5 Chapter 5 Stealth is key

"Will you have sex with me, I will pay 20 coins" the woman said and pointed towards her house across the road.

"What!!" Alex shouted, he was surprised at the women's request.

"Don't shout, people are going to hear you" the woman tried to calm him down.

Alex quickly left the woman and ran away.

'phew, what was that, no one has ever mentioned that you can have sex in the game, even if they could, no one would ever mention it'

Alex didn't ask any of the NPCs for anything again and he planned to go to the forest to hunt for animals.

Alex was heading toward the forest when something caught his eye, an NPC was fighting with a player.

"Why do people like getting themselves in trouble" Alex sighed and wanted to walk away but saw a female NPC crying near the people fighting.

"You idiot, you wanted to have sex with my girlfriend" the NPC shouted.

"You are just an NPC, you don't have a life idiot" the player shouted and punched the NPC repeatedly.

"This is clearly an abuse of power, the NPC he is fighting is level 1 and he is already level 2," Alex said.

The player finally killed the NPC after punching the NPC repeatedly in his face, and the girl crying near the dead NPC ran away.

"Another one dead" the player shouted.

"Another one! have you killed an NPC before," Alex asked the player.

"You don't know, killing level 1 NPC gives 30 XP," the player said.

"30 XP!, wow I didn't know this"

"Going to the forest to hunt is so stressful, killing NPC is better off, and besides you also obtain their item and coins," the player said.

Alex looked down and saw that the NPC that the player just killed had faded away leaving some items.

The player quickly collected all the items into his inventory, Alex didn't want to fight with another player over his spoils, and besides he was a level two player and Alex was just level one.

"I heard that you tried to have sex with his girlfriend," Alex said smiling.

"I just groped her a little and she shouted, and her stupid NPC boyfriend came running, so I killed him"

"It's just a game even if you have sex it's still not real," Alex said.

"Who told you that, in this game sex is... shit I got to go" the player shouted and ran away.

Alex didn't understand why he did that till he turned back and saw two NPC warrior chasing after him, what shocked Alex the most was the girlfriend of the NPC that died went and call warrior to arrest the player.

This was so much fun for Alex, this was just like a real-life experience, and he didn't regret wasting his 800$ at all.

'If that is the case, killing two NPC will take me to the next level, I feel sorry for the NPC that's about to lose their life'

Alex left the scene and instead of just finding an NPC on the street to kill Alex had a better idea, a very good idea with a success rate of over 80%.

Instead of killing an NPC on the road, Alex was going to enter their house and kill them silently without alarming anyone.

Alex walked through the street peeking through the window of all the buildings he walked passed looking for an opportunity.

Alex eventually came across a one room apartment with a boy sleeping inside, he looked around for other NPC and as no one was looking at him he quickly opened the door carefully and entered the apartment.

Alex carefully locked the door and looked around the apartment, to his surprise there was a dagger laid on the table.

Alex proceeded to check the dagger.

[Blunt dagger Rank - common]

Alex picked the dagger up and swung it for a few seconds, it was still better than his wooden dagger, and now to the matter at hand.

The NPC was still sleeping peacefully on his bed making a few moves here and there, Alex carefully closes all the curtains in the room making the room dark but he was still able to see.

'Why do I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing, screw it this is just a game not real life' Alex thought and creep close to the side of the bed towards the NPC.


[Level 1]

The name floated on his head as Alex came close to him, John shifted a little bit and Alex quickly bend down and hid close to John's bed.

"Why is it dark, is it nighttime already, and she hasn't returned" John yawned and went back to sleep.

'Phew, that was close' Alex stood up as John went back to sleep, he targeted John's neck, and with his whole might he plunged the blunt dagger into John's throat.

John woke up immediately but couldn't even struggle and he slowly turn into pixel and finally faded away.

[You've killed John!]

[You've earned 30 XP!]

"That was easy, more easy than hunting for animals" Alex smiled and sat on the bed.

The door opened and a girl walked in making Alex to be rooted to the bed, he couldn't move and he sat there.

"John why did you close the curtain I can't see a thing" the female NPC that just walked in said.

"John I'm talking to you" the NPC proceeded to open the curtain when a hand covered her mouth and a dagger was placed on her neck.

She tried to mumble some words but was blocked by Alex's hand, he removed his hands a little to allow her to speak.

"Please don't kill me, I beg you, if you want money check the drawer there's money there," the female NPC said shivering.

'Why was she acting like she is going to die for real, after all she going to respawn in another location'

Alex used his strength to slash the neck of the female NPC and she also faded away.

"Hmm, I feel like a real assassin already" Alex laughed.

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