sighed. ``Yes there`s is somebody and that somebody is coming to get you!!!`` a certain person yelled just as Eden was about to give up. That had a voice similar to the man who was shouting. Fearing the worst, Eden did not even hesitate to run. He ran as fast as he could but because of the foggy weather, he had to be cautious to assure he does not trip over anything. While Eden was running, he saw the remains of what looked like his school. Havin seen that he had then realized that he was in his home city, New York. Although Eden was familiar with the place, he could not recognize anything. All he could see was the remains of buildings that had already been damaged.

Because he had been running without looking back, Eden did not realize that he had lost the man. He only realized this once he tripped over a huge rock. For a short period of time Eden was observing his reflection displayed on the nearest river for any noticeable scars or bruises. Once he had done that, he began to search for anything that looked familiar to him. ``Everything is just a mess`` Eden sighed to himself. He wondered if he cannot stop the Harrisons in their unknown evil scheme.

While Eden was roaming around, a definite loud scream caught his attention. ``What is that? he wondered. As Eden was walking towards the location of the scream he wondered who that could be. Once he arrived he heard a person speaking. ``What did you? Don`t you feel anything!?`` the man asked. It seemed as if he was talking to are person behind Eden. Confused Eden began to search for someone who that man might have been talking to. `Little Brother... you do not have to worry.`` another man said. Havin realized that that voice was the voice of the man he saw when he first arrived, Eden began trembling with fear. He dared not to move as he felt the intense and immense aura of the man. Eden temperature began to rise as he was feeling nauseous. ``Such fear! Where does it come from`` he wondered to himself. As soon as Eden had received a finger flick on the side of his head it was over, he fainted. He was so overwhelmed with fear he could not bear it anymore.

As soon as Eden woke up he he was greeted with a light blue flashlight flashing before his eyes. ``What is that?`` he asked. ``Are you alright?`` a certain person ask as he helped Eden get back to his feet. Eden hesitated for a while fearing it was the man chasing him but because he did not feel the same aura he felt before, he was convinced that he was a different person. ``You must be Eden right?`` the man asked with a soft voice. ``Yeah, how do you know?`` he said with a confused facial expression. ``Heath told me about you.`` the man replied. ``So he is here!? Where is!? Eden asked as he began to look around him. ``Unfortunately him and the other humans are gone. It is only me, you and my brother.`` the man replied looking down upon himself. Eden did not want to ask any more questions because he saw that the man was mentally disturbed. ``My name is Thomas in case you were wondering.`` the man stated as he was kicking a small piece of rock.

``Can I ask, how do you know Heath?`` Eden asked. ``His my younger brother.`` the man replied as he continued kicking the rock. ``So who is your older brother?`` Eden asked. ``Oh him, his name his Julia....`` but before he could finish, a large circular portal emerged out of nowhere. Then suddenly Eden felt a strong gravitational pulling him towards the portal. He wanted to resist but the force was to strong. ``Before I go,, tell me who did this!?`` Eden asked with a loud voice. ``It is Julia...``

Current year: 2050

As soon as Eden opened his eyes, a pair of blue eyes was starring directly at him. Before he could yell he realized that it was his mom. ``Oh Eden, are you alright?`` his mom asked as she was sobbing. ``Yeah mom. I am.`` Eden replied. ``What did you see?`` Eden friend that was at the hospital asked. ``The atmosphere was hellish. Everything was just a complete mess.`` Eden replied. ``If I do not stop Thomas`s Brother, this world is done for. `` ``Who is Thomas?`` Eden`s mother asked. ``Oh he is a guy I met when I was in the vestiges of the future. He was pretty nice and respectful and gave me some important details.`` Eden stated with a slight sigh. ``He is also Heath`s brother.`` he added. ``What, so you are friends with someone who is related to the person who wants to destroy the world!? his mom said with a loud voice. ``No mom, it is not like that`` Eden replied. ``Heath is not a type of person who would do something like that.`` he stated. ``He is a good person.`` he added.

``The problem is Julia...`` Eden`s friend said before he was interrupted by a doctor who just entered the room and was wearing a industrialized white surgical mask . ``It is time for you to leave. I have to run more test on him.`` the doctor said. Eden sighed and walked towards the exit holding his mom`s hand. ``Stop them.`` Eden`s friend said just as he was about to leave. Eden replied with a slight nod and waved goodbye. ``You better get well soon!`` Eden said as he left the room. When Eden and his mom left, the doctor removed his mask. ``NO no no!!!, it is you! What do you want!?.`` Eden`s friend yelled before the doctor hit his head with a with a baseball bat. ``Nobody, nothing will stop me. As long as I have not completed my mandate, I will not be stopped!!`` the doctor yelled as he left the room with a slight smile.