Modern Family: Gacha

Given the chance to start his new life, a guy in his late teens is reborn into the Modern Family universe. Desperate to live his life to the fullest and without regrets, he aims to change the future of the characters for the better, aided by a Gacha system.

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Truth be told

The sun beamed down on the lush green soccer field as the teams took their positions. It was a highly anticipated match between two fierce rivals, but little did the spectators know that they were about to witness absolute domination by one team over the other.

As the referee blew the whistle, the match kicked off with a wave of energy and determination. The dominant team, the Palisades, immediately seized control of the game. Their passing was precise, and their movements were coordinated like a well-oiled machine. From the first minute, it was clear they were in a league of their own.

The Palisades unleashed a relentless attack on their opponents, the Willowbrooks. The Willowbrooks struggled to keep up with the Palisades' lightning-fast pace and worked to maintain possession of the ball. The Palisades' midfielders orchestrated the game with exceptional vision and creativity, constantly threading through intricate passes that carved open the Willowbrooks' defence. Of the midfielders, a raven-haired was particularly eye-catching, his every move seemingly spelling disaster for the Willowbrooks.

It didn't take long for the Palisades to break the deadlock. A beautifully executed combination play between the blonde striker and midfielder with onyx hair resulted in a precise through ball that split the defence wide open. The striker sprinted forward, composed and confident, and calmly slotted the ball into the back of the net, sending the Palisades' fans into a frenzy of celebration.

With the first goal, the Palisades' confidence soared, and they continued to dominate the match. Their defenders were rock solid, intercepting every pass and denying the Willowbrooks any chance of a counterattack. Meanwhile, the Palisades' attacking force relentlessly bombarded the Willowbrooks' goal, launching shots from every angle and forcing the goalkeeper to make numerous spectacular saves.

As the game progressed, the Palisades increased their lead. Their midfield maestro orchestrated the game with his precise long-range passes, launching attacks that left the Willowbrook scrambling to defend. The Palisades' wingers darted down the flanks with lightning speed, delivering pinpoint crosses that their teammates converted into goals with clinical precision.

Despite their best efforts, the Willowbrooks were unable to match the Palisades' dominance. They struggled to maintain possession, often resorting to desperate clearances that only played into the Palisades' hands. The Willowbrooks' goalkeeper, valiant as ever, made a series of remarkable saves to prevent an even more humiliating defeat.

The match ended with a resounding victory for the Palisades. Their dominance was unquestionable, as they outclassed the Willowbrooks in every aspect of the game. The final scoreline reflected their superiority, leaving the Willowbrooks in disbelief and the Palisades basking in their well-deserved triumph.

[In the changing room]

The 13-year-old soccer team, exhausted yet jubilant, celebrated their hard-fought victory in the cramped changing room. They had just emerged triumphant from an important match, the final whistle having already signalled their well-deserved win. With sweat-drenched jerseys clinging to their weary bodies, they exchanged raucous cheers and boisterous high-fives. The room echoed with a chorus of elation as they relished in the thrill of their accomplishment.

Smiles spread across their flushed faces as they recounted the key moments of the game, animatedly reliving the goals, tackles, and heart-stopping saves. Shouts of "We did it!" and "What a game!" filled the air, intermingled with laughter and exclamations of sheer joy. Their youthful energy permeated the room, infusing it with an electric atmosphere of victory and camaraderie.

Some players, unable to contain their exuberance, jumped onto the benches, pumping their fists in the air and letting out triumphant roars. Others collapsed onto the floor, panting heavily, their bodies overcome with a mixture of exhaustion and elation. Amidst the chaos, a few team members initiated a spontaneous chant, their voices merging into a harmonious chant that reverberated off the walls.

"That was an awesome match", a blonde with emerald eyes said as he walked out of the changing room.

"We dominated the match", replied a tall brunet with crimson eyes.

"It was thanks to Zephyr", a black-haired boy with brown eyes responded, patting the shoulder of the quiet boy with cerulean eyes next to him.

Zephyr refuted his claims, "It was a team effort".

"Nonsense", the boy with red eyes retorted, "Your through balls and passes were so accurate they had the other team terrified whenever you got the ball".

"Exactly my thoughts, Raul", the blonde added, "His dribbling was awesome as well. He got past every player effortlessly".

"I agree with Michael", the boy with brown eyes agreed, "Your dribbling is a masterpiece, you destroyed every player beautifully".

Smiling somewhat awkwardly, Zephyr replied, "Thanks for the compliments guys, especially you Paolo".

Hearing his words, Michael slapped his shoulder, "We're a team now Zephy boy".

"Yeah", Paolo continued, "What sort of team would we be if we didn't compliment you for a job well done".

Raul nodded, but then a sly smile appeared on his face, "Hey, is it true?"

"Is what true?", Zephyr asked, confused.

Knowing what he mean, a grin appeared on Michael's face, "That you're dating that Alex girl".

"W-what?", Zephyr spluttered.

Paolo shoved his shoulder lightly, "Come on bro, everyone saw you two come together to the dance".

