223 It started in a Misunderstanding

Earlier that time in Zephyr Academy, Leonel was leaning against the gate's brick walls, waiting for Isolde so they would go to Diamond Palace together.

He was enjoying watching the numerous dramas on his phone, grinning from ear to ear when someone tapped his hand from the front.

Looking down, Leonel saw a cute guy with grey hairs with highlights of white and gold. His charming blue eyes were grinning from ear to ear.

Leonel removed his earphones and faced the guy in surprise. "You are . . . Garry!"

"It's Sky!"

Leonel only laughed. "So close."

How is that close?! Sky wanted to get out from his skin but coughed between his fists instead.

Sky really wanted to make Leonel's life difficult. He even spread rumors about him that he was Isolde's boy toy. That he was living in the slums and using Isolde for money.


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