9 Sigma

" Log into Sigma " 

Max said those words and the tattoo on his forearm began to glow as Max was teleported from Earth to a very familiar place called the ' Morning Star Planet '. 

This planet was located near the centre of what humans on Earth call the Andromeda Galaxy, and was the hub of all tier 0 players. 

The world of Sigma was very different from the world of Omega in the sense that one's tier decided what areas one could access. 

Morning star planet was about fifteen times the size of planet earth and was home to nearly 500 billion temporary adventurers at any given moment. 

There were shops, guilds , class halls and many many more structures in all the major cities of this planet however the level of these facilities was very low compared to those that players of Omega were used to. 

90% of the gear on players in this planet was of common grade whereas uncommon grade equipment was actually uncommon and not considered trash. 

If you were in possession of a bronze rated equipment you were considered to be the wealthy 1% and a cause of great envy which would also place a rather large target on one's back when walking down the streets with such gear on. 

Similarly there were planets for tier 1 , tier 2 , tier 3 ….. tier 5 individuals accessible only to those from a higher or same level tier as the planet. 

Technically Max could visit Morningstar planet even if he was a tier 6 god, however he would have nothing to do on this trash planet if he were actually one. 

However if Max wanted to visit the tier 1 planet the Dewstar planet at tier 0 he could not, because he lacked the qualifications. 

However, the six planets owned by the Universal queen were not the only planets in the Sigma universe as there were many planets across the cosmos that were owned by private organisations and powerful empires which could be accessed by paying a teleportation fee. 

The advantage of the six planets owned by the universal queen was that teleportation to these planets was free of charge for every player and they did not need to access any special teleportation array to reach the planet. 

Simply by using the runes imprinted on their forearms anyone could call the keyword and activate the teleportation, making it the most accessible planet in the universe. 

However with accessibility came overcrowding and hence the state of the morning star planet was the same as New york city on Earth. It was filled with all sorts of alien life to the brim. 

When a player first logged into the tutorial Omega they breathed fresh air and felt excited to see crystal blue skies and beautiful NPC's in a small village, however it was a lie and a facade compared to the real universe. 

When one logged into Sigma, they saw the harsh reality of the true world. The air was pungent to breath, the gravity was 2 times that of earth causing anyone stepping on the planet for the first time to feel dizzy and short on breath as blood struggled to reach the brain due to the high gravity. 

The buildings were not old mediaeval style with friendly NPCs sitting around , but instead were ashen black covered in dust and soot as a hostile alien crowd pushed and shoved you on the streets trying to navigate their way amongst the densely packed streets.

" Welcome to Sigma " thought Max as he chuckled thinking about the shock that most players would have gotten after first logging in. 

Max was a veteran in navigating these streets and just by the ugly sky above his head showing three massive moon's even in the day-time, Max knew he was in the damned ' Black-Lake city ' 

The admission procedures to the university ended in just 14 Earthen days when June ended and July started which meant that Max needed to quickly off-load his stock on the morning star planet to secure his admission in the university before the semester began. 

It was only a one year course, the one that Max intended to enroll in and this was the last year that he was eligible to enroll as he was still only 17 years of age physically. 

This meant that if he missed the deadline, Max would need to give-up on his plan to graduate anonymously and most likely would need to face the humiliation of being labelled a manaless trash in his assessment once again. 

If this was the previous Max, he would have made his way to the auction house and sold all of his materials at once after negotiating a hefty sum of money, however the reincarnated Max was smarter. 

Max knew that in a planet where even bronze grade items were considered an unseen luxury if he somehow unloaded dozens of dark-gold and epic rated ingredients he would definitely come under the radar of many nasty powers lurking in the shadows which is why he needed to devise a clever and proper plan to unload the ingredients without causing a major ruckus. 

In his past life he was disgusted by the very thought of anonymity. He wanted fame, honor and wealth and he wanted to create waves while achieving them. 

He could not understand why some rankers would choose to not appear on the ranking lists and instead remain anonymous even though they had the qualification to be there but this time around he knew better. 

Only fools resorted to showing off whereas the smart ruled from the shadows. 

For him to rule from the shadows the first thing he needed in this life was anonymity and thankfully he knew exactly how to achieve it. 

An evil smile spread on his face as he thought about the location of the den of those thieves as Max started to push and shove the aliens around him making his way to the hovercraft junction. 

His destination? 

The only surviving forest in the cursed Morningstar planet, the deep forests of angur.

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