39 Debuffs

Next, Severus led Max out of the building and onto the free and wild Green Soil planet.

The first thing that Max noticed was that it was quite literally a green soil planet, which was barren and with rocky terrain, but covered in greenish soil for some reason. 

It was just like Mars, but green instead of red, and with a dense atmosphere that did not let sunlight penetrate through to the ground at all. 

Max noticed his surroundings, his vampiric instincts zooming in on objects which could be a potential threat as he subconsciously came to a fighting stance.

While Max did not understand it, his genetic DNA had changed significantly and the natural instincts of the primordial vampires had been coded into his blood. 

Although there were no animals on this planet, Max instinctively knew which boulders to avoid because there may be a predator lying in wait behind them.


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