MMORPG: Rise of the Primordial Godsmith Book

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MMORPG: Rise of the Primordial Godsmith


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"If only we had realized what was happening sooner…" "If only we were stronger…" "This wouldn't have happened." Regret. Valyr felt immense regret as he watched the world before him crumble into nothingness… Just because they had lost the final battle. Although he had already accepted the result before him, he still felt that it was wrong. Holding onto his final strand of hope, he decided to wish to the heavens at his dying moment that he would get a second chance. A second chance, where, if everything turned out the same way, he would make sure their side won. Fortunately for him… The heavens listened. Reborn in the game where everything started and everything ended, Valyr quickly realized that he had been reborn not as a player. Instead, he was now an NPC. An NPC of the game named Greater Beyond. Bewildered at first, Valyr gradually began to adapt to his newfound circumstances, deciding to pursue the path of blacksmithing he chose in his previous life and use it to reach greater heights. While doing so, he would make sure they would all be prepared for the final battle. With that, witness Valyr’s journey to the peak as he eventually becomes… The Primordial Godsmith of the Greater Beyond. ---------- Extra chapter goals: Reach Top 100 in weekly PS rankings - 1 bonus chapter Reach Top 80 in weekly PS rankings - 2 bonus chapters Reach Top 50 in weekly PS rankings - 3 bonus chapters Reach Top 100 in monthly GT rankings - 1 bonus chapter Reach Top 80 in monthly GT rankings - 2 bonus chapters Reach Top 50 in monthly GT rankings - 3 bonus chapters Gift a castle to the novel - 2 bonus chapters ---------- Usual chapter release rate: 2/day (without bonus chapters) Feel free to join the Discord: https://discord.gg/FU7fdYwaau