MMORPG: Rise Of The Strongest Heretic Priest

The VRMMORPG [High-Heaven Online] was the talk of the era. It had everything one would want. Breathtaking graphics, gripping storyline, and thrilling quests. The whole world was waiting for the game to be released. Noah entered [High-Heaven Online] and chose the [Priest] class to earn money that he needed desperately. It seemed luck was on Noah's side. He found(stole) a legendary Priest class on the first day of the game's release. The class banned Noah from using any attack skills, but Noah wasn't worried. Why would he need attack skills as a healer? The answer came after Noah was reincarnated inside the game — Healing skills doesn't matter when your enemies can kill you with one hit. Reincarnated inside the game as an [NPC Player] who is trapped in the hellish difficulty dungeon, Noah would soon realize that strength came in many ways and he doesn't need attack skills to attack. .... Years later, the whole world was talking about Noah. Was he an NPC? Or was he a Player? Why did he have the highest DPS when he was a Priest? What kind of Priest class needed to beat the injured to heal them!? The day Noah received his legendary class was the day when his legend began. The legend of [The Strongest Heretic Priest]. . *** Credits to @syla for the amazing cover. *** Tags: #Action #Yandere Female Lead #VR #Overpowered Protagonist #Genius Protagonist #Comedy #Legendary Class #Rutheless Protagonist #Adventure #Video Games #Myths #Gods #Mysterious Past #Cautious Protagonist

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Character Creation

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Pusslayer619: Only 30 minutes are left for High-Heaven Online release! I'm getting jitters!

Darklord111: Go to the washroom. It might not be jitters only.

BeautyKing_asdad: Lol

[ Twerking_at_9 has joined the private community forum ]

[ NoobMaster has joined the private community forum ]

Twerking_at_9: Hi. I'm looking for players to team up with.

Pusslayer619: @Darklord111 Don't annoy me. I'm in a good mood today

Darklord111: @Pusslayer619 In a good mood? ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

HL_itsme: Hey, did anyone miss me?

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BlackDragonAreStrongest: Guys, I heard that if our real bodies die while playing High-Heaven Online then our souls will remain alive inside the game until we log out. Is that true?

Darklord111: Yep, it's true just like how your Earth is flat. Anyway, which idiot made the chatroom public?

BeautyKing_asdad: @Twerking_at_9 I'm also looking for someone to play with. What starter class did you choose?

Darklord111: Swordsman. Kids with an edgy name would definitely choose that class.

HL_itsme: …Did you look at your name?

Twerking_at_9: @BeautyKing_asdad I chose Priest

Twerking_at_9: @Darklord111 there was no Swordsman class. Did I miss something?

Darlord111: Lol! This kid is done for!

GamerLord__game: Priest? That's the worst class out of all the starting classes!

High_At_everymoment: LOL

OneSlashSword420: Idiot. Choose Swordsman

BeautyKing_asdad: @Twerking_at_9 I'm sorry. But honestly, you should just create a new account if you are Priest.

NoobMaster: What's the problem with Priest? I also chose the same.

Darlord111: Don't you watch strategy guides? All pro gamers and guilds are saying the same. Priest is a joke class.

Darklord111: Heal skill — the specialty of Priest — can only be learned after reaching level 5, which will take at least 1 day of constant grinding.

Darklord111: And Priest class is useless for solo play. It doesn't have attack spells, not even a weak one.

Darklord111: Don't even get me started on party play. Healing Potions exist and their cost-performance ratio is a dozen times better than Priests.

Darklord111: lol only retards will choose this useless class.


Ark stared at the five objects floating around the Valkyrie.

A shield

A wand

An orb

A bow

A rosary

Each weapon represented a different class.


Rating: Free

Skills: Chop, Bash

Status Bonus per level: +1 STR, +1 END, +2 free AP, +1 free Skill Point

Mage Apprentice

Rating: Free

Skills: Water Shield, Firebolt

Status Bonus per level: +3 INT, +2 free AP, +1 free Skill Point


Rating: Free

Skills: Spirit Commune

Status Bonus per level: +2 PER, +2 free AP, +1 free Skill Point


Rating: Free

Skills: Hawk Eye, Sense

Status Bonus per level: +2 MOV SPE, +2 free AP, +1 free Skill Point


Rating: Free

Skills: Pray

Status Bonus per level: +3 free AP, +1 free Skill Point

Note: Intelligence Stat will be deleted and MP will be replaced by Divinity upon choosing this class

Ark already knew his choice, but when it came down to it, he couldn't help but hesitate.

The other 4 options weren't bad at all. Especially Spiritualists.

Spiritualist class had 4 stat points per level and an ambiguous skill.

At first glance, it seemed weak.

But according to leaks, it had the highest potential among starter classes.

It had the possibility of being upgraded into Summoner, Beast Tamer, Nature Caller, and other similar classes.

