254 Too Late for Regrets

"What do you want?" Ren asked, voice colder than the winds in the arctic.

Face with Ren's indifferent attitude, Saya caught her tongue, and her mind blanked out. She thought she was used to Ren's coldness but every time, it got in her nerves.

A short silence lingered between them before she forced a smile. "That girl reminded me of Evie from the restaurant."

"I already said that she isn't Evie. She just had the same name and hair as her." Ren didn't know why Saya kept asking about that, but he felt like there wasn't anything good to her line of questioning.

Saya dropped that line of thought when she sensed that Ren was about to get mad. Acid laid waste to her throat, and strands of jealousy twisted even tighter around her innards, knowing that Ren was really protective of Evie.

Ren barely knew that woman and he was already acting like that? What's months compared to years that they had known each other?


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