207 Guild Wars: Fight for Victory! 5

After a short regroup and congratulations, the group waited to be transported to the final round, where the players would fight for the title of Champion.

While the group was busy talking, Sumeri looked over at Ren. "No wonder you're so confident. So how did you manage to get your ATP that high?"

"A series of lucks."

Sumeri only nodded without believing a word from Ren. "And I think that you wouldn't be able to tell me how much exactly? Or can you tell me how you did it?" She was curious and had to say that jealous as well. If she had that kind of ATP and skills, she'd probably good enough to extract her revenge.

At that point, Ren looked at her, and her ocean blue eyes never failed to take his breath away. "You shouldn't be concerned about my ATP and focus on the fight ahead. We might face Black Lion after all."

Sumeri's smile dropped, and her heart constricted at the thought of meeting Scar again.

"Do you think we will win?" she asked after some time.


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