17 First Place

Swish... Swish...

Wherever I swung my weapon, it always connected with a target.

Its blade tore through the frail skeletal legs of the bugs, their weak carapaces cracking under the force of my strikes.

Eventually, the green liquid that kept seeping out of their broken bodies stained the ground a sickly shade of emerald.

It was getting hard to keep track of how many I had already killed. I didn't have time to see the kill counter, however, I could see a steady stream of bugs still emerging from the dark corners of the room.

It was barely a pause before more bugs scuttled in to take the place of their fallen brethren.

'Maybe I bit more than I could chew...'

I felt slight doubt creeping into my mind as I observed the wave of insects that crawled over their dead comrades, their red eyes staring me down as if I were the next meal on their menu.

'Do they even eat bones?'

Taking a couple of steps back to create some space and time to think, I didn't even notice a huge skeletal spider emerging from the shadows above me.


Physical Damage! [ - 3 HP ]

My sight momentarily blurred and a message of my health decreasing flashed across my vision.


Reacting swiftly, I quickly ducked another spider's blow, its legs swishing past my head with a menacing hiss.

Due to missing its second blow, the creature leaned forward and stumbled, giving me a time window to strike back.

And of course, I didn't let this opportunity go to waste.


Swinging my weapon with all my might, I felt the satisfying impact as my blade cut through the spider's thick exoskeleton, slicing it in half. It soon fell to the ground and its undead body twitched before finally stilling.

I wanted to take a moment to catch my breakfast but there was no time to rest as the first wave of bugs surged forward.


Grasping the hilt of my weapon tightly, I also lunged forward instantly splitting one bug in half, its green insides splattering across the floor.

Others followed right after it, however, I quickly spun around my own axis, delivering swift strikes to any bug that came within reach.

Although my Stamina was slowly depleting, I only needed to make an opening to escape.

Swish... Whoosh...

Physical Damage! [ - 1 HP ]

Another bug bit into my arm with surprising force, causing some of my forearm bones to crack under the pressure.


Using my other hand, I grabbed the bug and squeezed with all my strength until I heard the satisfying crunch of its exoskeleton breaking.

Although I only had 5 points in strength, it was enough to crush the bug into a sticky mess.

'It's time...'

As I threw the remains of the monster on the ground, I noticed that the wave of bugs seemed to be thinning out. The left flank particularly seemed to have fewer insects crawling towards me.

I didn't even hesitate to take advantage of the opening and bolted forward, thinning out the number of abominations in my path as I made my escape.


Darting through mountains of bugs, I quickly grabbed onto the ladder and began climbing toward safety.

However, I wasn't out of danger just yet.


Spider-like creatures with the tail of a scorpion began to gather at the base of the ladder, carefully placing their limbs onto the rings and slowly ascending towards me.

'They can climb!?'

A shudder ran down my spine, seeing the relentless determination of the spider-scorpion hybrids as they closed in on me.

I also picked up my pace, scaling the ladder as fast as I could.


At one point, one of the creatures got so close that I was almost impaled by its stinger, narrowly dodging the attack with a desperate twist of my body.


However, the ladder was hit by the blow, releasing a creak that made me panic even more.

Were the ladder to break, I would fall to the doom, a chamber completely filled with endless bugs.

'Come on...'

Muttering to myself internally, I clutched onto the ladder with all my strength and continued to climb.


The creatures were getting closer, their stingers slashing through the air dangerously close to me. I had to maintain my focus and agility to avoid their attacks while continuing my ascent. The fear of falling into the sea of bugs below intensified with each passing moment.


The ladder groaned under the pressure, and I could sense the structural strain. My heart raced as I quickened my pace, determined to reach the top before the ladder gave way.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I emerged into the upper chamber, leaving the horde of bugs and spider-scorpion hybrids below.

However, I didn't rest until I pushed the rock at the top of the ladder, sealing off any chance of the creatures following me.


I placed my skull on the ground, feeling my bones strained after all that fighting.

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|| Current Rankings ||

1st Place: Note { 416 Kills }

2nd Place: Jeff { 51 Kills }

3nd Place: Emily { 46 Kills }


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