45 Reaching A Truce

Sam re-assessed the situation, although he held the mad mage's dream at a high importance, he was also the patriarch of the Saint Maximus Clan, and a war with a mad God like Rudra was not worth it when being fought over a trivial boy like Max. 

However, not wanting to give up just yet, Sam tried to bully Rudra using the weight of the Vampire King. 

" So what if you are stronger than me? I am a servant of King Regus Aurelius, a tier 8 supreme god. You cannot dare to risk his wrath, because he will kill you and your entire solar system ". Sam said, trying to deter Rudra from taking any further action.

" I'm sorry, Did I forget to introduce myself? My name is Shakuni Won Knight, belonging to the house of Augustus Won Knight, sworn brother to the queen Patricia Won Knight. 


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