225 It Ends in a Misunderstanding 2  


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"A hundred thousand for top hundred. Half a million for the top fifty. A million for the top ten. And . . . ten million if Guns and Knives won the championship."

". . ."

Isolde glared at her father while kicking his leg with her shoes, but it was Axel's leg she hit instead. Axel's stoic face didn't register any pain though a sweat ticked the side of his face.

Leonel tried hard to swallow his food after he managed to take into his mouth the shaking spoon he held by his trembling hand. That took quite the effort, actually. The food was great, but it was no use if he couldn't eat it because his body felt like a drum being repeatedly beaten by a gong by how hard it quivered.

On the other hand, Ren flashed a small smile. "It's too early to talk about it. Let's see what the second war is all about and we'll talk business."


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