"Jenna said that you two disappeared 10 minutes into the dance", Michael quickly added.

Zephyr groaned hearing their words. Raul then declared, "I bet she came to watch you play".

"I don't kno-", Zephyr began but was interrupted.

"Zephyr!", a voice screamed, causing all four of them to turn to look at the source.

"Hey Zephyr, look at who it is?", Paolo slyly commented.

Zephyr shoot Paolo a glare, before walking away from them, "Hey Alex".

Alex smiled shyly when she saw him, and muttered, "You were awesome in that match".

Sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, Zephyr replied, "Thanks. It's nice knowing that you came".

"Dad invited you and Matt to come over", Alex said with her hands behind her back, "So. Are you going to come".

"Deffo", Zephyr answered and began walking away with Alex.

"They are dating for sure", Raul said as he watched them.

"I know right", Michael remarked, "We should've made a video of that as evidence".

"Way ahead of you", Paolo said as he put his phone into his pocket.

"Yes!", Michael exclaimed while fist-bumping Paolo, "I knew I could rely on you".

"Of all the good-looking boys in our year", Raul said, "I didn't expect Zephyr to be the first to get a girlfriend".

"That's what I thought", Michael agreed, "He's always so cold and lazy. Most of the girls are too scared to approach him".

"I know right", Paolo added, "The girls are even calling him the Frozen Emperor".

Hearing that, Raul and Michael began to laugh.

"Oh my God!", Michel commented, "That's such a bad nickname".

"How did they even come up with that?", Raul asked.

"That's not even the worst one", Paolo exclaimed, "They call you the Thunder Prince and Raul the Fire Duke".

"Oh man!", Michael complained, "These nicknames just get worse and worse".

"Did they not think about it when they made these nicknames", Raul argued.

"Wait", Michael stopped and looked at Paolo, "What do they call you then?"

"I'd rather not", Paolo answered while looking away.

"Nah bro", Raul intervened, "You have to tell us"

Paolo mumbled something, causing Michael to say, "Speak up. I didn't hear that".

"The Shadow Monarch", he muttered in defeat. Immediately, Raul and Michael pointed at him and laughed at the same time, which annoyed Paolo, "Shut up!", he screamed, which only fueled their laughter.

[Time Skip]

"Hey Mrd Dunphy", Zephyr greeted as he walked into the house after Alex.

"Hey Zephy-yr", Claire replied, pausing midway when she saw Phil enter the room.

After the greeting, she quickly walked up the stair, with Phil chasing right behind her, "Claire honey, I've already apologised. What more can I do?"

"You know what?", Matt said, "I don't think I need to be here for their lover's quarrel, so byeee", he then ran out of the house and into his car.

Zephyr sighed seeing his dad driving away, "So, what's wrong with your parents?"

Alex groaned, "Apparently, Dad was dating his ex-girlfriend and Mom at one point and she found out today".

"Ouch", Zephyr commented, "That sounds bad".

"I know", Alex complained, "I just wish they talked things out".

As they walked over to the living room, they sat down on the same couch, when Zephyr asked, "How's your cello practice going".

Hearing his words, a small frown appeared on Alex's lips, "Honestly, I don't even like playing it anymore".

"Then why force yourself to keep going?", Zephyr asked with concern.

"I'm just not used to quitting", Alex replied, "And besides, it'll look good on my university and college applications later on".

"You're going to be overwhelmed if you continue like this. It's better to focus on your AP classes than something that will play a little effect on whether you get into uni or college", Zephyr replied.

"Says you", Alex snorted, "You take more AP classes than me and you look like you're fine".

Zephyr sighed, but decided not to comment on that, instead he said, "You know what, why don't we start revising together? That way we can help each other get better grades".

Alex thought about it for a few seconds, before shrugging, "Why not? It might be fun".

Zephyr smiled at that, and grabbed her hand, "Thanks"

Alex didn't reply but she pulled her hand away and turned to look elsewhere, her cheeks a bright red.

Just as she was about to say something, Luke came running into the room and pointed at Alex, "You're a liar. Dad's girlfriend isn't my mom!", he exclaimed.

Alex and Zephyr laughed at that, with Zephyr patting Luke on the shoulder, "It's fine Luke. I'm sure she meant it as a prank. Didn't you Alex?"

Alex coughed into her hand, and nodded, "Yep. Totally meant it as a prank. Deffo wasn't getting back at you for what you said in the morning".

Zephyr shook his head at Alex's antics and instead placated Luke, "Hey Luke, how about we go and play soccer outside? Alex will join us as well".

"I will?", Alex questioned, but didn't object to his decision.

"It's not fair", Luke complained, "You always go easy on Alex".

"Nooo!", Zephyr argued, "I don't know what you're on about".

Instead of answering, Luke just run out of the room and headed outside, with Zephyr and Alex following.

[With Matt]

"Phew", he said, wiping his brow, "Dodged a bullet there. No way I'm being part of any of that". Raising his hand, he shouted, "Waiter! I want another 2 cheeseburgers" and then swiftly returned to stuffing his mouth with one of the cheeseburgers on his plate.