Seeing Ark brooding, Hecate advised.

"If you are confused, you can choose any class. With each class advancement, your class will strengthen."

She encouraged Ark with a small smile.

"The upgrade takes into account your past experiences. As long as you work hard, you are guaranteed to get a powerful class after Class Advancement…"

Hecate's eyebrows twitched when she saw Ark choosing Rosary as his starter equipment.

"Challenger, even if you want to get a powerful class with your experiences, you shouldn't choose the beginner class recklessly.

"Don't forget. Future is the roof supported by the pillars of Present built upon the foundation of our Past. Please select the class after careful deliberation."

Ark nodded and thought a bit more before choosing his class.

[ You have chosen Priest as your starter class ]


The support class with no attack spells and the lowest AP per level.

Divinity also couldn't be increased with stat points or level-ups.

'Many beta gamers were said to have chosen Priest, thinking that it had a hidden benefit. But everyone reached a similar conclusion in the end. It is a shit class.'

Ark's choice was dangerous, but he was firm in his decision.

Priest might be a useless class. But that was only for others.

For him, it suited his needs like no other.

"How do I change my appearance?" asked Ark to the dumbfounded Hecate.

"Say 'Menu'. You can do it only once before starting High-Heaven Online."

"Mhm." Ark stroked his chin. "Menu."

A mannequin with his appearance materialized in front of him.

He tapped on the virtual keyboard and tweaked his looks.

The strategy guide had explained about Synchronization rate.

If Ark changed his appearance too much, it would affect his gameplay.

The difference between an in-game avatar and a player's real body could cause a disparity in the player's senses.

After all, a child would have a hard time handling an 8-feet tall game avatar due to the high immersion of [High-Heaven Online].

"Done. With this much, no one should recognize me."

The changes weren't anything major. If anything, Ark would argue his actual appearance was better.

"When can I enter Midgard?" asked Ark.

As if waiting for a cue, a countdown appeared in the air.

01:20 Minute…

01:15 Minute…

01:10 Minute…

01:05 Minute…

"Where should I set your destination? Or should I make it random?"

Hecate asked with diminished enthusiasm at Ark's new looks.

"The challengers' country decides the Kingdom they would start in. However, they can choose their starter town.

"If I'm not wrong, the humans of your world should've told the masses the names of all starter towns."

A smile tugged at Ark's lips. He had been waiting for this question.

The number of beginner towns was over tens of thousands.

When High-Heaven Corp released this information, Ark had carefully brooded for days before choosing this destination.

"Coniferous Forest Town"

Hecate hummed in agreement and continued. "When the countdown reaches 00:00, announce your new name, and you shall be sent into Midgard."

00:20 seconds…

00:15 seconds…

00:10 seconds…

00:05 seconds…

00:00 seconds…

[ Challengers, the gates of Midgard have opened ]

[ We wish you an adventurous journey ]

[ May you reach ascension and ■■ ]

A soft voice left Ark's lips.


The temple broke, turning into dust.

As Noah fell, he found himself inside a multicolored tunnel.

He felt as if he was being stretched from moving at a very high speed.

Before long, his surroundings returned to normal and noises entered his ears.

[ Welcome to Midgard brave warriors ]

[ You have entered the beginner town 'Coniferous Forest Town' ]

[ Please say 'Status' to check your soul records ]

Noah's vision shifted and he appeared next to a fountain in the middle of the town.


As he took in the surrounding sight, he couldn't help but be amazed.

Brick houses, mud roads, fresh air.

The scene was straight out of a medieval fantasy movie.

Noah tried clenching his fists and moving his body.

"This feels too real. If I didn't know better, I might've believed I was transmigrated into a different world."

More and more players were being teleported near the fountains. Their numbers were nearing a hundred.

"The NPCs too. I can't differentiate them from players at all."

There was no icon or indication of someone being a player or NPC.

In the news, it was said each NPC of [High-Heaven Online] will have a distinct personality and they will be no different from players.

Seeing them with his own eyes, Noah had to agree to the statement.

Noah almost felt as if he had been reborn. He checked his soul record.


Name: Noah

Level: 0 (0/100)

Class: Priest

Race: Human

Blessing: N/A

Traits: Genius Psychopath [Unique], Directionally Challenged [Legendary]

Health Points (HP): 100/100

Divinity (D): 100/100

Stamina Points (SP): 100/100

Strength: 10

Movement Speed: 10

Vitality: 10

Endurance: 10

Perception: 10

Dexterity: 10

Available Attribute Points: 0

Available Skill Points: 0



Physical Condition: Normal

Mental Condition: Normal


Free Beginner clothes

Satchel (4/10 Inventory Slots) -> 100 Coppers, Water Flask x2, Rosary

The Trait [Genius Psychopath] attracted Noah's gaze.

"Unique? Weren't there only 5 ratings in the game? Free, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary."

He tapped on it.

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