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"Prostrate before her and beg for her forgiveness until she forgives you, and I will retrieve my red notice to the public."

". . ." Ren thought that he had misheard him, but the seriousness on Serius's face told him otherwise.

He really thought that Serius was a man with a heart of steel and ruled his kingdom with an iron fist. But just with a word from her daughter, he would retrieve what he had already said to the public. Him? A man whose words were law?

This ironed Ren's belief that Serius didn't take his group, World Conqueror, seriously. He didn't take him seriously.

Ren would have preferred that he blackmailed him into joining Black Lion or even ask him to defeat a world boss and brought back rare items. At least, in that way, he acknowledge his power in the game.


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