160 Festival of Gil 5  

"Looks like the fireworks are about to start," said Isolde with innocent eyes as she licked the ice cream in her hand.

Amongst the four of them, Isolde and Ragnar got the most prices. And what's worse, it was Ren and Leonel's money.

"Don't feel bad." Ragnar tapped Ren's shoulder. "I'll treat you to lunch tomorrow." Though he said that, he was looking at the bracers in his arms. Another item that he won using Ren and Leonel's money.

"I'll hold you to that." Ren had to get at least the gil he spent, or he couldn't sleep at night. He lost in the game and even a few thousand of gil. It was definitely not his day.

"May I come?" Isolde asked, face hopeful and brimming with joy.

"Sure," Ragnar said without a care. Even if Ren and the others brought a few of their friends, it was fine with him.


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