218 Saya’s Decision

Saya blanked out at Ren's frankness. Faced with the question, she didn't know what to say.

"I-I . . . I don't know." Saya looked at her fidgeting fingers on her lap. "All I know is . . . I don't want to lose all of you. Can't we just . . . make up and return to like we were in the past?"

Leonel licked his lip before he shut them tight. He then sipped a glass of water while he gazed at Ren under his lashes. On the other hand, Ren leaned on his chair and crossed his hands.

"You're still denying reality, I see. Unfortunately, I'm done playing house. Our friendship is already over. Once a rift that huge occurs, there's no going back and fixing it. To begin with, our friendship wasn't deep in the first place. I'm sure you felt it too."

". . ." Saya didn't know what to say.


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