220 The Many Troubles of Fame

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Early morning, Ren was eating breakfast at a café near his school as usual while gathering information at the daily E-sport news.

He was so focused on his phone that he blocked out all the noises in his surroundings. He didn't notice the other students pointing at him, whispering and giggling along the way.

"It's him, right?" a girl said and scrolled on her phone, showing Ren's video fighting Black Lion.

"Yes. He defeated Black Lion and Scar no less. I think he is working in a mercenary group named World Conqueror."

Another dreamily sighed. "I would hire him just to be with him."

Round of giggles and whispers took place.

"But doesn't he live in the slums?"

"That's not true. A lot of our schoolmates spotted him in and out of Diamond Palace. I think he lives there."

"So he is rich?"


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