253 Almost Found Out

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As darkness fell, the most important hour of the clan fire arrived. Early evening was the time of the shared clan meal, the time of magic and ritual, stories and ceremonies. It was the time that the clan fire burned the brightest and hottest, as everyone gathered and conversed around its heat and light as a ward against the darkness and proof that they were still alive for one more day.

The clans prepared food over the fire as the shadow lengthened and the sun tires and wanes. Large pots were set boiling, baskets of fruits, spices, and herbs were dragged into the clan fire, and the meat was roasted. All was made ready for the every night feast.

Clan members went out from their dwellings, bringing food to the clan fire, cooking them at the edge of the fire, and warming themselves for a new night.

This was the last night of Sharina Quest, and by dawn tomorrow, every guild would know who would get her prized blade.


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